Naagin Season 6 2nd April 2022 Written Episode Update

Reem and Rishabh meet Mayank. Mayank taunts Rishabh that he heard Pratha has made his life a hell and his father has lost his memory. Reem gives him blank cheque and asks him to reveal the information about Pratha. Mayank agrees. Rishabh asks since when he knows Pratha. Mayank says 3-4 months and shows pics when he first met Pratha and her college pics. Rishabh thinks Pratha is becoming a deep mystery. They thank Mayank and try to leave when Mayank informs him that on Rishabh’s wedding night he saw his security officer Heena Khanna turning a snake from human; he informed Pratha about it, but she didn’t react; they say ichadhari naagins can change their form with Shivji’s blessings; he thinks even Pratha is an ichadhari naagin. Rishabh jokes on Mayanak and says Mayank was drunk that night, he agrees that Pratha is weird and will find out more about her, but he cannot believe Pratha is an icchadhari nagin.

Pratha with Mahak and Shalaka reach Yamuna shore and see Shanglira’s dead body and river turned red due to poison. Pratha says she will suck the poison to save her country. Mahak says its very dangerous and hence she will not let her do that. She reveals that Pratha needs to make Shivji happy with their prayers, then she will get a path towards Neelgiri mountain which will lead to the palace behind it where she can find a herb which is a antidote for the poison. Pratha prays Shivji and dances with Mahak and Shalaka in front of Shivji’s idol on Nagraja Tum Aajao. Shivji’s third eye opens. Pratha thanks Shivji and heads towards Yamuna river. Professor joins them. Pratha sucks poison from river and turns black. Rishab on the other shows Pratha’s photo in her college and work place where principal and employer both say they are seeing this face for the first time. Pratha’s neighbor informs that she and her papa used to stay in the next house, but they never used to come out most as if they were hiding something. Rishabh thinks if Pratha is the reason behind the disaster in his country and if she is a traitor. Professor says only Seshnagin could suck the poison and save the nation. Shalaka salutes seshnagin. Pratha collapses, her black color fades off, and her skin gets poison blisters. Shalaka, Mahak, and Professor rush to her. She opens eyes. Mahak says she should visit the palace behind neelgiri mountain and get the herb under the ground there to clear poison from her body. Pratha says she needs to return home right now or else family will doubt her.

Pratha returns home and stands under shower. Rishabh enters bathroom and seeing her thinks he needs to question her. He walks to her and asks where was she the whole night. He finds her having high temperature. She collapses. He lies her on bed and noticing a poison patch on her stomach pulls pallu aside. Pratha wakes up and asks if he was trying to get intimate with her. He denies and says she collapsed under shower, so he laid her down on bed. Next morning, Pratha gets ready and feels nauseous. She joins family for breakfast and seeing her nauseous Radha congratulates Seema that her bahu is pregnant. Rishabh joins family for breakfast next. Daadi congraulates her that he is becoming a father. Rishabh thinks he can Pratha get pregnant when he didn’t do anything. Reem angrily looks at Rishabh. Pratha walks to terrace feeling weak and remembers Riya falling down and before dying asking her not to spare her murderer. Mahak and walk to her and says it will take 3 days to get poison out of her body, so she should visit the palace behind neelgiri mountain behind and get the jadiboti/herb. Pratha denies. Mahak finds a string on terrace. Pratha says Riya was pointing at terrace before she died. Mahak says maybe this string belongs to Riya’s murderer and it would have fallen here while he threw Riya from the terrace.

After some time, Rishabh gets ready for Rehan’s engagement and recalls Daadi congratulating her for becoming a father. Reem walks to him and asks if Pratha is really pregnant. He says he doesn’t know. Family walks down. Rishabh’s cousin’s fiance Samaira walks in. Seema asks Pratha to welcome here. Yash walks in next. Seema asks Rehan to stand next to Samaira and asks Pratha to perform their aarti. Pratha does. Pratha clashes with Yash and juice glasses falls down. Her hand gets injured. Yash covers her injury with his kerchief. Rishabh gets jealous seeing that. Reem notices that. Rishabh says he is not jealous. Reem says Pratha was engaged to Mayank and the baby must be his. Shalaka tells Pratha that Lalith’s partners are coming, when will she kill those asurs. Pratha says she will kill all 3 of them today. Shalaka meets 3 of them. They scold her failing in killing Seshnaagin. Shalaka calls seshnaagin. One of the 3 asurs escapes in car seeing Pratha. Pratha catches of them and buries them alive underground. She then feels weak. Shalaka requests her to visit the palace and get herb, but Pratha denies and scolds her not to teach Seshnagin what she should do.

Seema doesn’t find Pratha around to perform ritual. Rishabh says he will bring her walks towards door when Pratha returns. Urvarshi warns Reem to stop dreaming of Rsihabh as he is already becoming a father. Reem says Pratha is faking her pregnancy and Rishabh only loves her and will leave Pratha soon. Yash walks behind Pratha when Ashi and her sister flirt with him. He runs behind Pratha and requests to save him from the girls. Pratha sends sends the girls away and warns to not think of badmouthing about them as they are her nanads/SILs. Rishabh gets more jealous seeing them together. Reem provokes him and spikes his drink thinking he will get intimate with her. Mahak enters a gift room and finds a string there, thinks Riya’s murder is from this house. She walks down and clashes with Lalith who flirts with her and finding her holding a string asks how did she get it as he had bought it for someone. She asks whom. He says he doesn’t remember. Pratha notices Rishabh with Reem and feels jealous. Reem takes intoxicated Rishabh to a room and tries to get intimate. Pratha walks in and stands shocked seeing that. Rishabh notices her. She walks to her room feeling jealous. Rishabh follows her and asks if she got jealous seeing him with Reem; says he loves Reem a lot, and asks whose evidence of love she is carrying. She frees himself. He shouts to answer him. She says he married her and promised not to see anyone, but was intimate with Reem. He says even she is carrying Mayank’s baby or if its someone else’s. She slaps him and warns do dare not talk cheap again.

Precap: Shalaka asks Pratha what had happened on Utrayan’s full moon’s midnight. Pratha gets angry and says she doesn’t want to talk about it. Mahak says today is also similar night and she knows how to take Pratha there. She in her nagin form meets a tiger.


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