Sherdil Shergill 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Manmeet is in the office when the house helps calls her requesting her to come back as soon as possible, she after reaching back is shocked to see Rajkumar holding a gun towards Puneet while holding Anmol, she goes to slap him because of which he accidentally fires a bullet, so they are stunned.

Some time earlier, Puneet asks Ajeet to call their in laws once because Manmeet has said a lot to them so it might cause a lot of problem for them, Ajeet replies she has not said anything wrong and even said it in a way after which they would not think of doing such a wrong act, Puneet stares at him when he asks the reason, she replies he is praising Manmeet. Ajeet explains she is going thought a tough path in her life and if is not by her side she would break, he cannot allow it to happen even if Bharav Singh is standing in front of her.

Bharav Singh is sitting thinking about the accusations which Nikki put on Rajkumar saying that Manmeet is his wife, and Manmeet did not know about the one who called the In laws of Gunjan, Murari comes to sit in front of Mr Yadav apologizing for not being able to do anything since Madam Shergill works for him and even then was able to say so many things to him, Mr Yadav walks away asking Murari if he thinks Madam Shergill can do something like this, he explains they had sent Nikki to the Nepal border but how did she come back and was in the veil all this time, she managed to ignite a bomb at the last moment.

Mr Yadav is also worried who called their friends from Shimla since they said some women from this house invited them but he doesnot know who it was, he asks Murari if his wife is behind it when he assures, she cannot do anything of the sort. Mr Yadav thinks of how he heard Choti talking to her husband how the big blast is about to happen, and it would be a lot fun. He asks Murari if choti is still here, Murari replies she went back advising how they must focus on the DNA test as it would surely sort out all of the matters.

Rajkumar is in the room recalling about what happened at the engagement party, he was not able to say anything to defend Manmeet when they suggested to get a DNA test, she informed how she was fed up with all that is happening. Puneet gives Ajeet his hot chocolate, she sees the call of Raj so goes in the corner to attend it.

Raj is glad she answered his call as he doesnot have the courage to face Manmeet, Puneet asks if he is fine when Raj replies she is still worried for him even when he was not able to help Manmeet at the party, Puneet replies he must not feel sorry as they were also present at he party and saw everything, Raj explains he was not able to do anything since Manmeet always says they have to take a stand for themselves but he was not able to do anything,

Puneet questions what was decided when Raj explains he was given a two day ultimation to sort out the matter, Puneet explains he himself would have to talk with Manmeet, he mentions there is no problem in getting a DNA test since it will stop all the questions being raised on them, Puneet asks if he talked with Anisha, Raj replies he is just worried about Manmeet, he ends the call thanking her for answering him.

The doctor after checking Nirali asks her daughter to arrange these medicines, Mr Yadav enters the room when the doctor explains Nirali is getting really stressed these days, Mr Yadav asks if she told him what happened but he replies why would she talk abvout her family with him, he turns to leave. Mr Yadav asks what is a DNA test and how can they perform it, the doctor says he would explain it in a simple manner, evealing it is a test to prove the relation of a father and son but it takes some time get the test done, Mr Yadav calls Murari instructing him to go with the Himat Singh right away.

In the morning Hussain calls Ajeet asking if he can speak to Manmeet, Mr Shergill replies he doesnot think she would talk with him as he knows what happened, Hussain mentions it is something relating to the office so Mr Shergill tries, Hussain requests her to come to the office as it is urgent but she refuses saying she cannot come today and he should manage it, since she was not able to sleep last night. Mr Yadav taking the phone mentions he is sorry for what happened yesterday and needs to talk about the Sky project, Manmeet wants to talk with Hussain however Mr Yadav explains he would feel bad if Rajkumar doesnot get married, but he cannot lose the business relationship of Mr Gopal as he is not able to fulfill a promise, Hussain also requests Manmeet to come urgently so she agrees.

Rajkumar in the house asks his sister where Maa is, she informs him that their mother is sleeping and Papa has left for work, he says even he is going outside. Murari instructs the people to go and take Anmol to the hospital as this is the order of Mr Yadav.

Rajkumar hears him talking so instructs Murari to stop his men from kidnapping Anmol when he replies this is the order of Mr Yadav, Rajkumar tries to force his way when his sister comes to stop them, Rajkumar then demands the key to the study of Mr Yadav, Murari is at first hesitant, but Rajkumar threatens to raise his hand if he is not given the key. Murari is forced to give the key.

Manmeet reaches the office where Mr Yadav is waiting, he requests Hussain to inform her about the problem so he revels she might remember that Mr Yadav wanted them to construct additional ten floors on their sky project, she replies, and she told him it is not possible. Hussain explains this is why Mr Yadav has named one of his plots to Mr Gopal where he would make a ten-story building, Mr Yadav informs he needs to present the design.

Vidya is with Puneet in the house when there is someone at the door, she opens it so the people enter the house even when Vidya tries to stop them, Vidya manages to hide under the table from where she calls Manmeet requesting her to come back as some people have forcefully entered the house, Manmeet turns to look at Mr Yadav before running back towards her house.

Puneet is trying her best to run away from the men, but they have taken Vidya hostage, and threaten with severe consequences if they donot listen to them. Raj manages to reach the house questioning how they dared behave like this and asks if they are fine, he demands Anmol but Himat Singh warns him to not come in the way, Raj questions if he would hit him and tries his best to take Anmol but Himat sing pushes him away, Rajkumar threatens them with a gun, he demands Anmol who is crying.

Raj explains he doesnot know how to fire the gun, he after taking Anmol threatens Himat Singh to leave right away, Manmeet reaches the house but she feels as if Rajkumar is the one threatening her mother by taking Anmol hostage, Puneet notices it but before she can say anything Manmeet rushes to Rajkumar, she takes Anmol from him and then slaps him which causes him to accidentally fire a bullet, Puneet screams in pain.

Precap: Rajkumar questions Mr Yadav why he sent his men to the house of Manmeet, Mr Yadav replies it is the only way to prove he is not the father, Raj tries to argue with him but is slapped. Raj threatens that if Mr Yadav tried to do anything wrong with Manmeet or her family, his name would be on the next bullet.

Update Credit to: Sona

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