Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ravi planning to take revenge from Pratiksha. Mandeep asks Amardeep what to tell Kavya and the people now. Amardeep says what to do? Amaira says Kavya messaged asking when baraat will come. Dolly says though Ravi hates Pratiksha, but he roams near her, don’t know what is their connection. Adi asks Ravi to lets go, as everyone is waiting. Ravi says Kavya must be ready for marriage and guests would have come. Adi says you haven’t changed your clothes yet. Ravi says everyone is waiting for groom.

Adi says you are the groom. Ravi asks him to hear what he wants to do. Kavya gets ready in bridal attire and calls her Kavya Ravi Randhawa. She closes the door and takes out champagne, says cheers to herself and her husband. Amaira calls her. Kavya asks how Ravi is looking in Indian attire. She says she is celebrating with champagne. Amaira tells her that Ravi went somewhere. Kavya says he must have gone to parlour. Amaira says no. Kavya ends the call and gets worried.

Ravi asks Adi to wear his clothes and sit on the mandap, until he returns. Adi says they will catch me and will beat me. Ravi says he can’t marry until he ruin Pratiksha’s life, he doesn’t believe Gulshan uncle or the law. He gets a call. Adi says network came. Ravi talks to him. Adi asks whose call it was? Ravi says Deep, my cousin. Adi gets an idea. Kavya thinks if Ravi went to Pratiksha. She says last time Pratiksha oust Keerti from Ravi’s life and today….She thinks she will go to Pratiksha’s marriage and will stop her.

Hansa asks the guest to have food. She checks the envelope and tells Prateik that she asked them to have food unnecessarily. She scolds Parul for making the tilak watery.

Kavya comes there and calls Pratiksha. She has an argument with Kinjal and asks her to call that murderer. Prateik comes there and asks her to leave, and says he would have thrown her out if she was not a girl. Kavya calls Pratiksha. Prateik says she will not come out. Pratiksha comes out and says she will talk to her. Kavya asks her to tell where is Ravi, why he is not present in his own marriage. Pratiksha says I don’t like him, even 1 percent, who accused me Kavya says girl like you likes such guys 1000 percent.

She asks did you kill Keerti to get Ravi and asks her to tell everyone. She asks if you have gone mad in Ravi’s love, and says this is not love, but you did this for money. She asks Ravi might have refused her, and that’s why you have kidnapped him. She asks where is my groom? She says whenever you are near him, something wrong happens and asks what is that bad sight of yours which fell on Ravi. She says I heard that whoever is in magic spell, gets controlled. She asks what magic did you do on him.

Pratiksha says enough and says you are saying as I let you. She says even if I get1 percent of Keerti’s values, then your life will be different. Prateik says yes, and tells that parents spoil such children with luxuries, but from where they will give her values which can’t be bought. Kavya asks them to shut up and asks where did you hide Ravi. She sees the groom coming and asks him to show his face. She asks if Ravi is behind the sehra. Hansa stops her and says your misbehavior is not entertained here, and says this is abshagun to see the groom’s face. Kavya refuses to go until she sees his face. Hansa asks her to go from there. Malhar lifts his face and tells Kavya that he will file case against her.

Adi and Ravi try to convince Dipanshu to sit as the groom. Ravi says I had promised Keerti that I will marry Kavya. He says he will do the other marriage rituals. Dipanshu agrees and asks for Sherwani. Adi says he will inform that groom is coming. Hansa asks Malhar to call Police. Pratiksha asks them to stop. Dolly and Harneet argue. Amardeep says he will tell the guests that the marriage is cancelled. Ravi calls Amardeep. Mandeep takes the call. Ravi tells that he is at the Sherwani store to buy the Sherwani. Pratiksha says she don’t want to lower like her and says her intention and behavior will not change and says time gives justice to such people, and then they don’t get a chance of repentance. Kavya leaves from there.

Pratiksha tells Kinjal that she is thinking about Ravi. Kinjal says wherever that guy comes near, some problems arise. Ravi comes to Pratiksha’s venue indisguise of a temple. He says until I stop her marriage, I will not marry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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