Shiv Shakti 10th June Written Episode Update

The episode commences with Lord Shiv proposing to Mata Parvati that they should resurrect their son, to which she agrees. Lord Shiv summons Brahmadev, who employs his power on an elephant’s head, causing it to radiate. Subsequently, Lord Shiv applies his power to Uma nandan’s body, enabling it to rise. He then attaches the glowing elephant’s head to Uma nandan’s body. Upon opening his eyes, a song, ‘Bappa morya’, plays in the background. This sight brings smiles to the faces of Mata Parvati and others present, and they shower Uma nandan with flowers. Narad comments on the enhanced beauty of Uma nandan with his new elephant head.

Uma nandan, realizing his altered appearance, questions Mata Parvati about the change in his head and why he now possesses an elephant’s head. This concerns Mata Parvati, who embraces him and explains that this was the only method to bring him back to life. He questions why he is being punished for Lord Shiv’s mistake and declares his intention to confront Lord Shiv. He arms himself with a stick, leaving everyone in shock.

Mata Parvati advises Uma nandan against his plan. Lord Shiv, smiling at Uma nandan, is challenged by him to a duel. Mata Parvati informs Uma nandan that Lord Shiv is his father, not his adversary, which surprises him. She reveals that Lord Shiv was unaware of the truth and that everyone now recognizes Uma nandan as the son of Shiv Shakti. Upon hearing this, Uma nandan turns to Lord Shiv and inquires about his new name. Mata Parvati, referring to his elephant head, suggests the name Kajmuk, which is met with smiles from everyone.

Uma nandan approaches Lord Shiv and takes his hand. Lord Shiv embraces Uma nandan and invites him to ask any questions he may have, promising to answer them all as part of his paternal duty. Kajmuk, wiping away Lord Shiv’s tears, expresses his desire for his father’s blessings rather than answers. Lord Shiv blesses his son, bringing joy to Mata Parvati.

In the preview, Lord Narayan questions Lord Shiv about the reason for affixing an elephant’s head to Uma nandan. Lord Shiv responds that Uma nandan is destined for greatness and that, having defeated the people of Kailash, he will be known as Shri Ganesh throughout the universe. This revelation brings smiles to everyone’s faces.

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