Shiv Shakti 9th June 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Kartikeya criticising Shiv for beheading his brother and making his mother cry and saying that it would be injustice to the parents whose child’s head would be fixed on Uma Nandan’s body. Shiv stands extending his hands waiting for the head. Ashokasundari says she wasn’t present when Kartikeya was wrong, but now she can see a crying mother and an eagerly waiting father; Kartikeya should support their parents instead of criticising their father.

Narad informs Shiv that all parents have turned their children’s faces in different directions and not north. Kartikeya says when a father is eagerly waiting for head, Narayan will find a head for sure. He suggests them all to pray together. All gods pray for the faster availability of head.

Elephants walk in front of Narayan, and one of them signals to cut his head. Narayan informs Shiv that an elephant agreed to sacrifice his head. He beheads elephant. Head flies and falls in Shiv’s hands. Elephant turns into gandharva and thanks Narayan for freeing him from curse and thanks elephants for letting him spend time with them.

Narayan praises Shiv that he wanted to free a gandharva from curse and wanted an elephant head to his son, his leela/magic is really great. Shiv asks Parvati to remove their son’s real head from the place as he doesn’t want their son to feel upset seeing his old head. Parvati asks how can a mother do that. Shiv asks her to disperse the head in the nature here to let her feel her son’s head’s presence in this place. Parvati disperses the head in air.

Precap: Uma Nandan is shocked to see his head replaced by an elephant head. Shiv says he will answer his questions.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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