Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 28th February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Police bringing Ravi to the PS. Ravi looks at Pratiksha and shows his handcuff. Malhar asks Inspector to take him inside. Hansa asks Malhar not to let Ravi leave from the PS. She says teach him a lesson. Ravi says my family will come and will bail me out from here. He says my lawyer Gulshan Sachdeva will come and bail me out. Malhar says you have done a big crime and married a girl without her consent. He says I will marry her infront of you.

Ravi asks him to see Hindu marriage act and says marriage is not a crime. He says Pratiksha and I. He says Pratiksha understood. Malhar says she was never yours. Ravi says you will be insulted infront of your seniors and says you was never in the story, I am her hero and she is my heroine. Ravi asks Inspector to leave him. Inspector says you have done a crime and will be punished. Ravi asks him to forgive him and asks Pratiksha to ask him to free him. Hansa asks Inspector to write her complaint. Ravi asks Pratiksha to make her Chachi understand. Pratiksha goes near Ravi.

Malhar says you don’t need to talk to him. Pratiksha asks why did you marry me? Ravi says I don’t want to say. Pratiksha thinks don’t know if I shall congratulate you or confront you for doing wrong with me. Ravi thinks come to my house then I will show you real Ravi Randhawa. Mandeep and Amardeep come there. Mandeep asks if you are fine. Ravi says he has paid the debt.

Amardeep says you have married a murderer who killed Keerti. He says lifetime relation with the murderer. Ravi says no, today’s marriage will expire like OTP. Prateik says you will suffer in jail. Mandeep says I know you got this marriage done forcibly. Hansa says we are not bitten by mad dog to get your crazy son marry our daughter. Prateik points finger at their upbringing. Amardeep tells that their daughter trapped their son. They argue. Mandeep asks why didn’t you stop the marriage?

She accuses them to trap the rich guy. She says I don’t approve this marriage. Malhar, Prateik and Hansa refuse to acknowledge the marriage. Ravi tells that what they will do, when wife and husband agree for marriage. Mandeep asks him to marry Kavya. Amardeep says Gulshan and my relation are at stake. Ravi asks Pratiksha to say. Malhar says he will marry Pratiksha. Ravi says his marriage is done. Malhar calls Pandit ji in the PS.

Parul tells Kinjal that she is happy that Ravi has married Pratiksha. Kinjal hopes she is fine. Pandit ji tells that according to Hindu customs, the marriage have happened? Ravi says Pandit ji has said. Amardeep says you married the wrong girl. Hansa says that’s why God has snatched keerti from him. Mandeep says your daughter married a guy who hates him. Ravi asks Amardeep to call Gulshan and gets his bail. Amardeep says Gulshan will not come, after what he did with Kavya. Malhar says he will not let him come out on bail. Adi comes with lawyer and tells that he has brought anticipatory bail.

Malhar says he will bring sustaining order. Inspector says I have to free him. Ravi comes out and asks Pratiksha to come. Prateik says he will not let her go to hell. Pratiksha tells that she will go to Ravi’s house as it is her house now. She says she can’t let his respect ruined, will choose her destruction over his respect. Malhar says Pratiksha ji. Prateik says don’t know what to bless you? Ravi asks them to end the drama and asks Pratiksha to come. Pratiksha hugs Prateik and cries. They leave. Malhar looks shocked.

Nupur asks Beeji if they shall do the grah pravesh of Pratiksha. Beeji says she is now our bahu and shall be welcomed at home. Harneet objects. Beeji says she is elder in the house and will take the decision. Harneet’s husband tells her that her mother did, what she should have done long back.

Ravi brings Pratiksha in the car and asks her to get out. She is still sitting in the car. He asks her to get out, and makes her come out of car forcibly. He starts walking with her.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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