Molkki 9th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Prakashi orders Anjali to abort the child, but Anjali refuses. Prakashi says, fine, but no one in family shall find out the truth. Yogi won’t be able to take this. Since how many months are you pregnant? Anjali says, 4 months. Prakashi says, this means soon everyone will find out that you are pregnant. I will have to think something. I only have one way. You will have to die. Anjali gets shocked. She says you can’t do this. Have you gone mad? Please don’t do this. Prakashi says, I am not killing you for real. You just have to act. We will put your death’s blame on Purvi and she will be out of the house. You stay in a village for a few months and then come back. Everyone will think that it’s Yogi’s baby then. No one else shall find out about this.

Back to present: Anjali tells Purvi, and I agreed with Maa. I wanted to become a mother since years. When I found out about my pregnancy, I decided that I will do anything for my child. If I have to leave Haveli, then I would leave. If I have to hide and live, then I would even do that. She requests Purvi not to tell anything to anyone. I will quietly leave from here. Purvi says, please calm down. You don’t need to do anything like that.

Renu comes to Satyam and slaps him. You are just like other men. Why did you do such big talks in front of everyone? Why did you say that my past life doesn’t matter to you? He tries to speak, but she says, I don’t want to hear anything. Why did you show me dream of marriage and then broke it? Satyam says, I didn’t betray you. I am still ready to marry you. I called you here to talk to you about the marriage and to tell you to think again. You live in a big mansion. You have everything. I am from a simple family. You can find much better guys. Renu says, I am sorry. I didn’t understand you. I am ready to live whichever way you keep me. I just want you to be with me. You are accepting me as your wife. There can’t be any greater happiness than that. Please forgive me. He tells her not to talk like that. I accept you as my wife from this moment. Your happiness is my responsibility. A man comes and asks Renu where are you dancing these days? Satyam slaps him asking how dare you to talk like that. She is going to be my wife. Mind your language. They fight. Another man attacks Satyam from behind. Both start beating up Satyam. Satyam gets badly injured. Renu cries for help, but no one comes forward. One of the men try to go closer to Renu. Satyam gets up and moves him away, but another man attacks him on his head with a rock. The men run away. Renu cries and calls at home.

Purvi tells Anjali, I don’t understand how you came in my suitcase. Anjali says, it was all Maa’s plan. When you went to pray, Maa exchanged the suitcase and purposely kept my hair hanging out. Purvi says, I don’t understand why Maa hates me so much. I give her respect like my own mother. Virender may be her step son, but he loves her so much. Anjali says, because she wants to throw you out from the Haveli. Before you came, everything was under her control. After you came, Jeth ji (Virender) started listening to you and she lost her power. And the biggest reason is because of you and Jeth ji, her own son, Vaibhav, died. If Jeth ji wanted, he could have saved Vaibhav. Purvi says, Vaibhav had committed a crime and he got punishment for it. Purvi asks, why did doctor lie about your death? Anjali says, Maa gave money to the doctor and they gave me something which made me unconscious. When my eyes opened, I was being taken for the funeral. I listened to Maa as always and I had faith that she will save me. She saved me, but only to kill me after. When my body was being set on fire, she lied to you all about hawan. I got down and we put a doll instead. Maa fooled everyone.

Renu and Virender bring Satyam to a hospital. Renu tells him that nothing will happen. Virender tells the doctor to give his best. Renu hugs Virender and says, why this happens with me? How will I face the world? I am responsible for Satyam’s this condition. Every time happiness leave before coming. Satyam ji risked his life to save me. Why this always happens with me? Am I that unlucky? He tells her to calm down. God is testing you. You will pass in this exam. He will soon wake up.

Purvi tells Anjali that it’s a cowardness to run away like this. We both know that you did this to prove that problem is in Yogi bhaiya, not you. When it’s proved, then come with me and tell everyone that you are not wrong. Come Haveli and tell your truth to everyone. Anjali says, no. They will kill my baby. Purvi says, I won’t let anything happen to you. I don’t know whether you chose a right path to give birth to this baby, but I can tell you that I am with you. I promise you that I won’t let anything happen to you or this baby. I know the pain of losing your baby. Anjali says, you don’t know Maa. She will kill us. Purvi says, for your baby’s sake. Anjali says, I want my baby. I want to see and play with my baby. I will come with you. A lady hears their conversation and calls Prakashi to inform that Purvi and Anjali are planning to go to Haveli and tell the truth to everyone. Prakashi says, no harm shall come on my son’s reputation. I will not tolerate anyone harming his reputation. Kill both Purvi and Anjali. Anjali asks Purvi with what face I will go to haveli? How will I face Yogi? He’s a very good guy. He has no mistake. I just wanted to answer Maa and her taunts. Purvi says, if you go home and Yogi sees you, then he will get very happy.


Update Credit to: Simmy

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