Sherdil Shergill 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Puneet Shergil thinking abut what Manmeet said that she met Rajkumar a few years ago after which they both got secretly married and their son Anmol was born, she also said the same on the video. Puneet is recalling how they both were always together and cared a lot for Anmol which she also heard as Rajkumar said they both desire that Gungun’s is married peacefully.

Ajeet coming explains she must stop thinking about it, explaining there is nothing between them both as Manmeet threw him out of the house. Puneet explains they have invited them even after all that has happened between Manmeet and Rajkumar while the in laws of Gungun are really close to them so they would have been surely invited, she is worried if her in laws find out that Manmeet and Rajkumar were just acting of being husband and wife.

Ajeet assures nothing of this sort would happen as Bharav Yadav would not let it happen, he knows the reason why they both lied. Puneet tries to explain their daughter would be in problem, she is worried so suggests they should go to the house of Mr Yadav. Ajeet refuses explaining since Manmeet said they would not go to the engagement, Puneet is awed asking since when has he started listening to her,

Ajeet clarifies he would accept it if he feels it is the right thing informing he will apologize to everyone and even take the help of Mr Yadav but everyone has found out about the truth then what is the need to hide it from them, he assures he would handle it.

Manmeet coming asks what is he going to handle and exclaims she also wants to know about it, Puneet suggests they should go to the function of Rajkumar, Manmeet agrees explaining she is going to get ready in twenty minutes before going to her room, Ajeet replies he doesnot understand this girl, Puneet is excited so also asks him to get ready.

Manmeet while selecting her dress calls Rajkumar, he replies she was not able to live without talking to him however Manmeet asks what is the favorite color of Anisha, since she wants to give the gift to the daughter in law of their business partner, Rajkumar replies he thought she would know all about her likings as they were talking but her gift would be pending, he explains today is his engagement so she must surely come, Manmeet ends the call explaining she is glad he is getting married.

Murari is instructing the workers to complete as it is the time of the function.

Choti talking on the call explains the success of their plan is dependent on him and if he is not able to fulfill it, he would surely see her wrath. Nirali questions what is she talking about, Choti turns in shock while her mother is standing there, se asks when did Nirali arrive as she got scared, Nirali questions who was she threatening, Choti replies she doesnot know what Manmeet might do in the function of Raj however Nirali is furious saying she knows Manmeet works with her father so why did she make such a mistake, she leaves instructing Choti to also do some work as the function is about to start.

Rajkumar is in the room when Nirali comes asking why is he still not ready, Raj making her sit explains he is really tensed since everything is working so quickly, he explains she must also know he was planning to run away. Nirali laughing explains it is nothing to be worried about as this is the things which prove he is a nice person, so what about his future wife who is going to leave her entire family and come to stay with them in this house. Raj mentions he cannot understand it,

Nirali explains she has a way which has been used in her family. Nirali suggests he must close his eyes to think they are waiting for a family photo during his engagement while only the seat beside him is empty, he must think as if his fiance is walking from the front and is seated beside him, Rajkumar sees Madam Shergill, his mother suggests him to keep her face in his mind and look at front, so they take the photo. Nirali with a smile asks if he saw Anisha as her mother used to say it is really beneficial, she suggests he should come down, Raj wonders what is he doing as he is once again seeing the one who scolded him yesterday.

Anisha arrives with her family, they are greeted with flowers when Mr Yadav welcomes them asking where Raji is. Rajkumar arrives dressed in a formal attire while with blue coat, they decide to enter when Radha suggests they should take a group photo. Mr Yadav asks Anisha to stand with Rajkumar, she whispers if he was not able to sleep last night, Raj doesnot understand so she replies how she thought he would be dreaming about her, the entire family is smiling when he Radha asks them to say cheese.

Manmeet comes to the function just when Anisha kneels, Radha explains Anisha was cut from the photo while Shergill Madam came in the photo, she leaves apologizing when Radha takes another photo.

Mr Yadav welcomes Madam Shergill explaining he is glad she came to the function with her entire family, Manmeet doesnot understand it, he informs he thought she was still angry over what happened in the past but since she came to this function it has ended all his doubts, He calls Murari to show them their seats. Nirali inquires why did he invite Manmeet, Mr Yadav replies he wanted to see if there is still something between them, but she must rest assured, now no one can stop this engagement.

Choti is standing when her husband comes inquiring what is she planning as he can notice it from her expressions, she replies today there are going to be two problems, first is the one who is serving the drink while the second is the one who are coming to drink the juice.

The in laws of Gungun are in the cab when she explains she doesnot know why Mr Yadav called them so urgently and even send the plane tickets as they want them to be at the function. Manmeet while attending the party is constantly noticing Rajkumar who is busy with Anisha.

Mr Yadav informs Gopal to see pointing at Manmeet that she is the partner of Hussain Sahab, but he has put them in problem demanding the ten floors at their project so they are trying to convince her, Hussain explains there is some problem relating to the structure however Mr Yadav stops him, Gopal explains he has heard that Shergill Madam doesnot listen to anyone when Mr Yadav explains she is like that with outsiders.

Nirali is welcoming the guests when Puneet goes to greet her asking it seems as if she forgot her when Nirali assures there is nothing of the sort, she feels weird asking Puneet if there is something which she needs when Nirali assures her daughters have taken care of everything but does she want anything to drink, Puneet inquires if all of the relatives have arrived, Nirali getting tensed asks what does she mean.

Manmeet is playing with Anmol, Rajkumar comes with Anisha, she is really stunned seeing Anmol so asks if Manmeet is married, but when she doesnot reply Anisha questions why did Rajkumar not tell her anything, she questions if Manmeet is a divorcee or her husband ahs died, Rajkumar requests Anisha to let Manmeet speak, who clarifies she is not married.

Rajkumar showers his love to Anmol asking if he missed his father, Anisha questions what he said as he just said he was the father but Rai clarifies he said did Anmol miss the puppy. Anisha mentions Rajkumar seems very comfortable with Anmol, Raj clarifies he spent alt of time with him in Shimla. Anisha hearing this is stunned while Rajkumar and Manmeet get tensed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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