Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 16th March 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Mandeep praying that no hurdle shall come and this marriage happens with Mata Rani’s blessings. Beeji says it will not happen. Amardeep asks what are you saying? Mandeep says you have put the brake. Amardeep says you love Ravi very much, then why you are not happy. Beeji says I am happy, but God is not happy and that’s why hurdles are coming.

Mandeep says you are talking bitter. Beeji says you didn’t seek blessings of Bappa. Manvi says we will go to temple tomorrow and will take blessings of God on Mahashivratri. Manvi says we will take Kavya and Ravi with us. Amardeep asks if you are happy now.

Nupur sees Dolly crying and asks what happened? Dolly says they don’t value her, and shows her message in which designer refused to deliver the designer outfit at short notice. She says Manvi and Mandeep will buy designer clothes, but she will wear ordinary clothes. She sneezes. Nupur says we will buy good clothes for you. Dolly says she will buy herself.

Parul asks Kinjal if everything will be fine between Ravi jiju and Prati di. Kinjal asks her not to call him jiju and tells that he is a confused man and doesn’t realize what he does. Parul says the marriage is not yet broken, and says he is sensitive and has loved someone so much. He says when he realize his mistake then he will come back to Prati di. Kinjal says before realizing, if he holds Kavya’s hand. Parul says it is God’s sign that he married Prati di, leaving Kavya. Kinjal hopes that everything gets fine.

Mandeep asks Ravi to come with her in her car. She says you will again go somewhere. Ravi says I will bring Kavya. Mandeep says ok and goes. Ravi looks at Pratiksha earring in his hand and recalls everything. He throws the earring and sits in his car.

Pratiksha asks her sisters not to tell her, if Chacha and Chachi scold them. Parul and Kinjal tell that they were talking about Ravi. Pratikha says she is going to temple. Kinjal and Parul ask her to wear red saree. Pratikha refuses. Kinjal says today is the sacred day of Shiv and Parvati, and asks her to wear this saree. Parul says our pocket money went for this saree. Pratiksha refuses to wear. They convince her. Pratiksha says I will get ready, and asks them to reach temple fast. She thanks them for being her sisters. Kinjal says even we will not have any problem, as you are our sister. Pratiksha says you both are my favorite, my support and strength.

Pratiksha comes to the temple and prays to the God. She asks them to give her power so that she can change her life and others lives too, so that she can walk on the path which was chosen for her. She asks her to give her happiness, so that she can share it with Chacha, Chachi and Ravi.

Ravi and Kavya are in the car. Ravi imagines Pratiksha in the car with him, and thinks why I am thinking about her, when she is gone and may be that’s why I couldn’t focus on my marriage with Kavya. Kavya holds his hands. Pratiksha thinks why I am thinking about him, who left me on the road.

Pratiksha greets Pandit ji. Pandit ji says he has heard a lot about her from Prateik and asks her to decorate the temple. Pratiksha says ok. A boy knocks on the car door and asks them to buy the flower, and says he has to go and give milk in temple. Kavya asks him to go. Ravi buys the flower and gives money to the boy. Kavya tells that the boy is lying. Ravi says its ok.

Kavya says she doesn’t like the rituals. Ravi recalls Pratiksha telling that she likes the rituals. Kavya asks if he is missing Keerti. Ravi thinks why is he not missing Keerti and just thinking about that girl. Pratiksha hears the people commenting on her marital status, and thinking that nothing has affected her. Pratiksha thinks she will never forgive Ravi.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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