Sirf Tum 10th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ansh congratulating Riya. Riya thanks him for his help, else bestie couldn’t do anything. Just then they see Suhani getting down the auto, and Sudha dropping her. Suhani’s friend comes to her and asks her to revise the lesson. Riya says from where did Suhani get strength to come to college? She calls Rakesh and says I am Suhani’s friend Riya. Rakesh says I am busy and will talk later. Riya says I need to talk to you about something important.

Suhani sits in the classroom for the exam. Rakesh comes to the college and stops his bike. He gets inside the classroom and calls Suhani. Suhani gets scared seeing him there. Professor asks who are you? Rakesh says I am Suhani’s father and needs to talk to her. Professor says parents can’t come to class. Rakesh says it is urgent and request him to send her for 5 mins. Suhani requests Professor to give 2 mins. Professor says we can’t allow this. Suhani requests him. Professor says ok. Rakesh thanks him. They go out. Rakesh asks how dare you and your mother to go against my decision, and asks her to come home right now. Suhani says Papa. He holds her hand and takes her outside of the college. They come to the campus. Ranveer comes infront of them and asks Suhani to go to class and write the exam.

Rakesh says Suhani will go home with me. Ranveer says Suhani will go to class, I will see who stops her. He stops Rakesh. Rakesh gets upset. Ranveer asks which father gets sleep, who has snatched his daughter’s dream. Rakesh says if the dreams becomes shame, then it shall break. Ranveer asks Suhani to go to class and write the exam. He closes his palm. Suhani gets scared and closes her eyes. Ranveer folds his hands and requests Rakesh to let Suhani write the exam. He says I have seen only two dreams in her eyes, one to become a doctor and other to keep your head high. He says nobody has the right to break her dreams. Professor comes there and asks her to come to class, else she can’t write the exam. The student gossip saying what is Suhani’s father problem. Rakesh leaves her hand. Ranveer asks her to go to class and write the exam. He thanks Rakesh. Rakesh says I did a mistake by giving my daughter’s responsibility to you.

Ranveer comes back to him and asks what are you saying uncle? Rakesh says I was afraid to send my daughter out, due to the city’s situation. He says just like you never fold your hands before anyone, likewise, I never left my daughter with any guy, being scared of her respect. He says I heard Mamta ji praising you a lot and that’s why gave you responsibility. He asks what do you think that my daughter and I trapped you. He says you talk about her dreams, did you see any greed in her eyes, and asks if she wants to trap rich guys to reach somewhere. He coughs and gets emotional.

Ranveer asks if Mr. Oberoi told you something. He says I will bring water for you and goes. Rakesh gets heart attack and falls down unconscious. Ranveer turns and looks at her. John, Raghav and others come there. Rishi and Rocky think he got heart attack. John and Raghav bring stretcher. Ranveer takes him to the stretcher and rush him to the hospital. Ranveer starts the treatment. Junior doctor comes there and asks what happened to him. Ranveer asks where is cardiologist? He calls cardiologist and asks him to come to emergency ward, as Suhani Sharma’s father got the stroke.

Suhani comes out with Meeta after writing the exam. A friend informs her that her father got heart attack. Suhani runs. John says why is he not gaining consciousness? Ranveer says I am thinking that. Someone brings Rakesh’s bag. Ranveer finds the letter peeping out from the bag. He checks it and finds it to be resignation letter of Rakesh for Vikrant. He reads and gets angry on his father. John says everything is normal, and asks why is he not gaining consciousness.

Ranveer asks them to monitor him, and says I know how he will gain consciousness. He says I am going to bring the treatment for him and goes out. Ansh comes inside the emergency ward. Cardiologist come there and asks for the reports. Ansh snatches the report from John’s hand and gives to doctor. John and Raghav go out to call Ranveer. Suhani is coming running there.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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