Sherdil Shergill 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Rajkumar comes to the room of Radha asking if he has any medicine for headache, Radha replies he doesnot take any medicine, Rajkumar questions if he doesnot get headaches but Radha mentions he does something else but will only tell if he promises to not tell his mother, Radha opens his wardrobe to bring out the bottle, Rajkumar leaves mentioning this is bottle would not be enough for the headache.

Mr Yadav is walking when Murari comes explaining he was looking for him, Murari mentions that ACP wants to talk with him, he explains that someone has come to file a complaint against him and is a lawyer of the high court. Mr Yadav asks him to give him the due respect while he comes in a while, Murari questions how Mr Shergill dare went and file a complaint but Mr Yadav says he would give him another task so he must ask if what Choti and her husband was saying is the truth.

Puneet is standing when Manmeet asks where is papa, Puneet doesnot respond so Manmeet goes to her when she explains he is angry with her so doesnot tell her before going anywhere, Manmeet apologizes for the behavior she had since she knows it was a little rude, she is sorry for her behavior but Puneet replies that she needs to apologize to Rajkumar as he stood in front of his own family for their safety and so she needs to apologize with him, Puneet suggests she can call him but Manmeet mentions that since it is very big they must meet in person, she wonders where can she meet him, Puneet explains that they both are friends so she would know about his time table, Manmeet asks for the day so checks the time.

Mr Yadav reaches the police station where Ajeet Shergill is sitting, ACP explains he was forced to call Mr Yadav because of his pressure, Mr Yadav asks if he has filed the FIR, Ajeet replies he did not till now but if Mr Yadav doesnot accept then he would be forced to file it, Ajeet explains he came to tell here what mr Yadav and his men have done by forcing their way into the house is a crime in the eyes of law, even when they are really powerful. Mr Yadav says he is not anything in front of the law but as they say that those who understand by beating can never learn anything so easily.

Rajkumar enters the stage after being drunk, explaining he has a little headache so the laughter club of his mind is not going to work today, Rajkumar explains he is the biggest joke, someone gave him the headache, Manmeet is worried witnessing the condition of Rajkumar, he asks the crowd if they ever fell in love or gave their heart to someone but before their love story could begin she slapped him, Manmeet rushes to Rajkumar asking what has happened, she tries to wake him up when the manager asks her to make sure he mends his way otherwise he would not be able to go to Sydney.

Manmeet helps Rajkumar sit up but he kneels against her, she questions if he is fine. Rajkumar questions if she cares so much for him then why she does not say she loves him, he says she helps him wear the quilt when he is cold and even makes noodles for him, she even hugged him when her father picked Anmol, he felt it like a shock but why does she not say that she likes him, Rajkumar asks if she likes him, Manmeet is really tensed.

Mr Yadav asks if he can make him remember that Rajkumar brought a pistol to their house to protect his Grandson and his men did not have any weapon, Rajkumar fired a bullet so where did it go, Ajeet reveals it went to hit the wall however Mr Yadav mentions it hit his men. Mr Yadav exclaims when he first met Mr Shergill he felt he likes Rajkumar so he can file an FIR against his son who would be in jail.

Manmeet is trying to take Rajkumar, but he asks what he would do after going back since there both he and his father get bored and even she no longer comes in his dreams, he inquires why does not come anymore which causes Manmeet to be tensed.

Mr Shergill explains he just came here to warn that if anything happens to his family then he would not bear it, Mr Yadav requests him to ask his daughter to agree for the DNA test, Mr Shergill questions why they are not understanding when Manmeet already refused in the party, he leaves angrily.

The ACP asks Mr Yadav why is he worried when they can get the DNA test without the child, Mr Yadav questions what does he mean, the ACP informs they can get the test with any sample belonging to the child.

Manmeet informs they have to go back, Raj explains they both fought some time ago when there were crackers, so he also had them in his heart, she asked him a question to say if he loves her, Rajkumar replies he did not have the strength to say it that time, Manmeet is worried. Rajkumar pulls her closer revealing he has gotten mad for her so is in love with her, he finally expresses I LOVE YOU Manmeet is not able to say anything, she is just stunned. Manmeet starts thinking of the moments spent with him. Rajkumar recalls the night when they both enjoyed at the construction site.

Manmeet recalls when Rajkumar said he gets jealous when someone looks at her and so he just wants to talk with her, she starts smiling thinking of when he was close to her. Manmeet breathes a sigh of relief but turning is shocked to find Rajkumar on the floor, she tries her best to wake him.

Puneet opens the door to find Manmeet with Rajkumar, she questions what happened to him so Manmeet assures there is nothing to be worried about, both Manmeet and Puneet do their best to put Rajkumar on the bed but Manmeet falls over with him, she calls him but he says she did not reply to his question before once again falling unconscious, Puneet asks what answer did she not give him. Manmeet asks her mother to leave while she would take care of him, Puneet replies she has never seen him in this condition so has she done anything to him, Manmeet replies that he has problems in his family so what could have she done to him, there is someone at the door bell when Puneet goes since it would be Ajeet.

Puneet after opening the door realizes that he is also drunk so asks if he was with Raj, but Ajeet replies that she must not take his name since it always ruins everything, he lost the case even before it started. Puneet questions where had he gone to when Ajeet replies he went to file a case at Mr Yadav but did not do it as then Rajkumar would also end up in jail. He requests Puneet to bring a glass of water for him.

In the morning Manmeet opens the curtains, Rajkumar thinking he is in his room instructs Bijesh to keep it closed, Manmeet mentions she is not Bijesh but his boss, Rajkumar turns and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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