Molkki 7th January 2022 Written Episode Update

Manas cuts cake at home. He offers the first bite to Purvi who tells him to feed Baba first. Manas fees Virender then Purvi and then everyone else. He shows his gifts to haathi. Renu suggests organizing games. Satyam lies that he has a headache. You guys can play. Purvi tries to leave but Anjali and Manas request her to stay for a little longer.

All the guests leave. Family members sit down to play truth and dare. Juhi choose dare in her turn. Manas asks her to sing a poem. She gladly completes her dare. The bottle points at Purvi next. She is hesitant but they ask her to play. Purvi chases truth. Virender asks her to answer his question. Renu makes a face. Virender looks at Purvi and asks questions mentally. Do you still love me or not? Purvi answers (in her head) that she loved him honestly and will love him till her death but he broke her trust so many times.

Virender looks at her sadly. Yogi and Juhi try to break their eye lock but Virender asks another question. Will you never forgive me? Purvi tells him not to make her weak by asking this question again and again. I have made this resolution after much difficulty. He replies that he will wait for her for eternity. Anjali calls out to Virender. Finally, the eye lock is broken. Yogi tells Virender to ask questions. Virender says I got confused as to what I should ask. He asks Purvi if she likes chocolate cake. She nods. Everyone looks at them in confusion. Juhi asks Virender if this is even a question. Manas says he does not know how to play the game. Everyone smiles. They spin the bottle again.

It is Manas’s turn now and he chooses dare. I will sword fight with you and defeat you (Virender)! Virender agrees. He asks Renu to bring swords. She goes. Satyam texts someone. Be ready. She is coming on terrace. Hirabai’s goons jump in from the terrace and get inside the room on top floor. They hide just when Renu enters. She finds the swords but is surprised to see the door open. The goons corner her just then and kidnap her. She calls Satyam for help but he does not pick it. I am sure she has been caught. I will get my money soon.

Virender wonders why Renu is taking so much time. He goes upstairs to check which worries Satyam. I cannot let him go upstairs. He leaves from there. Virender finds the door locked from inside and demands to open it. The goons are still there. They get tensed as they hear his voice. Virender breaks open the door. Renu runs to him and hugs him. Save me from these people, Bhai ji! Satyam pushes her towards the goons. He tells the goons to take her before someone comes.

Renu asks him what happened to his voice. Save me. Satyam holds her by her neck. Are you really that big a fool? He shows the video to her where he is removing Virender’s mask. Do you realize who I am now? Renu looks at Satyam in shock. Satyam admits that he has made a deal with Hirabai. I told her men to take you from the terrace if she wants you. How could you trust someone like me? You are so naïve. This is what has happened till date. Innocent girls like you have helped me a lot. The deal will be finalized soon. Renu tells him to forget it. Bhai ji will come to save me right away. He wont let it happen. Satyam says he will if he would be able to.

Flashback shows Satyam hitting Virender on his head from behind with a rod. Virender is shocked to see his look-like (Satyam dressed as him). He passes out on the floor. Flashback ends.

Satyam smirks. Renu tells him to wait. I will scream for help. Satyam covers her mouth and tells the goons to take her away immediately. They cover her mouth with a cloth. They are trying to tie her and lower her from the balcony but she slips from Satyam’s hands. She screams as she falls. Purvi and others go out to check. Satyam looks from above. Seems like she is dead! He notices Manas standing in a corner. Forget what you saw. I will throw you and your haathi Ma from here in a similar manner if you tell anyone anything. Manas cries silently. Satyam says it is amazing as your mode changed on its own.

Purvi, Anjali and Yogi rush to Renu but there is a lot of blood. Yogi wonders how she fell from above. I will call ambulance. Purvi is sure someone threw her from upstairs. She runs to find Virender. She finds Manas sitting above in a state of shock. What happened? She hugs him. Is everything fine? He mumbles something. Purvi notices the rope. Who would have tied it here? It cannot be Renu Di. Who can do such a thing on terrace? Did someone come here using this rope and pushed her?

She asks Manas if he saw someone here. Did someone push Bua? Manas is still in a state of shock and is unable to say anything. Yogi and Anjali come there as well. Purvi hugs Manas as he remains silent. It seems like he got afraid after witnessing it. She assures Manas that she is with him. Did you see anyone? Yogi worries why he isn’t talking. Manas fails in uttering anything. She wonders where Virender is. He came after Didi. She asks Manas about Virender. Manas recalls Satyam’s threat. He hugs Purvi. Purvi, Anjali and Yogi are extremely worried seeing him thus. Purvi finds Virender lying unconscious in a corner.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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