Sherdil Shergill 17th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Rajkumar throws the coconut on his feet, pulling Mishra jee closer he says that the only relation which has changed is of his and Manmeet but not that of Mishra jee so for him she is still Manmeet Mam.

Hussain is with Manmeet when he explains he heard how Rajkumar talked with her in front of everyone, so this is not tolerable, Manmeet replies she doesnot care with the way he talks with her but if he tries to change anything in the SkyCity then she is not going to spare him.

Rajkumar walks over to Manmeet and Hussain with a person who after greeting them both asks if they remember that they refused his appointment but today their boss has appointed him as Chief architect, and they have given him authority over the Sky city project so he is glad for their trust, Rajkumar signals him so the person leaves, he explains that she suggested he should bring a good architect which he did and now the person is going to tell him how they can make the sky city project of 150 floors.

In the night Manmeet calls Puneet, who also informs Ajeet that Manmeet called them, she explains they both were able to perform the Darshan really well and even prayed a lot for her while complaining that she suffered a lot, Manmeet questions when are they going to come back, Ajeet questions if there is any sort of tension, Manmeet assures everything is fine asking about Anmol, Puneet replies she doesnot know what Manmeet has done with him but he just fells asleep around 10. Ajeet explains they would leave around 10 tomorrow. Manmeet ends the call saying she would talk with them in the morning.

Rajkumar is sitting in the room instructing the worker to massage him properly, Bijesh asks if he really goes to the office, as they say that people tend to mend their ways after marriage, but he did it after his heart break, Rajkumar stares at him which worries Bijesh, Raj allows him to speak freely. Bijesh says he feels they both look together because the way she fought for him after their return from Shimla made him feel they would look good like a couple, but he doesnot know why Rajkumar agreed to get engaged with someone else, Rajkumar asks him to leave.

In the morning Rajkumar asks the chief architect that he feels he would be able to construct extra ten floors on the sky city project, Mishra jee mentions that according to Shergill Madam it is impossible, and there is no way it can happen. The chief architect informs Mishra jee that some people fear taking experiment while some of them feel it is important to fulfill the desires of their clients which is the only thing they work for, the architect leaves.

Rajkumar notices Manmeet walking with Hussain, he calls her to his cabin. Raj explains he really likes those people who come to the office even when they do not have any work, he asks her to bring coffee for him since it has been long when she made it for him, Hussain gets angry warning Rajkumar it is enough, Raj asks what the need for this finger is, Hussain exclaims his attitude was enough. Rajkumar instructs Manmeet to bring coffee, she stops Hussain before inquiring about the preference.

Manmeet is making coffee when Hussain questions what the need is to stay quiet since Rajkumar is an idiot, Hussain explains that some new investors are coming for the ten floors of sky city and Rajkumar is going to present it with Karan, Hussain says they are going to ruin the reputation of this company. Manmeet advises him to not do anything since she is the problem, but this doesnot mean she would let him lose this company.

Manmeet walks to the cabin with the tray, Mishra jee offers to take it but Manmeet suggests he should take his own cup before giving the second one to Jasmin while offering Rajkumar the last one, she asks if he wants anything else. Rajkumar explains she can go back home early since they have a meeting with the new investors after which the Sky city project would be even more glamorous.

Mr Yadav enters the office with the new investors and introduces Hussain as the founder, he even mentions Rajkumar is now the MD of this company. Mr Yadav asks Manmeet if she is not going to be part of this meeting, Manmeet explains that if she stays part of this meeting then is surely going to object and raise her point which might not be good for the investors, Manmeet explains she is not distancing herself from this project as this is just the initial meeting and there are still a lot of procedures left so he must wait till then, Mr Yadav asks if she is threatening him, Manmeet explains she trusts him just like her own father and so is advising him, she leaves wishing both Mr Yadav and Rajkumar good luck in their first meeting.

Mr Yadav informs the investors that they are going to make the 150 story building of Sky city for which they need the support, the investors explain since they are not the professionals then need the advice of them, Mr Yadav assures they all are professionals are here including Hussain and even his own son, the investors explain they have called Municipal officer who recently retired and his name is Mr Patekar. Mr Yadav gets tensed about what might happen.

Mr Patekar enters the office, they all turn to look at him when Murari informs Raj he is the same person who sent the notice because of him.

Mr Patekar enters the conference room, he is offered to sit down when Mr Patekar apologizes for being late as the taxi driver refused to return the money, so he had to come after scolding him. The investors reveal they have called him to advice on the sky city project which they are thinking about expanding so he should look at the designs and suggest them, Mr Patekar asks if they want to further increase the project, Rajkumar mentions Karan is their chief architect. Mr Patekar asks if this project was not under Manmeet Shergill, karan replies she has been replaced by him. Mr Patekar demands to see the original designs, Karan explains the entire plan when he wants to see the approval, Mr Patekar inquires if this signature belongs to karan, who replies it is not when Mr Patekar questions then what is he doing in this meeting.

Mr Patekar mentions he really had respect for this company until someone offered him bribe but he agreed to stop when Manmeet Shergill came to apologize but if the company is once again ready to do something, he informs he knows both Hussain and Mr Yadav, who says they all know about Mr Patekar, he says even they are aware of his stores. Mr Patekar refuses to move ahead with the meeting until he meets with Manmeet Shergill. Rajkumar is

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