Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 30th March 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Doctor telling Pratiksha, Hansa and Kinjal that they have to give 40-50 K injections to Prateik. Hansa says I will give money and asks him to arrange the injection. Doctor says ok. Hansa asks pratiksha to stay away from Prateik, and tells her that she is inauspicious for them. She says I asked you not to make Pratiksha meet with the groom’s family, but you insisted. She insults Pratiksha and tells Kinjal that her alliance broke due to her sister. She says you are panauti, your grahs are bad. She says today you broke Kinjal’s alliance and will break Parul’s alliance too.

Ravi says whatever he did was for revenge. Dolly tells Ravi that he has married for revenge, but the marriage had happened with all the rituals infront of media. She asks him not to do anything, which heart doesn’t accept, even if it is marriage. Doctor asks Hansa to maintain peace and leaves. Hansa tells Pratiksha that she will never leave her for whatever she has done with Prateik. Kinjal says nobody wants her parents to land in trouble.

Hansa says it is better to be childless, than having inauspicious daughter like her. She asks Pratiksha not to show her inauspicious face to her and asks her to leave. She says if anyone tries to play with my husband’s life, then I will not leave that person, even if she is his niece. Pratiksha cries. Hansa asks her to leave and says if you don’t go then you don’t know what I will do. Kinjal asks where she will go? Pratiksha says I will not leave Chachu. Hansa slaps her and asks her to leave.

She asks her to leave if she loves Prateik even a bit. Kinjal says where she will go? Hansa says to God. Pratiksha hugs Kinjal. Hansa says I don’t care if you live or dies. She says your journey ends here, and asks her to go to Ravi Randhawa’s house, but don’t return to my house. She says you have shown Shakti avatar in temple, and asks her to go to Ravi’s house and shows her rights forcibly to Ravi.

Kinjal says Di will not go anywhere. Hansa asks Pratiksha to leave, else she will throw her out. Kinjal asks Pratiksha to come with her. Hansa pushes Pratiksha outside the house. She takes Kinjal inside and tells Pratiksha that the doors are closed for her.

Pratiksha cries. Gulshan and Amar takes the drink. Gulshan tells that once the marriage happens, they will concentrate on the project. Amardeep says yes. Gulshan says we will execute the project. Mandeep and Manvi come there. Manvi tells them that doctor asked Gulshan not to drink wine. Gulshan says he has diabetes, but today is daughter’s marriage. Manvi says yes, you will have sweets and will drink tonic. Amardeep tells that if they wait more then they will suffer losses.

Gulshan says once the marriage happens, then we will announce the partnership. Mandeep says she is worried because of Pratiksha. Manvi says Gulshan and I will handle that middle class girl. Amardeep says I heard that Chawla was behind the tender. He says he was your friend once. Gulshan says yes, but whoever doesn’t follow my terms and condition, is not my friend. He says Chawla will not reach tender, this tender will be ours.

Kinjal asks Hansa to open the door and asks where Di will go? Hansa refuses and says my husband has suffered heart attack due to her. She scolds Kinjal and says Pratiksha went and her bad reflection also. Pratiksha cries and thinks of Hansa’s bad words for her. Kinjal says she is my elder sister and like my mother. Hansa says I did right to throw her out. Kinjal asks what you will do when Chacha asks you about her, he will get angry.

Hansa says she will bear his scoldings, but will not let her come inside. Kinjal says where my sister doesn’t stay, I will also not stay. She goes out and finds Pratiksha not there. Hansa thanks Ambe Maa and says she has gone. Kinjal asks why you are punishing her. Hansa says it is good that she has taken her inauspicious feet and went, she has done a sin to try to break my house. Pratiksha recalls Ravi’s curse and is walking on the road.

She says there is nobody other than Chacha, Chachi and her sisters, thinks may be Chachi said right that bad thing is happening due to me. She recalls the lady and Pandit ji’s words asking her to have strength as she is blessed by God. She says everyone threw me out, first Ravi and then Chachi. She says I can’t go back to Ravi’s house, and Chachi will never let me come back. She recalls Hansa’s words and thinks to embrace death as the only way out. She cries.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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