Sasural Simar Ka 2 & Sirf Tum 1st June 2022 MAHASANGAM Written Episode Update

Maha Sangam of Sirf Tum and Sasural Simar Ka.

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Ranveer to save Suhani. Ranveer is shocked to see Suhani in the glass box while water is getting fill up. He asks where is the door. Suhani is silent. Ranveer asks her to come out. Rakesh, Sudha and others ask her to come out. Dadi gives her swear of God and asks her to come out. Ranveer says if you don’t agree then I will break the glass, but he couldn’t break it. He takes the rod to break it, but it is unbreakable. Badimaa and her family start walking on the road. Just then Mamta, Dada ji and Roshni come in their cars. Badimaa says Mamta, you are here.

Mamta asks badimaa, are you fine? She tells that she heard about them and couldn’t stop herself. She appreciates Simar for shielding Badimaa. Simar says I have just supported my family in tough times. Dada ji praises her. Mamta requests Badimaa to come with them to her house and says I can’t see you wandering here. Roshni says we have come to take you. Simar tells badimaa that this is the respect which is earned by her. Mamta says this is the respect which you have given to others and earned for yourself. Badimaa says I know your heart is big, but we all can’t stay in your house.

Mamta asks if such thing had happened with us, then if you haven’t supported us. Sandhya says ok, we will come and will meet Ranveer. Dada ji asks them to come. Roshni tells Mamta that they don’t know if Ranveer is at home or not. She says it is upto you to take the decision. Ranveer tries to break the glass box. Suhani says it will open with my wish. Ranveer tries to stop the water flowing in. Suhani keeps knife on her wrist and says if you cut the water connection then blood will flow then.

Rakesh asks Suhani to end the drama and come out. Suhani says I am ready to come out, but Ranveer has to answer me, why did he break relation with me. She says I know that Ranveer loves me very much and asks him to tell about his helplessness and the reason. Ranveer recalls Vikrant’s threat. Suhani asks him to tell the reason and asks if you want me to drown in water and die. Ranveer asks her not to talk about death. Suhani asks him to answer.

The Oswals come to Oberoi house. Vikram asks Badimaa not to worry and says he will hire the best lawyer so that she gets her rights and also her house. He assures her and asks her not to worry. Roshni says it is disgusting that a son has thrown his mother out. Badimaa tells Mamta that she is feeling tired and wants to rest. Mamta says I will take you. Simar asks Badimaa to drink juice first. Badimaa refuses saying she don’t want to have it. Reema says we will set up your mood and signs Simar.

Mamta looks on. Reema signs Vivaan. Aarav starts singing ek dusre se…Vivaan and Gajendra join him. They sing and dance together. Simar, Reema and Sandhya join them. They all dance to cheer up Badimaa. Mamta smiles seeing their happiness and unity even in toughest time. Roshni says we all shall have food. Mamta asks Mata Rani, when her family be united like this family, and says this can’t happen until father and son’s personal problems ends. Simar says everything will be fine and tells that Suhani loves him very much, which nobody can. Mamta recalls Rakesh taking her from home. Mamta asks how do you know her. Simar says Suhani is my childhood friend and told that Ranveer and she have united. Reema comes there and asks them to come to the dining table.

Dada ji sits on his chair with everyone. Sandhya says bahus of the house can make the house better and can destroy too. She says we are lucky to get Simar and Reema as our bahus. Simar gives dahi balla to Mamta. Mamta says my Suhani makes it well. Simar says whatever comes from heart is truthful. She asks where are Suhani and Ranveer? She asks if they have gone to college. Mamta says Suhani is married and her divorce is not done with Ansh, my Ranveer doesn’t deserve this.

Roshni says Rhea is there. Dada ji asks them if they have a copy of house registration. Badimaa recalls Chitra throwing them out and gets sad. Aarav asks Simar to make Mamta and Dada ji have kheer made by her. Mamta says it seems to be good. Aarav asks where is Ranveer? Mamta says his number is unreachable, don’t know where he has gone. She says he stays in his own world. She asks them to have breakfast and freshen up.

Suhani tells Ranveer that he has 3 hours to reply to her, else the water will reach her head and he will see her dead face. Ranveer asks her not to talk about death. Suhani asks will you take my life, you can’t reply to me for my life, I thought you value my life. She says she will not come without hearing the reason. He says I am not hiding anything from you, asks her to come out, says he will give reply to all her questions. He says please, if you have loved me even for a moment, then come out. Suhani asks what is the use of coming out, you don’t want to live with me and I can’t live without you. Ishaan brings the tool to cut the glass. Suhani gives him swear. Ranveer asks Rakesh, Sudha and Dadi to take care of his Suhani, says I will be back. He goes.

Aarav asks Simar to rest for sometime and says you are working since morning. He asks her to trust him and says he will do something. He says I love you so much and tells that he is the first husband to feel proud if someone calls him Aarav Simar Oswal. He says he is proud to be her husband.

Dhami breaks the things in the house and tells that she had planned well, but Aaru left with his family. She asks Chitra and Giriraj, what was the use to throw them out. Chitra asks her to control her emotions and says Aarav will bend down his knees infront of you. Giriraj says we have to lose small wars to win big. Chitra says we have to go to jail to win this empire. She asks Dhami to have patience. Dhami asks her not to dare try her patience and says if the same thing doesn’t happen as you say, then your lanka will be burnt, remember this.

Gajendra asks Badimaa to sleep for sometime. Simar says yes. Mamta comes there and says your relatives have come to meet you. Indu and Avinash come there. Simar and Reema hug them. Avinash says we heard all this and felt surprised and sad, and asks Gajendra not to worry, they are with her. Indu tells Sandhya that everything will be fine. Badimaa says you people had trouble due to us. Avinash says I am feeling bad that I couldn’t do anything for you and you are here. Badima says Mamta has brought us here, she has a big heart. Avinash invites them to Narayan house. Sandhya says we can’t trouble you.

Indu asks why you are making us strangers and asks her to come. Avinash says I will talk to Mamta ji. He asks Mamta ji if he can take them. Mamta says you all have so much love, who am I to stop you all. She says your love made me speechless, and tells Badimaa that the house door will always be opened for her. Simar touches Mamta feet and says I have a feeling that I have another mom after meeting you, I am happy to meet you. Mamta says even I am happy. Gajendra tells that it is their good fortune to get good samdhis and friends. Aarav and Simar are leaving in the car and sees Ranveer coming home.

He says we will meet them both. Ranveer comes inside the house.Vikrant tells Ranveer that Suhani is emotionally blackmailing you, she doesn’t know how much you love your mother and asks him to let her die. Ranveer says you have blackmailed me, and not Suhani. He threatens to tell the truth to Suhani. Vikrant says it was truth and asks him to tell truth to Suhani, after that he will break relation with Mamta forever. He says you have to choose between your mother and that middle class family girl. He says if you step in two boats then you will drown. Mamta hears them.

Aditi unveils the name plate of Narayan house. Everyone is glad to see Oswal’s and Narayan’s written on it. Indu says this house is of badimaa first and then ours. She asks Badimaa to apply tilak to the name plate. Reema says until Badimaa stays here, her name will be here and will increase the pride. Aditi gives cardamom tea to everyone. Sandhya asks Aditi to check Badimaa. Simar comes there and says they are resting. Some men comes there and keep the mattresses.

Vivaan says so many. Avinash tells Gajendra that they might feel hot here in their small house. Gajendra says your house is more big than many houses. Avinash says we have three bedrooms, and says we thought that badimaa will stay in one room, Sandhya ji and you in second room and Simar and Aarav in third room. Gajendra asks where will you stay then? Aditi says we will stay in the hall.

Vivaan and Aarav asks Avinash to stay in his room. Indu nods her head. Aarav asks Simar if Badimaa has taken the tablets. Simar says medicines, we have forgotten at Mamta aunty’s house. Simar asks Aditi to take care of everyone, until they return.

Mamta comes out in the garden area. She hears Ranveer thinking how can I choose between Maa and Suhani. He thinks how to tell Suhani that I can’t marry her. Mamta asks why did you hide such a big thing from me. Ranveer says don’t worry Maa, Vikrant Oberoi will not leave you and you will be happy always. Mamta comes near him and asks what about Suhani? Water falls on her face and sindoor starts washing away from her forehead.

Ranveer is shocked. Mamta says no, and says if I have to live in fear that my husband can leave me even after many years of marriage, then such marriage is wrong. Aarav and Simar come there. Simar introduces herself as Suhani’s friend. Mamta tells that she came to know about the importance of good bahu and says she wants Suhani as her daughter and bahu now. Simar says Ranveer and suhani’s love is the epitome for everyone. Mamta says Simar is right and asks Ranveer to tell Suhani that his mother has accepted her, and asks him to go and bring her. Ranveer asks really? Mamta nods her head. Ranveer thanks Aarav and Simar. Aarav says we will bring her. Mamta asks him to go.

Precap: Ranveer comes to Suhani with Aarav and Simar, and tells that her trust has won, says he is ready to answer her questions. Ranveer and Aarav fight with someone. Simar says these papers are fake. Someone tells that the house is registered on Gitanjali Devi and Gopi chand Oswal’s name. The Oswals return home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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