Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 30th November 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Pratiksha agreeing to marry Dhawal. Dhawal’s mother hears them and tells that she will get all property from Pratiksha. Hansa tells her husband that they shall get all the property. Her husband tells that the property belongs to Jignesh’s daughters. Hansa tells that Pratiksha’s saas is very greedy. Pratiksha comes there and gives her juice. Chacha ji tells that her Chachi was worried for her. He tells her that she has taken a right decision of marriage and tells that he will get her marriage done just like Jignesh and Bharvi wanted, and asks Kinjal and Parul to make the arrangements.

Pratiksha gets ready in bridal wear and imagines her mother getting happy seeing her. Bharvi tells that she has come to see her in bridal dress, until her marriage is done, she can’t be at peace. Pratiksha is about to hug her, but finds her vanished. She then sees her outside. Bharvi says I will be always with you. Pratiksha says she wants to hug her once. Bharvi asks her to be dutiful wife and daughter in law. She blesses her for forever happiness.

Hansa comes there and asks Pratiksha to come. Pratiksha cries. Hansa asks Kinjal to bring Pratiksha, while she will do the arrangements to welcome the baraat. She welcomes Dhawal and does his aarti. Dhawal looks at Pratiksha and signs her that she is looking beautiful. Parul asks Pratiksha, if this marriage is important. Pratiksha says she is marrying for her parents. Dhawal’s mother Diksha wants Hansa and her husband to name everything on Dhawal’s name. Chacha ji tells that he can only transfer Pratiksha’s share on Dhawal’s name. Dhawal’s parents asks for full share. They ask for full property.

Parul and Kinjal hear them. Kinjal goes and tells Pratiksha. Chacha ji agrees to give everything to them and asks them to start the marriage rituals. Diksha says she will start. Chacha ji asks Parul not to tell Pratiksha about it else she will not marry. Parul confronts Diksha and her husband for their greed and tells that they had gone to mall to buy extra gifts for them on their demand. Pratiksha comes there and hears them. Diksha slaps Parul. Pratiksha hugs Parul. Hansa tells her that they were demanding full property. Pratiksha tells Diksha that she can’t give her mother’s rights to her now.

Dhawal says your sister has gone mad and asks her not to do such a thing. Pratiksha says your mother has killed my parents and now their demand, have made my sisters orphaned. Diksha tells Pratiksha that she is her would be mother in law, and tells that she will get bad reputation if she doesn’t get married. Pratiksha tells that she don’t want to see her parents’ death and can’t take care of them. She says I can’t marry. Dhawal says you have to marry. Diksha tells that today she will not make her bahu. Hansa and Diksha argue. Diksha says Pratiksha will never get married, we will ruin her respect so much that nobody will marry her.

They leave. Hansa tells that she will go and check on the greedy people, as they might steal the ornaments or the utensils. Chacha ji asks who will tell the guests that the marriage is called off. Pratiksha says I will tell them, and goes to the mandap. She folds her hands and tells that you came on our invitation, but the reason is gone and my marriage is called off, I called off my marriage. She says you came here to bless me, and may be due to that blessings, I got saved. She says my happiness was not in this marriage and that’s why it is called off. She requests them to take back their gifts and leave blessings for her, and asks them to have food before leaving.


She goes to the room and looks at her parents’ photo. Kinjal and Parul cry and hug her. Pratiksha tells that she will be with them always. Hansa tries Pratiksha’s jewellery happily. Malhar calls Hansa and talks about setting his life. She says she will talk to him later and ends the call. He thinks Maasi didn’t talk to him for the first time.

Hansa thinks how to get these jewellery and recalls her husband’s words. Malhar calls her again and tells that once he becomes sub-inspector, he will get her ornaments. Hansa gets an idea and tells him that he will get recommendation from his Mausa ji. She tells that Pratiksha is his weakness and asks Malhar to get married.

Precap: Pratiksha leaves with her sisters to go to Chacha ji’s house in Chandigarh. She gets kidnapped. A savior comes to rescue her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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