Naagin Season 6 16th April 2022 Written Episode Update

Pratha enters room when a vase falls down and injures her foot. Rishabh lifts and makes her sit on the bed and performs her first-aid. Is Lamhe Ko Rokdoon.. song plays in the background. Pratha recalls their conversation some time ago. He then asks her to sleep and himself sleeps on a couch. Mahak enters in naagin form and takes Pratha out. On the other side, Rehan asks Sardar what is he doing here. Sardar reminds him that when he hired Lalith to betray the nation, Lalith didn’t know why he hired him as he never reveals his secrets at once. Rehan praises him and warns him against Pratha. Sardar holds his neck and warns him to dare not speak ill about Pratha. Pratha and Mahak enter the room just then. Rehan hides. Pratha asks Sardar where was he till not. Sardar says after the accident, he searched for the 2 boys who ruined their family, one was found dead and another was alive but burnt. He says he couldn’t face them as she is a failed father who couldn’t protect his children.

They say they are happy that he is back. Mahak says after 12 tonight, its Ram Navami and Pratha’s birthday. Pratha says she forgot. Sardar says after 12 midnight her birthday starts when 4 stars unite after navratri and Ramnavami starts. He reminds her how they used to celebrate her birthday. Mahak says Pratha has to perform pooja. Sardar insists Prathat to let him attend pooja. She agrees. They all 3 visit their old palace. Pratha recalls desiring to become a seshnagin when she grows up. Pratha recalls their last meeting. Father says they should perform pooja before brahma muhurath ends. Mahak says she needs to perform pooja between 3:30 a.m. and 4:30 a.m. and keep her nagmani in front of Shivji inside the gangajal and then perform mani’s rudrabhishek. Pratha performs pooja, removes nagmani from her stomach, keeps it on Shivling, and performs rudrabhishek. Shethen puts nagmani in gangajal and gets back to prayers. Sardar silently steals nagmani and exchanges it with a fake one. After pooja, Pratha hides fake mani in her stomach and leaves from haveli with Sardar and Mahak.

Next day, Rehan gets romantic with Samaira when Pratha interrupts them and takes Samaira for breakfast. They join family for breakfast. Seema invites Sardar to have breakfast with them on the eve of Ram Navami. Sardar days today its also Pratha’s birthday. Seema performs pooja with Rishabh and Pratha and asks them to visit temple together today. She then announces her birthday party tonight. Pratha invites sardar for party. Yash wishes happy birthday to Pratha. Rehan tells Vihan that Pratha gets too friendly with Yash and disturb him and Samaira always, he cannot see Bhai’s situation and will expose Pratha today. He invites Reem for the party. Reem says she will not attend Pratha’s party as she kicked her out of house. Reem hears his conversation and thinks she will reach the 5th asur via him.

Pratha gets ready in a sari and tries to tie her blouse lace when Rishabh enters and insists her to wear gifted dress for the party. She denies. He says its a theme party. She agrees and goes to change. Rehan walks to Sardar and asks what is his plan. Sardar says his plan is ready and he will execute it at the right time. Rehan says he will finish his work tonight. Sardar asks what he means. Rehan says he will kill his bhabhi Pratha as she is troubling him. Sardar holds his collar and warns him to dare not think about harmig Pratha. Rehan leaves. Sardar looks at nagmani and thinks Pratha doesn’t know that she is having a fake nagmani; once poison spreads in the whole nation, he will take away Pratha and Mahak far away from this county. Mahak brings party dress for him. He hides mani. Pratha comes out wearing the dress nervously. Rishabh zips her back. She says she is wearing such dress for the first time. Kuch Kam Roshan Hai Roshni.. song plays in the background. Pratha struggles to wear her sandals. Rishabh helps her. Pratha says he doesn’t have to do this. He says he is doing it for maa and asks what will she do with the money after she gets them; she acts as greed, but brings an injured lonely man home and helps him. Pratha asks him not to think much about her and walks away wiping her tears.

Party starts. Urvashi attends it with Reem. Rehan tells Seema that he invited them.
Seema welcomes them. Pratha enters holding Rishabh’s hand. Everone claps for her. Pratha seeks blessings from sardar to find the sardar/head of asurs and protect her country from him. Everyone wish happy birthday to Pratha and give her gifts. Rehan asks Pratha if Rishabh didn’t give her any gift. She says Rishabh threw party for her. He says they all organized it. Vihan announces Rishabh and Pratha’s dance. They both dance. Sardar gets a call from Chingistanis and informs that after some time seshnagin herself will execute their plan. Rehan tells Reem that he will gift Rishabh to her. He messages Yash from Pratha’s number to come and express his love for her in front of everyone. Yash thinks how to propose Pratha in front of everyone.

Lalith drags Urvashi on dance floor and dances with her on Meri Jaan Meri Jaan.. song. Rehan messages Pratha from Rishabh’s number to come out. Pratha walks away. Yash thinks she wants him to follow her and follows her. Rishabh searches for Pratha. Vihan says she is in garden. Rishabh goes to get her. Yash hugs Pratha from behind. Pratha pushes him away. Rishabh walks in and asks Pratha what is happening here. Yash says his wife messaged and called him here. Rishabh asks Pratha what is she doing. Reem with Rehan enters and alleges Pratha of adultery. Yash says Pratha messaged her. Pratha says she didn’t. Rishabh slaps Rehan and scolds him for trying to defame his bhabhi. Rehan apologizes. Rishabh says he is sparing him today as its his wedding soon. Reem asks him how did he find out that Pratha is innocent. Rishabh says Pratha’s teacher informed him that someone took away Pratha’s mobile. He warns Rehan to dare not try to trouble his wife again. Back inside home, sardar slaps Rehan for trying to defame Pratha. Rehan challenges him to harm Pratha and leaves. Sardar thinks Pratha soon will find out that she is having fake namgani, so he needs to finish his task before that.


Pratha cuts cake and feeds Rishabh. Rishabh also feeds her cake. Reem gets jealous and walks away. At night, Pratha lying on her bed looks at Rishabh who is sleeping on couch and recalls him protecting her. Seene Se Tere Sar Ko Lagake Sunti Main Rahoon Naam plays in the background. She wiggles her finger around his hair and covers blanket around him. Next morning, Rishabh wakes up Pratha and says he wants to take her somewhere and asks if she needs money. She says yes. He asks her to shower soon and come along as he wants to buy a gift for her. They both get ready and walk down. Yash apologizes Rishabh for yesterday’s mistake. Rishabh says before trying to eye on his wife, he should inform him. Yash says when he forgave his cousin who tried to defame his wife, can’t he forgive him. Rishabh forgives him and warns to dare not eye on his wife again. Seema calls everyone for breakfast. Rishabh tells her that he and Pratha are going out and will be back in sometime.

Sardar thinks Pratha doesn’t know that her powers are weak now and once she finds it out, she will come to him. Rishabh drives car. Pratha asks why he wants to buy her a gift. He asks if someone gave her gifts before. Pratha recalls her father giving her gift in her childhood. Rishabh takes her toa jewelry showroom and offers her diamond sets. Pratha asks what does he think about her. He thinks she wanted money, he married her thinking she is a criminal, but she just needs money. He thinks wh he feels bad seeing her sad. She notices a dancing globe and says she likes it, recalling her father gifting her a similar one in her childhood. He says all the expensive gifts are on the other side. She says she needs this one. He thinks she says she needs money, but she chose the cheapest thing instead of crores worth jewelry; she stunned him again. She asks its price to salesman. He says its free. Rishabh asks salesman to quote its price. Dacoits barge into shop.

Precap: Sardar reveals Pratha that he is a traitor and mastermind who is going to add poison in the water. Pratha asks poison’s location. He says both poison and elixir/vish and amrith are inside her blood and he will use it. Pratha runs prays to god to help her. Lord Ram’s flag hits Sardar’s hand and he drops nangmani. Pratha takes her Mani and points an arrow at her father.

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