Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 23rd March 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Manvi telling Kavya that they shall go to doctor. Kavya says she will not go anywhere, until her marriage gets done. Dolly and Harneet come there in the car, and ask Beeji to sit in the car. They see Kavya outside and ask her. Kavya tells harneet that wherever they go, Pratiksha comes there. Manvi tells everything to Harneet and Dolly.

Dolly hears kids playing and thinks life is playing game with Ravi, which wife he wants. She thinks if Pratiksha comes then Manvi and Mandeep’s friendship will break, then she can bond well with Mandeep. She asks Kavya to show her hand and says since your alliance happened with Ravi, bad thing is happening with you. Harneet scolds her.

Hansa asks Kinjal not to think about Pratiksha, and says if your alliance don’t fix now then will not happen again. Kinjal says its ok. Hansa thinks what to do? The guy’s mother comes there and introduces Kinjal to her elder sister. Kinjal says she wants to say something. The groom’s mother says you don’t want to marry due to Pratiksha and says everything will be fine. Kinjal asks did you tell everything to her. Hansa thinks if she told A to Z or Z to A.

She recalls lying to Renu that Pratiksha is like Kinjal’s sister and calls us Chachu and Chachi, and says bad thing have happened with her, so we let he come our house. She tells her something. Renu apologizes to her. fb ends. Hansa asks Kinjal if she will meet them. Kinjal says di will meet them first. She says today is Ravi and Kavya are here in this temple and tells that Pratiksha is worried. Hansa gets worried and thinks she will lose the gold bangles of Dubai.

Kavya sees Pratiksha and goes to her. She stops her. Manvi, Mandeep and others come there. Kavya asks what do you want, if you can see only one guy here? She says Ravi is my fiancé and we are getting married and asks her to go and trap some other men. Ravi thinks what is Kavya’s problem, why she taunts Pratiksha, I have my own reasons, but why she? Kavya tells everyone that this girl is not innocent and have ruined my life.

She says this girl brainwashed Ravi and married him, but nobody regards this marriage. The people starts gossiping about Pratiksha. Two men come there to place chunari on Shiv ji and Parvati ji. Ravi asks Kavya why you are doing this? Pratiksha says you gave her a chance to say this, if you had married her then you both would have been happy and I would have been happy in my life.

Kavya says girls like you work in Ravi’s office, and they don’t talk in high tone like you. Pratiksha says Ravi has no choice then? Ravi says I married you so that I can take revenge from you, snatch your happiness and peace and says my aim is fulfilled. Pandit jis and the visitors are shocked. Pratiksha asks everyone heard what Ravi said, and tells that he had married her forcibly.

The men who brought the chunari, think to place the chunari and leave from there, as everyone is busy seeing the fight. Pratiksha asks Kavya, you taunt me so much, but I will not stop as I have taken Shakti’s blessings. Dolly thinks she will rule. Kavya asks Pratiksha why you took rounds with him. Pratiksha asks didn’t you hear that Ravi married me forcibly on gun point else I was marrying Malhar ji. Harneet shouts and says it will be proved costly. Pratiksha says it is already costly. The men place the chunari on Shiv ji and Parvati ji.

Hansa asks Prateik if he threw ball at her. Prateik says I will not throw ball on tigress tail. Hansa asks if you call me tigress or tail. He teases her. The boys come there. Hansa asks them who will give money for my treatment. She thinks she has to keep him away from Randhawas else he will go to fight with them.

She tells that they have to stop Kinjal from making Pratiksha meet them. She says let them like Kinjal first, and then we will tell them. Kinjal comes there. Prateik tells her that they shall keep Pratiksha away from the alliance.

Pandit ji asks Kavya and Pratiksha not to fight and tells that today is the big auspicious day of maha shivratri. Kavya asks him to stop it and says you didn’t think of this before inviting this girl, she is a big sinner, inauspicious and have ruined many lives.

Pandit ji says God has been watching everything. The weather changes and the wind becomes heavy. Pandit ji says it is the sign that people have done wrong and asks them to stop it right away and tells that if Shiv ji’s takes his Maha kaal avatar then Kaal will happen. Mandeep asks Kavya to stop the fight and says only you will be in Ravi’s life.

Precap: when Pratiksha is going from there, the chunari falls on Ravi and Pratiksha’s heads. Pandit ji tells that Shiv ji and Gauri have blessed them as the couple. Ravi and Pratiksha look at each other. Kavya gets angry and pulls the chunari from over their heads and says she will kill her. Ravi asks Kavya to stop it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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