Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 21st February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Malhar asking Prateik to call Police from outside. Prateik says I will call them and will teach him a lesson which he will never forget. Ravi snatches the knife and keeps on Pratiksha’s neck. Pratiksha asks what you are doing? Ravi asks her not to talk and tells that the pain which he will give her, is nothing infront of this pain. Parul says why is he talking like this. Kinjal says he is mad. The guests tell that they shall run away. Ravi thinks he shall elope too. Police comes there and aims gun at Ravi, but the gun falls down as the guest are running. Ravi picks the gun and aims at Pratiksha.

The lady tells that whoever is destined to meet, the destiny unites them. She says they will meet eventually. She says jai maa bhavani, don’t leave them, protect them. Ravi asks Pratiksha to come with him. Pratiksha asks if your mind is fine? Ravi says my mind is ruined, I want to see you destroyed and I will do ruin you. Pratiksha says you are having a misunderstanding. Ravi says you will live your life in misunderstanding and threatens to shoot her. Malhar asks Ravi to move back else the consequences will be bad. Hansa says this gun is fake, it is a toy. Prateik says it is real gun. Ravi shoots at the vase. Everyone gets shocked.

Ravi says panauti’s Chachi and says this is not a toy. He asks Pratiksha to see her family for the last time, and tells Malhar, whom he calls Gawar to use a good perfume next time when he marries, as his sherwani is stinking.

He kidnaps Pratiksha and runs from there, after locking the door. Hansa gets angry on chote Pandit ji. Malhar tells Hansa that he will not marry someone else and will marry only Pratiksha. He asks Inspector to get the door open. Ravi brings Pratiksha out and asks him to go to Kavya, she must be waiting for you. Ravi asks her not to talk such things, and says the one who gives pain, doesn’t look nice talking such things. He tries to start someone’s bike, and hears mini bus coming there. He sits inside with Pratiksha and ties her hand. He asks the driver to come to his house, Ravi Randhawa’s house and get his bus back. The driver thinks he is strange thief.

Dipanshu tells Adi that if Ravi doesn’t pick the call then he will end up marrying Kavya. Adi says Bhai is not picking the call. Harneet asks Adi to let Ravi attend the puja. Harneet asks Adi to talk to the big contacts who has come here. Adi says later. Harneet asks if he wants to be like his Dad. Adi says he is proud of his dad. Gulshan gets Commissoner’s call and gets shocked. He says Ravi is here, seated for var puja. He asks are you sure? Dipanshu thinks Gulshan uncle is doubtful on me.

Gulshan comes to the mandap and insisting to see groom’s face. Adi says abshagun will happen if anyone else sees him other than Kavya. Gulshan lifts Dipanshu’s Sehra and sees his face. Everyone gets shocked. Gulshan slaps Dipanshu. Mandeep also slaps him asking why did he cheat them. Dipanshu asks Adi to tell everyone. Adi tells that he was following Ravi bhai’s instructions. Amardeep asks since when Ravi is missing. Dipanshu says since the rasams started. Gulshan says Ravi had gone to Pratiksha’s wedding and has done a big drama there and kidnapped her. He says Commissioner told me everything. Everyone gets upset.

Pratiksha asks Ravi to let her go and asks why did you bring me here. She says today is your marriage and my marriage too. Ravi says he is an extremist. Pratiksha asks where is he taking her? He says he is taking her on date. Pratiksha says he is magnetic person. Ravi says this revenge is mine and I will hate revenge from you. Pratiksha says I am innocent. Ravi says all criminals say like this. Pratiksha says Malhar ji and Chacha ji will come. Ravi says they will lose, by the time they reach us. Pratiksha thinks what he is going to do.

Malhar asks Commissioner to put more barricades and tells him that Ravi Randhawa’s mental condition is bad since his lost his fiancé. He asks him to give this case to him and says he will not let anything happen to his would be wife. Hansa is upset. Malhar tells that their marriage will happen if not today then tomorrow. Parul is happy that Ravi has taken Pratiksha. Kinjal says he didn’t take her for love but for hatred, and says they shall search her. Hansa, Malhar, and Prateik are in the car and sees the lady infront of the car.

The lady tells Malhar that he will never get her, who is not in her destiny. Hansa says my nephew is in Police and will arrest you. The lady says she is gone with whom she is destined to stay and will ever come back. Hansa and Prateik tell Malhar that they shall search her. Malhar is shocked. The lady says everything is over.

Precap: Ravi tells that he will destroy her. Gulshan calls off Kavya’s marriage with Ravi and gets angry on Randhawa family. Later Kavya is following Ravi and meets with an accident.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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