Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 23rd February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Malhar aiming gun at Ravi. Ravi aims gun at Pratiksha. Malhar’s phone rings. Commissioner calls Malhar and asks if you are in your senses, who gave you order to shoot Ravi Randhawa. He says Ravi is Gulshan Sachdeva’s would be son in law and business tycoon’s son. Malhar thinks he is rich, but his behavior is so cheap. He thinks I will not leave him, and pretends as he couldn’t hear him. Commissioner says don’t shoot him. Pratiksha asks Ravi to let her go and says she will not let anything happen to him.

Ravi manages to drive off the bus again. Gulshan tells Amardeep that everything is over now. Kavya comes there and asks Amardeep to call Ravi. She asks Dipanshu why is he wearing clothes like Ravi and asks Amaira to say where is Ravi? She asks where is Ravi? Gulshan says Ravi is not here and he will not come, as he eloped with Pratiksha from her marriage venue. Kavya says I had just met Ravi and asks Adi to say. Adi says I am sorry. Kavya asks did you cheat? She says she will go and bring Ravi. Gulshan asks her not to go like this. Kavya gives her promise and says I will bring Ravi back.

She is driving the car and says what you have done Ravi, you didn’t think about me once. She says I waited for this day and marriage, and what you did, you left me from the mandap for that cheap girl Pratiksha. She says when I asked you, you promised to marry me and made me see the dream and gave me hope. She says you are doing wrong and says you are not in your senses. She comes to the Pratiksha’s marriage venue and asks the watchman. The watchman tells that the guy had eloped with the bride, and everyone went to the mountain. Kavya goes and meets with an accident.

Parul is happy that Ravi eloped with Pratiksha. Kinjal says they hate each other. Parul says they will love each other slowly. Kinjal says Malhar jiju’s jeep got missed. Parul is still happy. Kavya gets down from the car and cries, says don’t know what magic did she do? She hopes Ravi doesn’t take any wrong step and thinks she shall do something. She sees the bus on which Pratiksha weds Malhar written and thinks they must be in the same bus. She calls Ravi. Ravi picks the call.

Kavya says today is their marriage and asks how he can do this? Ravi says for my revenge, I will not let her marry. Kavya takes her car close to the bus. Ravi asks what you are doing here? Kavya says today is our marriage. She stops the car infront of bus. Ravi stops the bus and gets down. Kavya asks what is he doing, why he is not thinking about this girl, and not about Keerti and her. Ravi says I will marry her after revenge. Kavya blames Pratiksha. Pratiksha tells that he has brought her here, she didn’t come with her wish.

Kavya says I will not let this girl ruin my marriage and happiness. She gets Gulshan’s call. Ravi asks her to talk to him. Kavya picks the call and says she will bring Ravi, and asks him to ask Pandit ji to start the rituals. Ravi runs to his bus and starts driving it, hits Kavya’s car and runs away. Kavya sees the bus left. She looks at her car and finds it not working. She sees Malhar’s jeep chasing the bus. Malhar says there is the end near the mountain.

Malhar shoots. Ravi asks Pratiksha to bend down else she will die. Pratiksha asks Ravi to stop the bus and says I will handle the situation. Ravi thinks there is a cliff here, what to do. He thinks to get down with Pratiksha and hide somewhere. Malhar and the Police team come there. Pratiksha says Malhar ji and Chachu came to save me. Malhar and Police aim gun at Ravi. Ravi gets down the bus with Pratiksha, aiming gun at Pratiksha. Prateik and Malhar ask Ravi to leave Pratiksha. Prateik folds his hands. Ravi says I will take revenge from her. Pratiksha says you will spend tonight in jail, Kavya is waiting for you in bridal attire, and tells that all your tries have failed, it will come in news tomorrow. Ravi thinks what to do? He sees petrol leaking.

Malhar says your game is finished now. Ravi asks Pratiksha to come inside the bus. They ask him to leave Pratiksha. Ravi ties Pratiksha’s hands again and then drives the bus round and round. All the cars follow him. Ravi then stops the car and gets down with Pratiksha. He lights the match stick and puts on the circle made with petrol, it catches fire. Malhar says I will shoot. The constables stop Malhar asking him not to shoot. Ravi lights the fire to the small circle and smiles. Pratiksha cries.

Ravi ties the ghatbandan. Pratiksha asks what you are doing? Ravi says people take 7 rounds and swear to stay for 7 births, but I promise to take revenge for 7 births. He says you will breath, but you will not live. He says I swear witnessing this fire that I will not let happiness come in your life, and there will be just destruction in your life. Prateik, Hansa and Malhar are shocked and angry.

Precap: Ravi tells Pratiksha that the destiny has made her for him. Kavya cries and tells Amaira that she can’t see this. Gulshan ends his ties with Amardeep.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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