Sirf Tum 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Sudha asking Ranveer to have food. Dadi says if you don’t eat then we don’t feel good. Ranveer keeps his hand on Dadi’s shoulder. Suhani says whom you are telling to have food. Ranveer sits with Dadi and asks what she made in food. Sudha says Rajma and Chawal. Dadi asks about the injury on his forehead. Ranveer says when he gets bored, he does some fighting. He talks to Ishaan and says your Didi haven’t told me that you play football. Rhea says Ranveer is the captain of our football team in college. Ranveer asks about his favorite team and says our choice is same. Kamini tells her daughter that he has ruined their plan. Her daughter says she is hungry and shall have food. Ranveer tells that he got the video deleted and now nobody will comment on your brother. Sudha brings Rajma chawal. Rhea asks Sudha about Uncle. Sudha says he will come late today. Rhea says I will have food today. Kamini asks them to eat matar paneer and dal makhini. She serves to Ranveer. Ranveer coughs eating it. Sudha gives him water. Ranveer asks Kamini if she is habitual to add extra spices to the dish. He says I am sorry, I can’t eat. Sudha serves him food. Ranveer says this is perfect swad and tells Sudha that she makes food like her mother. He says Dadu says that the food is tasty as it is mixed with love. Sudha asks for the steel tiffin. Ranveer says I will bring tomorrow. Suhani asks him to have rajma chawal. Ranveer ignores her and talks to Sudha and asks her to give medicine to Suhani and keep her foot elevated. Suhani tells Rhea that may be he is still angry. Sudha asks him to have sweets and don’t be upset with Suhani. Ranveer says I am not upset with her, just showing some attitude.

Ranveer takes the flowers for Mamta thinking she might be upset with him. He goes home. He dances with her. Mamta thanks him. She asks why is he happy today. Ranveer says I have food made by a mother. Mamta says I didn’t send it. She recalls Asha’s words and asks who is she? Ranveer says future top doctor does my first aid and then her mother made me eat rajma chawal. He says I missed you and came here. Mamta says I can’t share your love with anyone. He gives her bouquet. Mamta asks him to stay there tonight and says she will bring haldi milk for him. Asha comes to Ansh and asks him to drink milk. Ansh throws the glass and asks her not to show fake concern. He says why did you say sorry to Ranveer and became great. She says if I had not said sorry then.. Ansh says if you care for me then go to that man and fight for my rights. Mamta comes to her room and keeps flowers on the table. She sees Asha’s call on the mobile and picks it. She says I told you to stay in limits and asks if she don’t understand. She asks how dare you to call him. Asha says I want to talk to him. Mamta says with which right? Asha says my son is suffering due to my silence. Mamta says you are wonderful to use your son to get back to my husband. Asha says why I am blamed always and asks her to think it as a woman, and not as a wife. Mamta says you lived in this relation, but I died in it every moment. Asha says he is top business and knows to take people’s advantage. She says she felt good seeing Ranveer and tells that he is not like him. Mamta asks him not to take her sons name in any of the conversation. She ends the call and goes out of the room. Ranveer is standing outside and goes to the room.

Vikrant comes out of the bathroom and calls Mamta. Ranveer asks Mamta, what did this man do? Why are you crying. Vikrant tells that this is his room. Ranveer says this is my mother’s room too and says if things were in his hands, then he would have taken his mother long back. Vikrant asks Mamta to take him outside and says he don’t want to see him there after returning from office. Ranveer asks Mamta to pack the bags and says we will leave from here. She asks where we will go. Mamta says you also hurt me and takes him to the inhouse temple. She gives him swear and says you will not stay in hostel, but in home now. Ranveer swears on her. Mamta hugs him and says you don’t know how much happy I am. She thinks I am keeping you here, to keep you away from Ansh’s truth. She thinks her family might shattered hearing this. Ranveer says today you lied and saved him, but this will not happen always. Mamta asks him to be silent and asks him not to become her father. She says I am alright and going to sleep now. She asks him to come on time for breakfast.

Samaira says she is happy as they will have breakfast together. Mamta says Ranveer will stay here and not in hostel. Ranveer comes there and greets Samaira. Dada ji brings aarti and does his aarti. He teases and hugs him. He says when you go from here, your mother forgets the good recipe and we don’t get to eat such a tasty breakfast. Mamta says what are you saying Bau ji. Suhani wakes up and thinks to go to college. She steps her foot down and feels pain. Sudha comes there and says swelling is increased. Rakesh hears them. Suhani says she has to go to college, there is an important lecture today. Sudha says how you will go?

Precap: John informs Ranveer that Suhani haven’t come to the college. Ranveer takes ambulance to Suhani’s house to bring her to college with Sudha. he says he can bear any pain, but can’t bear her pain

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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