Rabb Se Hai Dua 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Gazal tells the family that don’t you want to know why I accused Altaf? Haider says we don’t want to, just get lost. Gazal says just give me a chance, why would I want to malign my character for no reason. Haider says don’t test my patience.. only cheap girls do antics like these. Gazal asks Dua if she doesn’t want to know why I did that? she asks Ruhaan to at least ask her. Dua says I will take Ruhaan away. Gazal tells Ruhaan to listen to her once, don’t you want to know why I did that? who I did it for? Haider says enough, he starts throwing her out of the house but Gazal says I did it for Ruhaan.. I love him. All are shocked.

Gazal says I love you Ruhaan. Ruhaan is surprised hearing that. He rushes to her and says what did you say? Gazal smiles and says I always wanted to tell you.. I love you Ruhaan. They want me to leave the house but you will always be in my heart.. even Dua knows about my heart, she knows about my love for you. Ruhaan is shocked and recalls how Dua told him that she doesn’t love him. Dua says she is lying, she never said anything about you to me at all. She asks Gazal to stop her drama. She tells Ruhaan that she is playing with your feelings. Gazal says my love for Ruhaan is real.

Dadi says if you loved him then why didn’t you tell Hina? Dua says yes, why wouldn’t you tell her? Hina says you told me everything but then you hid this from me? Haider asks her to answer them. Dadi says she has no answer. Dua says she is playing another card to stay here. Gazal says enough.. I didn’t tell anyone because I thought I will be labeled as a gold-digger. I am an orphan while Ruhaan is rich.. even if I confessed, people will taunt me that you all gave me a house and I trapped this house’s son but I love him and my love is pure that’s why I accused Altaf.. even if I had married Altaf, I would have done wrong with the three of us. Dua asks her to stop lying, get lost from our house.

Gazal says I will leave but I won’t forgive you. I told you about my feelings but you ignored it. You have made fun of me. Haider says that doesn’t mean you could accuse Altaf like that. Gazal says I know what I did was wrong but Dua forced me to do that I told her about my love, I begged her to stop this marriage but she just wanted me to leave the house that’s why she was forcing me to marry Altaf. I would have left the house and lose my mother again. Hina gets emotional hearing that. Dua asks her to stop it. Gazal says I am an orphan but I thought I would have a family now.. I was wrong but now I know my place and Dua reminded me that Hina is my mother, I don’t have a real family.

I know I did wrong with Altaf but I love Ruhaan. Gulnaz thinks she is using my son. Gazal says I couldn’t marry Altaf. I can leave the house but I can’t see you all hating me so I had to say it all. I will leave now, be happy Dua. Ruhaan sadly looks at her. Gazal starts leaving the house. Dua tells Dadi that we are not getting rid of her easily, she is using Ruhaan’s feelings. Gazal is about to leave but Ruhaan stops her.. he says I love you too Gazal. All look on. Ruhaan says I fell in love at first sight, I love you so much. All look on. The flashback shows how Gazal had heard Ruhaan confessing his love for Gazal to Dua. The flashback ends. Gazal thinks that this useless man is helping me today.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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