Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii 25th May 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with, Ravi hiding in the washroom to get rid of Kavya. He was almost having palpitations regarding the Kavya issue. He was thinking what to do about his feelings for Pratiksha, how would he explain things to Kavya and his family. Kavya was calling him from outside but he said he would come out in a few minutes. Ravi kept on speaking to himself in panic not knowing what to do next. Kavya was waiting for Ravi to come out of the washroom while there was a knock at the door. She opened the door and found a policeman. The inspector came in and asked her what she was doing in her room.

She said that she wasn’t the type of girl that he was thinking. The police wasn’t ready to liaten to Kavya. When Ravi came out of the washroom listening to Kavya’s scream, the police arrested both of them. Apparently it was all Pratiksha’s plan. He had set the driver to inform the police. The driver showed Pratiksha the entire drama.

Kavya was giving tantrums to the inspector at the police station who was very annoyed at her. Kavya asked the inspector go let him make a phone call but she couldn’t reach anyone at home. Ravi was actually feeling happy after being arrested since he didn’t want to get close to Kavya and this incident made it possible.

Pratiksha thanked the driver for helping her. He asked Pratiksha to contact him if he needed any further assistance in future. After Ravi spoke to the inspector, he asked them to prove that they were married. If they were able to prove that they were married then they would be released. The inspector asle them to show their marriage certificate.

On the other hand, Pratiksha couldn’t stop thinking about Ravi that too romantically. She was trying to make herself understand that she would not think about Ravi anymore. Mandip’s friend was supposed to arrive the next day so she thought of making a plan to disturb Pratiksha even before her friends arrived. So she arrived outside Pratiksha’s room from behind and secretly kept a picture album in Pratiksha’s room for her to see and feel jealous

. So she called Manvi with her to watch Pratiksha’s reaction after seeing the pictures of Ravi and Kavya’s marriage. Mandip wanted to make Pratiksha feel jealous and divert her attention and stop her from ruining Ravi’s honeymoon. While looking at the pictures of Ravi and Kavya’s marriage, Pratiksha became very upset and started crying and screaming alone. Mandio and Manvi were watching Pratiksha from behind without Pratiksha’s knowledge.

After the break , Pratiksha was seen tearing the pictures and asking Ravi how he could give her rights to Kavya. Pratiksha looked broken and sad. Manvi was about to enter Pratiksha’s room to stop her from tearing the photos but Mandip stopped her and took her away . Pratiksha was staring at Ravi’s picture and complaining to him. Then she decided to make all things right. The episode ends.

Precap : Pratiksha decides to teach Mandip a lesson.

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