Sirf Tum 10th May 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Ranveer if she don’t have any work that he came to her balcony. He says he came to see her smiling face and tells her that Dadu told that the mahurat time is 6:17 and asks her to get ready soon and not to get late. She asks him to go. Ranveer says don’t take tension, I won’t get late and will come 1 hour before the mahurat. She asks him to go. He says we will unite tomorrow. Suhani asks him to go and write the exam, says she don’t want to marry a failure. She says if it was my exam, then you would have asked me to go and write the exam, as it is your dream to see me becoming doctor. She says all the best, go ad write your exam.

Suhani looks at herself in the mirror and smiles. Sudha and Dadi come there and smiles. Dadi takes off Suhani’s bad sight off from her and kisses her forehead. She says her face is sparkling. Sudha asks her to check her clothes and other stuff for engagement and asks if she wants anything else. Suhani says my happiness is incomplete without Papa’s approval. Kamini says you are very worried for Bhai. She says you people are making arrangements for engagement, even if Papa don’t come. She says he is upset and left home early morning. She asks Suhani, why she is so desperate that she is not thinking about her Papa. Suhani says she cares for him, and also trusts that he will bless her like always. Ishaan comes there and says you said right Suhani beta. He acts as Rakesh. Kamini pats on his shoulder. Dadi says she is jealous.

Roshni asks Servant if he has served breakfast. She asks him to wake up Ranveer. Servant says he has done breakfast already. Ranveer comes down and hugs Dadu. He says he is nervous about his engagement. Dadu says you will be some what nervous, and reminisces his engagement. Ranveer asks if all your family members had come for your engagement. Dadu says ofcourse and says happiness completes when celebrates with family members. Ranveer invites Vikram for his engagement. Roshni says she can’t lie and says you are the heir of the family, and Suhani is divorcee, says she will not come. Ranveer says my relation is not dependent on your happiness. He tells that Suhani is beautiful, wise and will be a doctor. He says Suhani got married to Ansh due to my mistake. Roshni asks Mamta if she will go. Dadu says you all have to attend Ranveer’s engagement. Vikram says you got habitual to support him, but he shall also think about us. He says I doubt if bhaiyya will come. Dadu says I am not going to ask him, but you all will come. He asks Mamta to check the arrangements.

Ishaan as Rakesh asks Suhani if she is happy? Suhani nods yes. Ishaan tells poetry to Suhani to make her laugh. Sudha asks Suhani not to worry and says you knows your Papa well, he wants to see you happy and he can’t be away from your happiness. Dadi says when Ranveer comes to engagement on time, then Rakesh anger will go and trust will get back. Suhani says she don’t want her marriage to happen without Papa’s consent and even Ranveer don’t want this.

Ranveer, Ansh, Riya and other students are writing their exams in the college. Ranveer checks the time and tells Professor that he is done. Professor asks if he finished 3 hours exam in 1 hour. Ranveer says he has attempted all the paper and asks him to check. He walks away from the class room. He then wears Sherwani and is about to leave from college. He warns Ansh and asks him to stay away from him. Ansh says there is a difference about talking to reach Delhi (Destination) and reaching there.

Ishaan tells Dadi that he has brought jiju’s favorite barfi. Sudha asks Ishaan if he talked to his Papa. Suhani comes downstairs. Kamini taunts her. dadi asks her to be quite. Kamini tells Suhani that it is 6 pm, if Ranveer will come or not, or if he is going to betray us like before. Suhani says he will surely come, and asks her to drink cold drink. She thinks Ranveer couldn’t wait for the evening, then why he didn’t come yet. Door bell rings. Suhani thinks Ranveer came. Ishaan opens the door and finds Oberoi family standing on the door. He greets and welcomes them. Dada ji congratulates Sudha. Sudha asks them to come.

Mamta says sorry, we came late. Dadi says there is still time. Sudha says Ranveer would have come by now, 6:17 is the mahurat time. Mamta says he said that he will come soon. Dadu says I will call him, he might be stuck in traffic. He says Ranveer went early morning, his phone might not be charged and that’s why call is not connecting. Suhani gets worried.


Sudha is also worried. Everyone gets tensed as time passes. Suhani asks if you all think that Ranveer will not come and says if you are thinking that the same thing will happen again, and asks them not to worry, as Ranveer will come surely. She says last time I had done a mistake not to wait for him, and says this time I will wait for him all my life. She says even if Ranveer don’t come, then there might be a reason. She turns and sees Ranveer standing on the door. Sirf tum plays…..Sudha and others get relieved seeing him. Suhani runs to him. Dadi says Suhani’s hero has come, and says their Jodi is super hit.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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