Nidhi Shah: I have not quit Anupamaa, but I do want to move on

There are talks doing the rounds since the past few days that Anupamaa actress Nidhi Shah has quit the show and has signed a new show. Well, it is not true, says Nidhi, who plays the role of Kinjal in the show. The actress in an exclusive chat with BT, revealed that she has not quit the show, but is definitely looking for opportunities.

Nidhi said, “These are rumours and I wonder how they started. The show has given me a lot, today people know me because of it. Having said that, I do want to move on and I hope to land a good opportunity in a web show, TV show or a film. TV has given me a lot, but I feel that after a certain point you need to grow. How long can you carry on playing the same character? You also have to put in long hours and sometimes that takes a toll on health. So, I feel that given the hard work you put in, you need to grow along with it. Or else it is better to explore other opportunities.”

In the current track on Anupamaa, her character is pregnant. Ask Nidhi if she is ready to play mother on screen and she says, “No. I don’t want to play mom on TV at this point in my career. I am very young and I didn’t know that I would have this pregnancy track in the show. As of now, I am not aware of what’s going to happen in the future episodes. All I can say is that if I get a better opportunity, I may want to take it up. And if that happens, I am sure the production will understand and let me move on.”

Talking about her character Kinjal, Nidhi says she is very similar to Kinjal, but not as compromising. “Kinjal is bubbly, ambitious and balances her work and home well. I am also like that, but Kinjal does compromise a lot in her husband’s home. I don’t agree with some of that,” she says.

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