Shiv Shakti 21st May Written Update

The episode opens with Lord Shiv encountering Ashok Sundari with the Kalpavriksha. He instructs her to halt, which frightens her. He questions her identity and her intentions with the Kalpavriksha. She retorts by asking who he is. She remembers Mata Parvati’s warning about potential thieves of the Kalpavriksha and accuses him of being one. She demands that he step aside. He insists on her answering his queries, but she refuses.

In the meantime, Chandradev suggests informing Lord Shiv that Ashok Sundari is his daughter. Narad advises Chandradev to be patient and observe the unfolding events, with a smile on his face.

Lord Shiv requests Ashok Sundari to introduce herself. She responds that she doesn’t know anything and questions why she should reveal her identity to a thief. He assures her that he is not a thief and that protecting the Kalpavriksha is his responsibility. She counters that her duty is to transport the Kalpavriksha to its rightful place and asks him to clear the path. He creates a hole between them, which scares her. She sets the Kalpavriksha aside and calls out for her mother’s help. Lord Shiv disappears, leaving his Trishul behind, which shocks her. She wonders where Lord Shiv went and speculates that he might be a sorcerer. Lord Shiv begins searching for Mata Parvati, wondering where she could be.

Ashok Sundari calls out for Mata Parvati’s help. Mata Parvati hears Ashok Sundari’s voice and rushes to her. Ashok Sundari embraces Mata Parvati. Mata Parvati inquires if everything is alright. Ashok Sundari informs Mata Parvati that someone attempted to steal the Kalpavriksha. She shows Mata Parvati the Trishul that Lord Shiv left behind. Mata Parvati comprehends the situation. Ashok Sundari suggests that Lord Shiv might be a sorcerer, but Mata Parvati disagrees.

Ashok Sundari questions Mata Parvati about her knowledge of Lord Shiv. Mata Parvati informs Ashok Sundari that everyone knows him. Ashok Sundari asks Mata Parvati about his identity. Mata Parvati reveals that Lord Shiv is Mahadev and Ashok Sundari’s father. Ashok Sundari remembers how she accused Lord Shiv of being a thief.

She confesses to Mata Parvati that she called Lord Shiv a thief. She worries that Lord Shiv might be angry with her. Mata Parvati reassures her that Lord Shiv doesn’t anger easily. Ashok Sundari expresses her desire to apologize to Lord Shiv. She requests Mata Parvati to summon Lord Shiv. Mata Parvati instructs Ashok Sundari to approach the Trishul and call out to Lord Shiv. Ashok Sundari mentions the hole. Mata Parvati advises Ashok Sundari to cross the hole with faith. Ashok Sundari crosses the hole, apologizes to Lord Shiv, and requests his presence. Lord Shiv hears this and is left puzzled.

The episode concludes.

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