Sirf Tum 14th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rakesh calls Someone and says he couldn’t talk to anyone. Sudha recalls and says Ansh was with her in the ambulance. Rakesh calls Ansh. Dadi asks Sudha not to cry much, and says everything will be fine, nothing will happen to our Suhani, she will return safely. Rakesh calls Ansh and asks where is Suhani? Ansh says don’t worry, we are trying to pull the ambulance up. He assures to save Suhani. Rakesh says I will come there. Dadi says you are unwell, we will go there. Rakesh says I can’t leave my daughter alone, I have to go. Ranveer comes to the cliff and sees the ambulance sliding down in the valley, while Suhani, Meeta and the driver are stuck inside. The ambulance falls down in the water. Ranveer shouts Suhani and gets shocked. Everyone is shocked too. Ranveer recalls Suhani trying to apologize to him and giving him gajar ka halwa made by her.

Sudha prays to Mata Rani and cries. Dadi asks her not to cry and wipes her tears. Sudha says Maa ji, I am trying, but feeling worried. Dadi says Suhani is not alone, Ranveer is with her and he will not let anything happen to her. He has saved her from all the troubles. Sudha says you are right, until Ranveer is with Suhani, he won’t let anything happen to Suhani. Sudha hugs Dadi.

Suhani calls Ranveer. Ranveer asks where are you Suhani? He sees her hanging holding the stone and throws the rope on her. Suhani holds the rope. Ranveer asks for another rope. Rhea reaches there with Dean. They see Ranveer asking Suhani not to leave the rope, he is coming. He goes down holding the rope. Suhani says Meeta and ward boy. Ranveer says we will search them and asks her not to leave the rope. Suhani says my hand. Ranveer asks her to give her hand. Rhea calls Vikrant and tells that Ranveer jumped in the valley to save Suhani. Vikrant is shocked. He ends the call and tells Mamta that her son has gone mad to save employee’s daughter. Senior Inspector tells that they have sent a team.

Rhea shouts asking Ranveer, why is he risking his life for Suhani. Suhani tries to hold Ranveer’s hand. Dean asks Ranveer to be careful. He calls the rescue team there, and says Meeta and ward boy are missing. Suhani is about to hold Ranveer’s hand, when she leaves the rope and falls down in the lake. Everyone is shocked. Ranveer shouts Suhani and he leaves the rope to fall in the lake. Rhea, John and Raghav shout Ranveer.

Mamta prays to God and says nothing shall happen to anyone. Ranveer searches for Suhani in the lake. Finally he finds her unconscious in underwater. He holds her and takes her up. Sirf tum plays…..Ranveer shouts Suhani’s name to make her gain consciousness. He takes her on his back and swims to reach the seashore. They reach the seashore. He ties belt to her stomach. She spits the water and gains consciousness. She sees Ranveer and hugs his hand. Sirf tum plays….

Ranveer asks Suhani, if you are fine? Suhani asks if you are upset with me, that you are calling me Suhani and not Ms. Zimmedari. She apologizes to him. Ranveer says if anything had happened to you, then I wouldn’t have forgiven myself. He says you are not just my responsibility, but my personal responsibility. She says we shall search Meeta and ward boy. Ranveer asks her to be there, and says I will go and search them. Suhani says I will come with you. Ranveer says you are hurt. Suhani insists.


Ranveer says you give me the reason, to feel proud of you. They begin searching Meeta and the ward boy. They find first aid box, ID card and other things. They find Meeta on the seashore, injured and unconscious, and also the ward boys far away. Ranveer asks Suhani to check Meeta and he goes to check the ward boys. Suhani pumps Meeta’s stomach and she vomits water and gains conscious.

Suhani sees Meeta’s hand injured and gets worried. Ranveer says if doctor’s hand shake while treating patients, then the patient’s life gets risky. He asks her to do what a doctor does in this situation. He says Meeta is your friend and also your first patient. Suhani does her first aid. Ranveer does first aid of the ward boys and bandages their injuries. He gets hurt. Suhani looks at him, makes Meeta sit and goes to see Ranveer. She checks Ranveer’s hand and ties her dupatta piece to his hand, keeping two sticks on his hand.

Precap: Some goons keep knives on Suhani’s neck. Ranveer fights with the goons. The goons hit a rod on his head. Ranveer faints. Suhani is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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