Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th June 2024 Written Episode Update

In the opening scene, Kaynaat confronts Subhan for the final time, questioning whether he will join her in London or remain behind. Subhan’s silence speaks volumes, prompting Kaynaat to depart. Hina, concerned about Kaynaat’s potential rash actions, urges Hameeda to send Hafeez to check on her. Meanwhile, Gulnaaz mocks Armaan’s ambitions of taking over Haider design and ruling the household. Despite Gulnaaz’s skepticism, Armaan is confident, citing Mannat’s departure and Subhan’s potential move to London as opportunities for him to step in. Gulnaaz concedes, but Nigar dismisses their aspirations as mere daydreams, reminding them of Ibadat’s impending marriage to Subhan, arranged by Dua. This revelation unsettles Gulnaaz, who acknowledges Ibadat’s love for Subhan and implores Armaan to intervene before it’s too late.

As tensions escalate, Kaynaat’s frustration boils over, leading her to destroy objects in a fit of rage. She refuses to let Ibadat marry Subhan, whom she deems unworthy. Subhan, in turn, accuses Ibadat of causing the family’s turmoil with her deceit, claiming her lies have shattered their lives and Dua’s well-being. Ibadat, heartbroken yet resolute, vows to prevent Kaynaat’s destructive path, despite the family’s animosity towards her. Subhan’s anger flares, and he entrusts Hameeda with Dua’s care while Hafeez attempts to calm Kaynaat. In a dramatic confrontation, Kaynaat, feeling sidelined in life’s decisions, threatens self-harm, prompting Subhan to dissuade her with a desperate plea.

The situation intensifies when Kaynaat douses herself in kerosene and strikes a match, threatening to end her life if Subhan doesn’t comply with her demands. Ibadat’s quick thinking saves Kaynaat, and Subhan’s embrace offers solace. Hafeez condemns the act of suicide, while Kaynaat laments the betrayals that have led to this moment. Subhan, faced with the gravity of the situation, contemplates his own drastic measures, only to be stopped by Kaynaat’s slap and embrace. She acknowledges his pain, and he promises to accompany her once Dua recovers. Amidst the chaos, Ibadat insists that Dua would not coerce them into marriage, but Subhan dismisses her assurances. The episode concludes with Dua’s arrival, adding another layer to the unfolding drama.

Episode ends.

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