Molkki 8th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Purvi says your bangles were still shining. Sakshi says they are my bangles. I thought they needed polish so I sent them to Govind jeweller. What’s so strange about it that you are questioning me? Sakshi goes. Purvi is puzzled at Sakshi’s reaction and wonders why she got upset.

Juhi and Manas are playing. Manas’s chain breaks while playing. Juhi gets sad but Purvi decides to send it to the jeweller. She calls Govind jeweller and tells him that a chain is broken. Please send someone to collect it. You can also send Sakshi ji’s bangles if they have been polished. He tells her he does not have any bangles. Purvi says she told me herself. He tells her that Sakshi has not come to his shop since a few days. Purvi says ok and ends the call. She wonders why Sakshi must be lying. Is she behind that incident? It cannot be as this baby is hers as well. I must find out why she lied to me about the bangles.

Virender comes home and calls out to Purvi. He asks her if everything is fine. Purvi starts telling him about the incident when Sakshi asks Purvi what happened. Purvi decides to not tell anything in front of Sakshi or she will do her best to save herself. She lies to Virender and Sakshi that Manas got sad when his kite got stuck in the tree earlier. Please cheer him up. Virender asks her if she has lost her mind. You sent me that text to cheer up Manas? I was wondering as to what could have happened. Sakshi also questions Purvi. why did you bother Mukhi ji for such a small thing? Purvi apologizes to Virender. I thought Manas will feel better after spending time with you. He says it is ok. I dint want to go there in the first place and now you have called me back. Let it be. Virender and Sakshi head to their respective rooms. Purvi apologizes to Virender mentally. I couldn’t tell you the truth in front of Sakshi ji. I will find out the truth first and then come to you with proof.

Purvi asks Virender to give her the number of contractor who had come to fix the roof yesterday. he asks her why she needs it. She lies that he dint fix it properly. I am thinking of calling him again today. He tells her to let Sakshi take care of it but Purvi requests him to not to trouble Sakshi. he agrees and goes. Purvi asks the maid (Shilpa) to take her to the manager’s house. She is hesitant but Purvi requests her. Shilpa takes Purvi to Bhola’s house. Bhola’s wife shares that he is not at home right now. You can tell me what work you have with him. Purvi notices the aari there and realizes that Bhola must have used it to cut the tree. Bhola’s wife asks her again. Purvi says I will come back later. She turns to go but then stops in her track upon realizing something. She holds Bhola’s wife’s hand. Where did you get these bangles? She realizes that she was right. Sakshi paid Bhola to cut the branch. Why does she want to hurt me when I have her child inside me? She questions Bhola’s wife again. Did you steal them? She denies. Do I look like a thief to you? My husband brought it with his hard earned money. This is a gift. Bhola enters just then and is shocked to see Purvi. he turns to go when Purvi threatens to take his wife to police station. I will accuse her for stealing. Tell me honestly about the bangles. Where did you get them from? He folds his hands in front of her. Please forgive me. I made a mistake. He requests her to come inside. I will tell you everything.

Purvi asks Bhola about the bangles. He tells her he did not steal them. I got them. Purvi asks him who gave them to him. He replies that he cannot tell her but she firmly tells him to answer her. I know that you dropped that branch on me on Karvachauth. He immediately says that that was unintentional. I don’t have enmity with you. Purvi asks him who forced him to do it. He is still reluctant. She threatens to tell police and Virender everything. He begs her again. She asks him if it is Sakshi. he remains quiet. She figures out that Sakshi does not want her to give birth to this baby. I was right. Bhola admits that it was Sakshi’s doing. His wife is shocked to know that he actually ended up snatching them from someone. She throws the bangles at him. You were so honest. How could you do something like this? Purvi asks him to tell the truth to police. He shares that he took money from Sakshi to keep his mouth shut. She asks him what he wants in return of telling the truth. He tells her that one of his lands has been mortgaged for 20 years. I will tell the truth to Mukhi ji if he can help me get it back. Purvi agrees to speak to Virender. She decides to expose Sakshi in front of Virender asap and leaves.

Sakshi asks Virender about Purvi. she is nowhere to be seen. He tells her that he has no idea about it. She was asking for Bhola’s number though. Sakshi wonders if Purvi has a doubt on Bhola. Why would she need his number? Purvi enters just then. She lies to Sakshi that she wanted to eat chaat. Sakshi says you could have told me or kids to come with you. Virender looks on. Purvi lies that she did not want to bother her. kids were studying so I did not want to disturb them either. Sakshi nods.

In their room, Virender asks Purvi why she lied to Sakshi. You don’t like aloo tikki at all. Tell me the truth. She tells him that she went to investigate. He asks her about it. She tells him that the branch was dropped on her intentionally yesterday. he asks her how she is sure about it. She shows the photo to him. It is such a clean cut. He finds logic behind her words after looking at the phone. Who would want to do this to you? She takes Sakshi’s name. He asks her why she will do it. She tells him everything. Virender is still in shock. How can Sakshi harm her own kid? I will question her right away. Purvi stops him. We have no proof against her. bhola must admit everything in front of us. He tells her to bring him then. She shares the condition that Bhola had kept. Virender tells her to let him know that his work will be done.

Sakshi is at the dining table. She is puzzled as to where everyone else is. She notices Shilpa taking food upstairs and asks her about it. Shilpa tells Sakshi that Virender has told them that everyone will have dinner in their room today. Sakshi picks up the bowl and heads to Virender’s room. She overhears Virender asking Shilpa if she has made the food herself. Why is he asking her such a question? Shilpa nods. Virender, Purvi and kids are eating in his room. Sakshi asks Virender why they are having dinner here. I was waiting downstairs for you. I have made kheer for Purvi and kids. Virender tells her to let it be. Food is so tasty that we are almost full. Purvi seconds him. Virender asks Sakshi to have a seat. Eat with us. She denies. I will eat downstairs. Sakshi is curious as to why they behaved that way earlier.

Next morning, Govind ji shows chains to Sakshi at haveli. Purvi ji had asked me to bring them for Manas. Sakshi looks at the chains. He asks her if they have made any mistake. Choti Mukhiyayin told me yesterday that you have sent your bangles to our shop for polishing but it isn’t so. Sakshi says it isn’t so. Purvi must be mistaken. I will surely come to you if I need anything. He takes her leave. Sakshi realizes that Purvi knows everything now. I have to make sure that Purvi is not able to reach Bhola or Mukhi ji wont spare me.

Virender is pacing at home. Sakshi enters just then. Purvi notices the bangles in her hand and asks her about it. Sakshi says I told you that I had given them for polishing. It’s done now. Virender asks her why she is lying. Bawri has told me everything. You are responsible behind the incident on Karvachauth. Admit it now. Sakshi pretends to be innocent. Why will I harm Purvi when she is going to give birth to our child?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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