Sherdil Shergill 24th January 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Nirali asking can I take few kachoris home. Raj says of course. Puneet says you really liked it, right. Raj gets the tiffin. He asks for his kheer. Nirali says don’t take it alone, I got it for Manmeet also. Raj says keep coming, I feel glad. Nirali nods. She leaves. Puneet says go after her. She sends Raj to Nirali. Raj says I had to go to office, drop me there. Nirali says you don’t need to ask me. Raj says I asked because you may go anywhere else, I miss you, we are away because we don’t want any drama.

Nirali says this was also a drama. He says they don’t make me work, they have three servants, bread and eggs were delivered, the packet was torn, so I was cleaning it, Manmeet is much needed at the office, I thought to become a house husband, like you are a housewife, I have to prove that I m a good dad. Nirali asks does Manmeet like this. Raj says no, she is against it, but I don’t listen to her, I want to give the kachoris to her. Nirali says you go there to feed her, you would get ration also.

Raj says you are too cute, we will talk on the way. He comes to office with tiffin. He asks peon to tell Manmeet to finish the meeting and come to the cabin. He says I have to go and buy veggies. Peon comes and asks Manmeet to meet Raj, he said he has to go and buy veggies. Bhairav says yes, Raj is my son, he has gone to London for business, Raj and Manmeet aren’t here, you can come later. He says Murari, he is our client, he is impressed by joint family, when he comes here, then everyone should be present here to welcome him. He sees Nirali.

He says she has gone to meet her useless son. He lectures her. Nirali says you got shocked seeing a small video, you should have come with me, you would have got a heart attack, our son was cleaning the floor in their house. They get shocked. The man says this person was a MD, now he has become a househusband. The staff comments on Manmeet. Mishra sends them away. Manmeet hears them and leaves.

Nirali asks Bhairav to take the kachoris, Raj has made it. She says you all have spoilt things, I can’t even curse Murari, but these two are Raj’s own family. She says Raj is doing this because of Bhairav and Choti, eat this kachori and cry forever. She goes. Bhairav throws the tiffin. Manmeet comes to Raj. Raj asks her to close eyes. She closes eyes. He makes her sit. He says I have made kachoris for you, eat it and tell me, how is it, Puneet has supervised this. She asks what are you doing. He says I was waiting for you.

She says you are handling the house, I m handling the office, why should we publicize our private matter. He asks why, they should know that I m proud of my wife, even household work is a job. She says yes, I m proud of you, the people don’t understand, I don’t like them making fun of you, I can scold them, but why, the family will learn tomorrow. Raj says Nirali came home and saw me working, she had the kachori, she gave the kheer for you. She says I have nothing to say, the kachori is really good, have it, I had eaten much. He says come home soon, we will go out.

Manmeet asks Mishra to come to the cabin. Choti says we have to get Raj back, he is insulting us. Murari says yes, she is right. She says mom will send tiffin for him, Manmeet is making Raj do this, your only son has become Ghar jamai. Bhairav asks them to go out and leave him alone. He says I have made a mistake by calling you back. Manmeet scolds the man for making a bad presentation. She says I have a headache, ask them to make a good coffee. Mishra says no, pantry boy isn’t there. She asks for coffee. The men say we don’t know how to make coffee. Mishra asks them to get the coffee from the pantry. The men go.

Choti asks how can you say that to me. Bhairav says you took an advantage of my love, I did all these drama on your saying, I m longing for my son now, just go away. Murari asks Choti to come. The men make the coffee for Manmeet. They drop the cup. They get a mop to clean it. Manmeet asks will I get the coffee today. The man says we were getting it. Peon comes. She asks peon to get a strong coffee. Manmeet says you don’t do work for your family, you are doing it for your boss today, you respect me because I sign your salary cheques, you are insulting my husband, who gave you this right.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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