Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ravi entering Pratiksha’s marriage venue indisguise of a Pandit, and gives some stuff to Panditji. Beeji asks Nupur to bring dhol. They bring dhol and dance. Gulshan sings song. Manvi sings next. Everyone gets emotional. Adi talks to Ravi on phone. Ravi says I have entered here with much difficulty. Adi asks him to tell if he needs help. Ravi says no. He says he is taking Dipanshu to make him drink, so that he don’t get afraid. Kinjal looks at Ravi and thinks she has seen this Pandit ji before. Ravi thinks she might have identified him being cunning Pratiksha’s sister.

Parul jokes asking Kinjal if she is in love with Pandit ji. Adi brings Dipanshu home. Nupur gives aarti to Manvi. They ask him to get on the horse. Dipanshu climbs on the horse. Mandeep asks why you are not talking. Adi says he is saving his energy. As everyone starts dancing, Dipanshu dances surprising everyone. Mandeep comes near him and asks him to stop. Ravi thinks how to stop the marriage. Malhar comes there and bribes him to get the marriage done fast. Hansa comes there and says Bade Pandit ji is calling you. Malhar takes back the money and sits on the mandap.

Manvi asks the groom to lift the sehra, so that she can apply tilak. Adi whispers to her something. Manvi says we will do it later. Mandeep doubts Ravi. Adi asks her not to be spy and tells that Bhai wants Kavya to see his first face. Malhar gets doubtful and thinks if he is Ravi, then thinks he is over thinking. Parul takes Ravi’s name loudly while talking to Kinjal, and Ravi gets tensed. Hansa doubts on the Pandit, and tells Prateik. Prateik ignores her doubt. Ravi thinks he has to ruin Pratiksha’s life now itself.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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