Sherdil Shergill 1st December 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Bhairav saying Manmeet has come to a lion’s den. He calls Ajeet. He jokes. Ajeet asks how did you call. Bhairav says you can call me Bhairav ji, we are becoming Samdhi now, I m getting shagun to your house, Nirali and I have blessed Manmeet, you also bless them. Ajeet says sure. Nirali asks what are you doing. Bhairav says just wait and watch. Ajeet says I don’t understand this man, I have sent his son in law to the jail, he is talking to me well, he said he is ready for Raj and Manmeet’s marriage, he is getting shagun tomorrow. Puneet says I had a mannat, I will go to temple.

He says Murari blasted that slab by his wish or not, who kidnapped Manmeet, who tried to kill Manmeet and Raj, I don’t think Manmeet will be safe there. Manmeet comes and says sorry to go that way, Raj went home and said we want to marry, I think some argument happened, Bhairav got a heart attack, Raj called me, Bhairav wanted to meet me, he agreed for the marriage, he wants the marriage to happen in few days. Ajeet asks did he say this after getting an attack. Manmeet says he thinks he won’t be alive for long.

Ajeet says I m a lawyer, not a fool, I spoke to him, he can’t talk like that if he had a heart attack. She says doctor was there, he said it was a minor heart attack, I have to marry Raj, it doesn’t matter when I marry. Ajeet says you are in love, you don’t understand their new drama. She says my lovely dad, I understand your concern. She hugs him. Ajeet says you didn’t see that family women, they will trouble you a lot. Manmeet says you trust me, I will win in the family game, I m not stubborn like before, I changed. He says I know. She says you are my strength and weakness, support me in my dream.

Nirali says I m planning all the arrangements just for Raj’s sake. She prepares the shagun items. Choti gets angry and asks her husband to support her, if Raj gets married, then they won’t get anything. Raj comes. He says I m going to temple. Nirali says Bhairav and I are taking shagun to their place, go to your room. Choti says I can’t digest this, Manmeet was our big enemy, now she is marrying Raj. Badi says I told the same. Nirali asks Choti to help her sister in work.

Choti asks how can you stay calm, Manmeet is coming home. Nirali says you both also stay here after marriage, get to work, I will go and get ready. She goes. Choti says I will not let this marriage happen. Ajeet says they aren’t giving us time. Puneet says don’t argue more, Manmeet will get married. Bhairav meets Murari and apologizes. He asks him to make any wish. Murari says kill Manmeet and her dad, I just want this. Manmeet says I have to leave for office. Puneet says your Sasural family is coming, just get ready. She says I feel awkward to meet Raj’s family like a bride.

Puneet says don’t say you won’t marry. Manmeet says I have to marry Raj. Ajeet jokes on Puneet. Door bell rings. Manmeet rushes to her room. Raj delivers a parcel and asks for cash. He enters the house. Bhairav says I also want this, but the time isn’t right, leave it. Murari asks why, they insulted you and hurt me. Bhairav says tell me, you didn’t know about the camera fixed in skycity. Murari says I didn’t know, I made a big mistake.


Bhairav asks how did you make such mistake, Raj wants to marry Manmeet, I said yes for the marriage, let that come as bahu then I will see her, don’t let this fire end in you. Murari says this fire will always light up, what did you think. Bhairav says I m not able to think, when Raj gets Manmeet home, you will be standing beside me, smiling, I have arranged your bail. He goes. Raj sees Manmeet talking to Anmol.

He says you can praise me on my face. Manmeet says you here… They have a talk. Puneet goes to give the cash. She welcomes Bhairav and Nirali. Ajeet also welcomes them. Puneet says Raj’s parents have come. Manmeet says lets go, come. Raj says no. They all see Raj and Manmeet coming out of the room together.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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