Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Hansa shouting. Prateik says your Chachi might have seen her face in the mirror and got scared. Parul says I will go and check. She goes there and asks what happened? Hansa says there was a big rat in the room, like you. Parul says you are scared of rat and says Pandit ji is asking for mangalsutra. Ravi thinks to run away from the mandap, when Pratiksha asks him not to get up and tells that it is abshagun to get up from mandap. Hansa comes there. Prateik asks if you saw yourself without make up. Hansa says you are not my husband, but enemy. She calls Manager.

Parul says rat got scared seeing Chachi. She then says Chachi got scared. Ravi thinks where did Malhar go? Hansa asks Manager to go and see the rat, in the room. Pandit ji asks for mangalsutra. Hansa gives him mangalsutra. Pandit ji asks groom to tie mangalsutra to bride. Pratiksha smiles. Ravi is about to make her wear her mangalsultra when his phone rings. He checks the call and rejects it. Hansa thinks this is not Malhar’s ringtone. Ravi thinks Adi called at the wrong time, and thinks this is destiny’s decision, if destiny wants me to teach a lesson to Pratiksha for Keerti’s death. He says sorry Mom and dad, I have to do this.

Adi tells Dipanshu that Bhai is cutting the call. Dipanshu says I can’t marry Kavya, she is not my type. Adi says she is not of anyone’s type. He says we will do something together. Mandeep comes there and asks what? Adi says I will bring Bhai downstairs. Mandeep says come down Ravi and says Pooja will happen first in the mahurat time. She holds his hand and asks him to come. She asks if you have any doubt about his marriage, and reminds of his promise made to Keerti. She says I am happy with your decision, as I am your mother. She says you will not repent on your decision. Dipanshu thinks Maasi is thinking me Ravi and that’s why making me understand so much. Mandeep takes him from there. Adi goes behind them.

Malhar gains consciousness and thinks Ravi Randhawa, I am coming. The Pandit ji asks the bride and groom to stand for the rounds. Ravi imagines Keerti and smiles. Pandit ji asks them to promise her that he will always be with her. Ravi promises in his heart that he will be with her, to put thorns on her way. Pandit ji says second promise is that you shall be with her in happy and sad times. Ravi promises that he will not let happiness come in her life and he will give her immense pain. They come the two rounds.

Pandit ji says the groom will be with the bride as her shield. Ravi promises that his revenge strength will break her completely and she can never stand. They take the third round. Pandit ji says the groom will love her always. Ravi promises to hate her fully, as she don’t deserves love. Pandit ji says 4 rounds are completed, for the last 3 rounds, the bride shall come infront.

Pratiksha is about to come infront of him, when she falls, Ravi holds her. Pratiksha thinks why she is feeling Ravi during rounds also. Ravi imagines Keerti and smiles. Pratiksha thinks why I am seeing Ravi everywhere, what God wants to sign her. Hansa asks Pratiksha to move forward.

Pratiksha asks if you are Malhar ji? Ravi nods his head. Prateik asks what happened? Pratiksha says nothing. She thinks Ravi might be getting married and asks Keerti to pray for his happy life. Pandit ji asks Pratiksha to promise him that she will protect her married life and will give him children and good values to them. Ravi thinks he will never give her love so no kids will be born. They take the 5th round. Hansa thinks Malhar was a little kid when she used to feed him, and now he will feed her.

She gets emotional, and tells Prateik that 2 more rounds are remaining. Malhar comes to the balcony and sees the marriage happening. He thinks if I am here, then with whom Pratiksha is taking rounds, if he is Randhawa. He shouts asking them to stop the marriage. Ravi thinks he has woken up. Everyone rush to Malhar. Hansa asks if you are here, then who is there? Pratiksha is shocked. Ravi lifts sehra from his face and shows his face. Everyone gets shocked. Parul gets happy and smiles.

Hansa asks how did this happen? Malhar says I was resting in my room, when he came and told that he will snatch Pratiksha ji’s happiness, I asked him to go back, I was about to call Police, when he started fighting with me, and then hit vase on my head, changed clothes and sat on the mandap. Pratiksha is shocked.

Hansa tells Prateik that she was right, and tells that chote Pandit ji lied. Balbeer says Pratiksha is in dharam sankat, what she will do now. She has taken 5 rounds already with him, what she will do. Prateik shouts Balbeer. He asks Ravi how dare he, Pratiksha will marry Malhar and not him. Hansa asks him to see Malhar. Malhar says I am fine and asks him to call Police. He says Ravi shall not marry Pratiksha ji, I will not let him fulfill his aim. Hansa tells Prateik that he didn’t listen to him. Prateik asks her not to argue. Parul says if Malhar was late, then Pratiksha would have been Pratiksha Ravi Randhawa. Kinjal asks her to stop it. Balbeer hears and says I told that there is something between them, and says she is innocent by looks and black by heart. Kinjal asks him not to say anything against her sister.

Pratiksha asks what is he doing here, and says today is your marriage. Ravi says it is not important, why I am here, and says I am doing this to ruin your life, I will torture you and you will repent, you will never get happiness. Pratiksha tries to open the ghatbandhan cloth. Ravi says 5 rounds are completed, 2 more are remaining and says this marriage will happen.

He asks Pandit ji to chant the mantras. Hansa gets angry and tells that she will not let him marry, and asks him to leave. Malhar says today we will get him arrested, so that he remembers this day all his life. He says Policemen are outside. Prateik says I will call them. Ravi picks a knife and keeps on Pratiksha’s neck, threatening to slit her neck. Pratiksha says Ravi.

Precap: Malhar asks Ravi to back off else the consequences will be bad. The Police comes there. Ravi takes the gun and asks Pratiksha to come. Pratiksha asks where you want to take me. Ravi shoots someone. He takes her forcibly in his car. Kavya comes to Pratiksha’s venue and comes to know about Ravi kidnapping Pratiksha. She is upset that Ravi left her on the mandap and sits in her car. Prateik and Malhar along with Police go behind Ravi’s car.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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