Sherdil Shergill 26th January 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Manmeet saying I wanted to surprise, anyway, happy anniversary. He also wishes her and asks her to come home soon. He says love you. She says I love you too, I have much work now. She ends call. She gets leaving. Hussain says you have to wait, Bhairav has sent the clients, they met Raj in the morning. She asks who are they, not today, please. He says they are going out to Singapore tonight, if we get this deal, then we will get much money and I can take the company back from Bhairav, do this for me. She nods.

She calls Raj and says I was leaving, an imp meeting has come, I will come home once the meeting ends. He asks why did you take the meeting today. She says its dad’s clients, Hussain is saying you met them today. Raj says it’s a long story, just come by 8. Manmeet is busy in the meeting. The man says we will make the MOU and then we will start the process soon, it will take an hour. Hussain signs her to wait.

Raj calls Hussain. He says I will just come. Raj asks for some help as a friend. Hussain says of course, I will do. Manmeet and Hussain sign the MOU. They congratulate each other. Manmeet rushes. Raj surprises her at office. She says you here, I thought I will miss our anniversary. Raj says its okay, I thought I will come here. He thanks Hussain for keeping this a secret. Hussain hugs him. He says Raj is the MD, office will be open, I have shut the cctv, good night. Raj and Manmeet cut the cake. They romance. They dance and celebrate. They both relax and talk. She asks what’s the time, Anmol would be waiting. He says Puneet and Ajeet have taken him out. She says this one month passed so soon. He says I thought its two years. Murari says Manmeet didn’t reach home, she is still in office. Choti says their celebration got cancelled. Bhairav laughs and jokes.

Choti acts like Raj and Manmeet. They laugh. Bhairav says this is also timepass, will Raj come back. Choti asks how much will you bet. Bhairav hugs her. Raj says so much happened in the last month, battles, no love, but they all are villain of our love story. Manmeet says Nirali is the best. Raj says dad thought of failing this plan. She asks what. He says dad had sent the clients, knowing I m thinking of the celebration, he wanted you to get late. She says this is just too much. He says we are together. Murari says Raj and Manmeet were at the office at night. Bhairav asks what, did they sleep there itself. Murari says don’t know, they were in office till 3am. Nirali comes. Bhairav starts acting. He says your son is acting kiddish, so I m worried.

Bhairav and Murari come to meet Raj and Manmeet at her place. Raj and Manmeet shout on each other and fake a fight, while romancing. Bhairav and Murari get happy hearing this. Raj opens the door and sees them. He asks Bhairav to come inside. Manmeet greets Bhairav. Bhairav says its one month of your anniversary, so I got this bouquet for you, how are you Manmeet. Raj and Manmeet start arguing. Raj says it’s a problem if we try to understand women. Manmeet says he will lie, let me say, I m troubled by him, tell me, who is so foolish to keep a wet towel on the bed. Raj says we celebrated our marriage anniversary yesterday, we were together till 4am. Bhairav looks at them.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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