Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii 2nd June 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Jyoti telling Mandip that she has brought only one payal for shagun so she couldn’t decide whom to give it to Kavya or Pratiksha. Mandip told her that she should give it to Kavya. But Jyoti said that since Pratiksha was also Ravi’s wife and Jyoti said to Pratiksha that there was Annaourna Devi’s blessings on Pratiksha. Jyoti gave Pratiksha a pair of payal as shagun. Pratiksha wore it and felt very good.

Ravi and Adi were seen talking to each other when Pratiksha entered her room. She brought garam samosas for Ravi and Adi. Ravi felt like having the samosas but he pretended to have only healthy food so he didn’t have it. Adi said that he would finish off the samosas happily. Pratiksha asked Ravi to have the food made by Kavya. As soon as Pratiksha left, Ravi said to Adi that he wouldn’t have the food made by Kavya since she couldn’t even properly make tea. He took the plate of samosas and started enjoying the samosas. He said that the samosas were delicious.

Later, Pratiksha knocked on the door of their toilet but since he wasn’t replying she got tensed and started pushing the door. Suddenly Ravi opened the door and Pratiksha fell into her arms. Ravi was actually wearing headphones so he couldn’t hear Pratiksha calling him. Pratiksha worriedly asked Ravi if he was okay or not. Ravi said that he couldn’t hear her voice since he was wearing the headphones. Then he left.

Kavya was sitting in her room looking upset so Amayra came there to ask about her. Kavya started arguing with Amayra. She told her that so much was going on with Kavya but Amayra could do nothing to help her. She was bickering about Jyoti masi giving her shagun to Pratiksha when Kavya cooked for the first time just for her. She was pissed off at Jyoti and Pratiksha.

Amayra asked Kavya to calm down and in return she shouted at her. Kavya was also blaming Ravi so Amayra protested and said that Ravi had no fault. Kavya stopped Amayra and said that it was all Ravi’s fault since he was the one who kidnapped Pratiksha and married her, then left her when he felt like, now Pratiksha was ruling in their house. All of this was Ravi’s fault according to Kavya.

Ravi is seen massaging his own head since he was having a bad headache. Pratiksha asks what happened to him. Ravi said that he was having a headache. Pratiksha offered to give him a head massage but he ignored and said that he doesn’t want a head massage from Pratiksha. Then he left but came back again and asked her to give him a head massage. Pratiksha started massaging Ravi’s head which made him feel better and relaxed. Kavya saw this while passing by Ravi’s room.

Precap : Kavya would be seen playing another game with Pratiksha.

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