Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 6th March 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ravi keeping Kavya on the bed and asks Amy to bring first aid kit. Gulshan says if anything happens to my daughter then I will not leave you. Ravi says I will marry her later. Ravi asks if she is a toy that you will hold her hand and then will hold some other’s hand and then will get back to her. He says she is Kavya Sachdeva and he will not let him play with her.

Pratiksha is on the stairs and thinks of Keerti and Ravi’s words. Beeji and Nupur come to her. Beeji asks Nupur to take her to her room. Pratiksha says no Dadi, I am fine. Dadi says today was a tiring day, have rest and then we will talk. Nupur calls her bhabhi and says I will take you to room. Hansa asks Parul to massage her head carefully. Kinjal is massaging her feet. Hansa blames Parul for not applying the tika properly.

Prateik comes back after meeting lawyer. He says Lawyer made me confused and asks if I really want to get Pratiksha and Ravi divorced. Hansa says this is not the marriage. Prateik says Ravi got married to her in anger and when he comes to know about her innocence, he will accept Pratiksha. Parul says you are right. Hansa gets angry and asks him what does he think about Malhar. She asks him to get her divorce and then got her married to Malhar. Prateik refuses. Hansa asks him to get Malhar married to his niece else he shall get married to someone else. Prateik says the offer is not bad.

Nupur takes Pratiksha to Ravi’s room. Pratiksha thinks of Ravi and prays to God to make Kavya fine. She says because of his revenge, Ravi has ruined many relations. She says Kavya has thought that she has brainwashed Ravi, but how. Parul and Kinjal call Pratiksha. Pratiksha thinks how to tell them what Ravi said to her. Parul says she is happy to see her, but will be happy to see Ravi jiju.

Pratiksha says she will talk later and ends the call. She plays song on radio and cries thinking about Ravi’s words. She says I became your wife by religion, but not by heart. She says you took 7 vows to destroy my life and asks why did you do this? She asks why did you ruin many lives at once. She hears on radio about Ravi Randhawa’s marriage to his fiance’s suspected murder. The RJ wishes them happy marriage. Pratiksha feels bad for Kavya and says this is happening due to Ravi, she is fighting with life and death.

Ravi asks Doctor if she is fine. Doctor shouts and asks him to let her check her. Amar comes there and tells Gulshan that Kavya will be fine. Gulshan says Kavya is in this condition because of your son, she loved him so much, and he left her on the mandap and married someone else. He says I will not forget this and will not let your son forget this. Pratiksha thinks this mangalsutra is hanging in my neck as a sword and don’t know when it will break two homes. She says she is missing her Maa today. She says I remember that day, when I was writing her exam.

A fb is shown, Pratiksha tells her mother that she is not prepared and will give exam next year. Her mother asks her to write the exam, and says until you write the exam, how you will know that you will lose or win. She says your mistake will be found and what you couldn’t write. Pratiksha says if I didn’t pass, then you will be insulted. Her Mother asks her to fulfill her promise and don’t stop at any way. fb ends. Pratiksha says I will be strong and will not break amidst the tests. She says I will prove myself innocent and will not get let murderer charge come on her.

Precap: Ravi takes reverse rounds with Pratiksha and asks her to leave. Pratiksha shouts refuses to leave.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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