Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 24th February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ravi swearing that he will not let happiness come in her life and only destruction will happen. He says these tears are ordinary ones, I will make you shed blood tears. He says you will curse the day, you met me. He says I will not become your shield, but will become sword for you. He says whenever you will look in the sky, you will remember your destruction. He says you will have all the wealth, but will not have happiness. He says we have talked much, now we shall get married.

Prateik shouts Ravi. Malhar asks Constables to leave him. Inspector comes there and takes gun from Malhar’s hand. He says we are Policeman and not goon to shoot him. Malhar says I will not let Ravi ruin Pratiksha’s life and will not let him marry her. Inspector says they are getting married and not doing any crime. Prateik says if Ravi’s family would have been here, then he will not marry her. He says he will call her. Media reaches there and asks Malhar what is happening here? Malhar says Ravi is marrying my would be wife. Hansa tells that he is ruining my niece’s life. Ravi and Pratiksha are taking rounds. Prateik calls Amardeep and tells him that Ravi is marrying his niece.

Amardeep says Ravi can’t marry your murderer niece. Prateik says Ravi is ruining her life, and asks him to switch on the channel. Amardeep files the case against them. Harneet takes the call and scolds him, telling that Pratiksha must be influencing him to marry her. Harneet then takes Ravi’s side and says right thing is happening with your niece. Prateik says he is like his Bua, and tells that he is marrying her forcibly, and asks them to come and stop the marriage. He says if his daughter’s life is ruined, then he will not leave Ravi.

Gulshan is upset and says Ravi has ruined it. He says he will not leave Ravi. Mandeep tells Amardeep that Ravi will not stop if we go there. Kavya calls Amy. Amy leaves. Hansa tells Prateik that 4 rounds have happened and asks him to do something. Prateik says his family haven’t come till now. The reporter asks Malhar what is he feeling? Malhar gets angry on her. Ravi asks Pratiksha to take the last three rounds. Pratiksha says she will not take the rounds and asks him to leave her. She says she will only marry Malhar. Ravi says destiny has chosen you for me, and tells that he will give her immense pain. He asks her to move forward. Pratiksha refuses. He lifts her and starts taking rounds with her.

Kavya thinks of asking Ravi, not to leave her on mandap. Amy comes to Kavya. Kavya tells her everything and says I thought he hates her and will never get close to her, but he is marrying her. Amy asks her to handle herself. Kavya asks how will I live without Ravi and says he betrayed me big, and left me on the mandap. She says he has forgotten Keertir promise and me, and says I was right, he has done magic on Ravi.

Amy says where Ravi has gone? Kavya says I can’t see my dreams breaking. She says I have hidden my feelings when he used to love Keerti, but now she is not here, why did he do this with me. Amy asks her to be silent and says we have to search and stop him. She says that Pratiksha might have done something to him, we have to stop him. Kavya asks if he will marry her? Amy says no. She takes Kavya in her car and thinks even I am scared that you might do wrong, and says both families have been distanced because of you.

Dolly says it seems like destiny wants to unite them. She says there was something in Ravi’s heart for her. Mandeep says Ravi will never marry her in his consciousness. She tells Manvi that Ravi promised to marry Kavya for Keerti’s promise. Manvi says, but he moved back from his promise and forgotten Keerti also. Gulshan tells that due to Ravi’s psycho act, my daughter’s life is ruined. He tells Amardeep that Ravi will bring Pratiksha now. Mandeep says she will never become this house bahu. Gulshan says Kavya will never become the bahu of this house and pushes Amar.

Ravi tells Pratiksha that one last round is remaining and says he is marrying her so that he shall stay with her. He says you shall stay in my house and heart as if you are made for me. He says but I will not take such vows, as I want to destroy you, and says you will be my wife, and will get place in my house, but not in my heart. He says you will stay in my room, but you will never get my wife’s rights, and says all the best.

Precap: Malhar and Ravi fight. Ravi snatches mangalsutra from him and ties to Pratiksha. He tells Pratiksha that their marriage is done. Prateik asks Inspector to arrest him. Ravi is arrested and thinks Keerti, your revenge starts now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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