Sherdil Shergill 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Manmeet is staring at her family photo thinking about she was crying explaining there is going to be a new start in her life. Rajkumar enters the room but Manmeet doesnot respond, he once again coughs so she stands up, Raj asks if she has never heard of the word encroachment as she builds a cabin in their café. Manmeet explains she feels he is acting like the watchman who is staring at them parking but when it is all done then they inform there is no parking here, he doesnot understand so she questions why did he not say anything to her during the past three hours when she was setting up her office space, she ask if he would excuse her so she can work otherwise he would do something else.

Manmeet sits down when Hussain comes explaining he is going to talk with Mr Yadav as this person is not going to let him live in peace and they need to sort it out, Manmeet whispers that he is hurt and doing it in revenge, but it is nothing compared to what she has done to him. Hussain exclaims it is not worthwhile, Manmeet sees Mishra jee eavesdropping so explains they would not be able to talk freely in the office, Hussain explains they both should meet tonight to discuss everything about this situation, Hussain agrees to meet her at around 8:30 tonight.

Rajkumar is in the office when Mishra jee brings the name plate for him, he hands Mishra jee his sunglasses who thinks he is giving them to him so starts wearing them, but Rajkumar questions if he remembers what he was told in the morning that he would stay in this office only if he stays in his limits, Mishra jee cleans them before handing them back to Rajkumar. He tightly holds Mishra jee from his neck explaining that he is good at listening to the conversations so what did he hear in the office, Mishra jee informs that Hussain sir and Manmeet madam are going to meet tonight, and they might want to talk about him.

Manmeet is getting ready in the night thinking about how she wished that her entire family accepts Anmol and now finally it has happened, she is glad her dream was fulfilled. There is someone at the door and when she opens it, Rajkumar enters with a bag, he sits down on the couch when she asks him to leave as she is in a hurry, Rajkumar keeps teasing her explaining he took five lac rupees from her and now has come to return them, she questions from where he brought that money. Rajkumar explains since he is the MD he took them from the company account, she should acknowledge the transactions.

Manmeet requests him to leave however he asks if she would have the noodles with him, he calls the person who brings the tray inside when she gets restless so forces the person out of the house, Manmeet questions Rajkumar what is this since he knows she cannot call the police and this is why he is taking advantage of her, Rajkumar pulls her close to him, she questions what is he doing, He replies she just said that he is a child of big business tycoon and can take advantage of her so this is what he is doing. Manmeet tries her best to pull away, but he just pulls her closer, Manmeet is left awed by the situation. Rajkumar standing explains he can no longer call her as Manmeet and she is neither his boss, he would therefor call her as Jaan and if she wants to get away from it all then needs to resign.

Manmeet thinks she had started to like him and now just wants to see till what level can he drop it, how idiot was she to trust him.


In the morning Manmeet steps out of her car with Hussain, she questions why they came here when Hussain replies if he had known about it, Manmeet mentions Rajkumar Yadav has completely lost it, Hussain in anger replies he is just an MD so it is his order, Manmeet replies he just wants her to resign, Rajkumar replies even then she came but Manmeet replies she just followed the orders of MD, Rajkumar explains that her eyesight might have gotten poor since he is the both.

Murari comes to Mr Yadav asking if he is not coming since the Jotish jee has arrived but Mr Yadav says that he only believes in doing everything with his own hands and so he just agreed because of Nirali, he even asks Murari to go and ask if he would always remain like this or will do something by himself.

Nirali questions the Jotish what is happening to Rajkumar since they have gotten in problems for the past three months, the Jotish replies that Rajkumar is going through a rough patch and it is because of those who are close to him, Nirali gets tensed.

Rajkumar explains he thought that they should g make it like a picnic since his father bought this house and he feels it needs to be renovated and remodeled, Manmeet picks the key walking to the room. Manmeet calls Ajeet explaining she is going to be here till tomorrow and come back before they arrive.

Manmeet tries to go to the bathroom, but Rajkumar comes out with a open shirt, Manmeet questions what is this behavior and asks him to close it since she needs some privacy but suddenly worker opens the door explaining he heard the screams, he explains her room is on the other side.

Manmeet apologizes so packing the suitcase tries to leave but Rajkumar once again stops her, he asks what she is doing because if she really wants to spend some time with him then must clearly ask him, Manmeet explains this is not the case, she instructs him to first close his shirt as she is not used to see him in these Play boy actions, he is not able to pull it off. Rajkumar holding her asks if she knows what a playboy does, she pushes him away. Rajkumar replies who knows he kidnaps her and even keeps her in this same room, he asks her to tell what he needs to hear, that she loves him Manmeet is stunned and furious at Rajkumar.

Update Credit to: Sona

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