Sherdil Shergill 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Manmeet saying they want to kill me, they have guns also. Raj asks her to send her live location. He steals someone’s bike and flees. The man says catch the thief. Inspector sees Raj and says catch him, spoilt brat. Bhairav is happy. He says my headache is going to end. Raj rushes to Manmeet’s location. He calls Bhairav. Murari says its Prince’s call, I think police has freed Raj. Bhairav says he will question me, I won’t be able to answer, don’t take the call. Manmeet hides. Inspector calls Bhairav. Murati says its inspector madam’s call. Bhairav says don’t take the call, we will give her the reward after the work gets done. The goon catches Manmeet. Raj is on the way. The goon takes her to the road. Bhairav stops midway and calls Raj. Murari asks what happened. Bhairav says its not reachable. Raj sees the police van. The fake inspector/goon points the gun at Manmeet. Murari says I will try calling Raj again.

Raj sees Manmeet ay gun point. He races the bike and performs stunts. He hits the goon with his bike. He punches the goon. Manmeet sees Raj. He signs her to come. She sits on the bike. The goon stabs Raj. Raj punches the goon again and races the bike. Murari gets a call. He asks what, she ran away, how did she run, what, a motorcyclist helped her escape, is he hurt, then go and shoot that guy also, until they both get killed, don’t call me. Bhairav asks what happened. Murari says motorcyclist ran away with Manmeet.

Bhairav gets inspector’s call. She says I m calling you since long. He says I will keep my promise. She says your son left on someone’s motorcycle, he has stolen it, I have to file another FIR. Bhairav gets shocked. He looks at Murari. Manmeet says I will help you, Raj. She takes him to some shade and asks for help. Bhairav says you know who was on that motorcycle. Murari says I didn’t know its our Rajkumar. Bhairav beats him and threatens. He says call the goons, no one should be killed. Murari says its not connecting. They rush in the car.

Ajeet and Hussain come to the police station. Inspector asks what now. Ajeet says we came to meet Manmeet. She says go home, she got bail. He asks how, its Saturday, court is closed, there is no judge and lawyer, how did she get bail. She says I have freed them, Manmeet is taken for bail, Raj has written an apology, check this. Ajeet asks what’s going on, bail is happening on Saturday, why will anyone give you this apology, its given in court. She asks him to check the lockup and come. Ajeet and Hussain go to check.

Constable Joshi asks them to see. Ajeet asks how did they take her without telling me. Joshi says a lawyer came and police van also came, one min, Sir, nothing happened according to protocol, the one who came to take Manmeet didn’t look policemen. Manmeet says I m sure Raj is with her. Ajeet gets Puneet’s call. She asks how is Manmeet. Ajeet says they took her for bail, she may reach home for some time, but… Puneet says thank God, they will come home, Bhairav would have done this, I had requested him to free them, save Manmeet, he did it, come back home, Manmeet would come any moment. Ajeet says I don’t know, I feel something is wrong. Hussain says we should go to Patekar’s office, he had investigated at sky city, he would know the truth, he can help us in freeing Manmeet. They leave. Bhairav checks the police van. Murari keeps calling the goons. Bhairav gets the gun. Hussain and Ajeet come to Patekar’s office, and see the mess created. Hussain says who did this….

Gunjan’s in-laws read the news. They ask Gunjan to read her sister’s deed. Gunjan is shocked. They insult Gunjan’s family. They ask Gunjan to break her relations with her family. Gunjan worries and cries hearing them speak against Manmeet. Raj is in pain. Manmeet says you will be okay, you are bleeding, keep looking at me, I have to remove this knife. Raj says no, you would be more educated, but I have seen many movies, if you remove this, I can die too. She says its not any film, let me remove this, else it will be a big infection. He says it’s a deep wound, you don’t know how much its paining. She cries and says I can’t see you like this, let me do this, you trust me. He nods. She says keep looking at me. She pulls out the knife and throws it away. She asks are you fine, press the wound. She ties some cloth to his wound. They hold each other. He faints down. She gets worried.

Precap: Manmeet says Rajkumar, I love you. Rajkumar smiles and opens his eyes. Manmeet hugs him. Rajkumar closes his eyes.
Manmeet opens door and sees Bhairav holding gun, he shoots her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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