Sirf Tum 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sudha calling Suhani and says your Bua has come and she wants to show some special video and asking to call you home from college. She asks if everything is fine? Suhani cries. Sudha gets worried and asks her to come home. Suhani hugs Rhea and cries. Rhea says everything will be fine, I will drop you home. Ranveer tries to get the video deleted from social media, but the expert tells that he can’t delete the video, as it is uploaded from private server. Ranveer says I can’t see tears in her eyes. John says I hope her family don’t see this video. Raghav asks him to do something.

Kamini switches off the TV. Dadi says I was about to see the show. Kamini says you will get double enjoyment and says let everyone come. She connects the bluetooth and calls Rakesh. Rakesh says what happened? Kamini says there is good film and says you have to show interest in it. She says let Suhani come, we will see it together, then you will understand. She signs her daughter Nikki. Rakesh asks Maa what is the matter? Dadi says don’t know what new siyappa, she is going to do. Rhea drops Suhani home and says I will come with you. Suhani says Papa will get angry seeing you. Rhea asks her to tell everything truly and goes. Suhani walks inside the house thinking of Rakesh’s warning. Kamini says Suhani has come, our family’s only daughter. She tells Dadi, that she had sent her to study in co –ed college, and asks her to see with how much intensity, she study in that college. Nikki gets Rishi’s call. Rishi asks her to entertain him with the live premiere. She says ok, but put the call mute. She keeps the video call on and asks him to see. Rishi, Rocky and Ansh are watching the video. Kamini plays Suhani’s video, in which she is complaining about Rakesh. Ansh smiles and thinks how you (Ranveer) will face him (Suhani’s father). Nikki says this video is Viral on social media and all the relatives might have seen by now. Rakesh switches off the TV and throws remote on the sofa. He looks at Suhani. Kamini taunts Suhani and asks why didn’t you die before ruining my brother’s respect. She says he has sent you to become doctor and treat patients, but she gave us heart attack. Suhani cries. Ansh and his friends watch the video. Rakesh walks towards Suhani and is about to slap her, when Ranveer comes and holds his hand.

Everyone is shocked. Rakesh looks at Ranveer. Ranveer says you are raising a question on your upbringing and asks how can you raise your hand without knowing the entire matter. Kamini asks who are you to stop my brother. Ranveer says Suhani is my responsibility, and Uncle has given me this responsibility. Rakesh says I have given you this responsibility, though I don’t want to give. He says I want to fulfill her dream and was unaware that she will make me ashamed in drunkard state. He says I had warned you, and tells that you will sit at home now. Sudha asks him to rethink. Rakesh blames her and asks Ranveer to go home. Ranveer says I will not go until you agree that it is not suhani’s mistake.

Ansh tells that Ranveer is crossing all limits and his obsession for Suhani will prove costly for him. He says I will get the biggest happiness. He walks away from there. Ranveer tells that someone had drugged her mixed in the food. Kamini says the video is viral and she told what is in her heart in drunkard state. She says she thinks my brother as khalyanak, and will think him arrogant and will think that he has given bad values to her. Ranveer says Suhani has always valued the values given by you and you shall be proud of her. He says I have seen how she walked in the college, with her hair tied, dupatta on her shoulder and her eyes down, with dream in it to become a doctor. He says she doesn’t know any place other than lab and library, other than class. He says neither your upbringing your wrong, nor she has forgotten it. He says after she comes home, either she study or help aunty in kitchen. He says God has stopped making such girl and this is your values in her. He says she risked her life to save someone from terrace, but someone spiked her food. He says when she had gained consciousness, she was sad thinking how bad you will feel. He says she is not afraid of you, but loves you and says if you don’t believe me now, then come with me.

He says you have seen Suhani’s spicy side for Uncle and now I will see her sweet side for Uncle which Bua ji forgotten to show. He plays the other half video on the TV, in which Suhani is saying that her Papa is best, he doesn’t hug her openly and don’t say I love you and hide all his love in his heart. She says real superhero is her Papa, and he is the best superhero, though he is protective and worried for me, so that this world don’t do bad with me. He has prepared me for this world. Rakesh walks towards Suhani as he gets emotional watching the video and keeps hand on her head. Suhani hugs him and cries. Ranveer looks on.

Precap: Ranveer comes to the college and beats Rishi and Rocky asking them about the video. Rishi says we didn’t leak the video.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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