Sirf Tum 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Aditya telling Suhani that very soon Ram Singh will be fine. Suhani says we shall do his brain surgery. Aditya says he has called Dr. Prashant. Nurse comes and tells that Dr. Prashant is not in the city. Aditya asks Suhani what will they do, they don’t have qualification or experience to do this surgery.

Suhani says we have a way, Dr. Ranveer oberoi, he is a qualified surgeon, and was treating this patient. Aditya says if he will come here to do surgery, as this patient is in our hospital. Suhani says I have to keep my self respect and anger aside, and shall call him. She calls Ranveer and says I need you. Ranveer says I know that we will talk. Suhani says I need you in hospital and asks will you help me?

Ranveer is silent. She asks if you are hearing. Ranveer asks her to say. Suhani asks if he will come to her hospital to do Ram Singh’s surgery. Ranveer says I am coming there and asks her to ask Nurse to get few things ready. Suhani says alright and ends the call.

Mamta talks to Vikrant and says she has taken the peaceful breath hearing Judge. She asks him to come fast. Vikrant appreciates her courage and says I couldn’t be with you. He says all his accounts are relieved, so he will book the flight and come home. Ranveer comes there and tells Mamta that he is going to Suhani’s hospital, as she needs him for a patient. He asks her not to wait and goes.

Dada ji says he is changed. Mamta says they will meet and talk, if God wills then he might tell his feelings to Suhani. Aditya tells Suhani that Ranveer had gone to jail for this, if something happens then. Suhani says Ranveer is the best option and Ranveer can prove that he always wanted to save the patient. Aditya asks what about Mr. Singh. Suhani says we are doing what court asked us to do. Ranveer comes there and asks if everything is ready. Suhani says yes. He checks the report and tells about the procedure. He asks Suhani to assist him.

Aditya says this procedure can be risky for the patient. Ranveer says this will work. He asks if you think that I am risky this patient’s life. He says I am worried for this patient and went to jail for him. He asks if the clotting got less due to blood thinner given by you. Aditya says no. Ranveer asks if you will see the patient lie on the bed. He asks Suhani to let him do the work for what she has called him.

Aditya says if something happens to him, then we will be blamed as he is operating here. Ranveer says I know my work. He asks Suhani to let him do his work, else he is happy to leave. Suhani calls Aditya with her. She asks Aditya to let Ranveer handle the case. Aditya asks him to think as the doctor, and says it is risky to operate on that blood clot part. Suhani says there is risk everywhere, but we have to operate. Aditya says we will go to jail. Suhani says let Ranveer handle this case, we have called him and shall trust him. Aditya gets upset.

Suhani comes to Ranveer and asks him to start the operation. Ranveer says you will assist me, and asks Aditya to wait outside. Aditya recalls their moments and Ranveer’s confession and Suhani’s decision. He prays that the operation is successful and says if you get in trouble due to Ranveer, then I will not bear.

Sudha asks Rakesh to call Suhani and asks where is she? Rakesh calls Suhani and says she is not picking the call. He calls Aditya. Aditya is resting on the bench and picks the call. Rakesh says Suhani is not picking the call. Aditya says she is in operation theatre and says when I meet her, I will tell her. Rakesh asks if you are not with her. Aditya says I came out for some reason, and will give your message to her.

Suhani comes there and gives tea to Aditya. She says sorry for my behavior, and for ignoring your sayings. He says I was thinking about your career risk. He asks how is Ram Singh. Suhani says he is critical, but Ranveer is with him in ICU and believes that he will fully recover. Aditya asks her to talk to Rakesh. Nurse comes there and asks Suhani to come, as Dr. Ranveer is calling her, says Ram Singh got consciousness.

Ranveer tells Ram Singh that he was very injured, just now operated and will be fine soon. Ram Singh says he will kill me, if he comes to know that I am alive. Ranveer asks who? Suhani and Aditya come there. The Police Inspector comes there. Ranveer asks Inspector to go out, and says patient is getting scared seeing you. Inspector says ATS chief Mr. Singh ordered to take him under arrest.

Ranveer says his condition is weakening due to you, and asks him to go. Suhani pretends to get the call and tells Inspector that his Chief called at the reception. She asks Aditya to help Inspector and says I will see what to do. Aditya takes him. Suhani tells Ram Singh that he is safe here, and need not worry.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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