Sirf Tum 16th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rakesh asking Sudha to take sprain spray for Suhani and says I will call doctor to check her. He asks her to give haldi milk and use warm water bag on her foot. Sudha asks him to meet her and says you can’t see her pain. He says I can’t meet her now and goes. Vikrant comes and asks what are they talking? Ranveer gets up and says my day becomes bad seeing someone’s face and my mood also gets spoiled. He gets up and tells that he will have something in college. Mamta asks him to wait for 2 mins and says I will bring your tiffin. She comes out and gives him tiffin. Ranveer asks John what he was saying. John tells that Dean asked us to tell you that Suhani has an anatomy project whose marks will be added in the term exam. Ranveer says I will see. Rakesh comes there and calls Ranveer. Ranveer says I was about to call you. Rakesh says her swelling is increased and she couldn’t get up from bed. Ranveer is about to say something. Rakesh says Vikrant sir called him urgently and goes. Ranveer thinks to do something.

Dadi asks Suhani, why did she come. Suhani says she was getting bored in the room. Sudha asks her to keep her leg on the table. Dadi says I will play my favorite hero song. Just then they hear ambulance song. Dadi says who got unwell in our neighborhood and I didn’t know. Ranveer rings their door bell. Ishaan opens the door and asks him to come inside. Dadi gets happy seeing him and says just like Dilip Kumar. Ranveer touches her feet and then greets Sudha. Sudha asks why did you come? Ranveer says I came to take your daughter to college. Sudha says her swelling is increased and doctor asked her not to move her foot. Ranveer says today is important day for Suhani and tells that anatomy project marks will be added to the term exam marks and says I have brought solution for me. He calls Meeta and says she is Suhani’s best friend. He shows them ambulance and says everything is in this ambulance, for Suhani’s care. Sudha says she has just sprain. He says it is better to be safe than sorry. He then goes to Suhani and says you are still sitting, and asks if she will become doctor like this. Sudha says I can’t send her without Rakesh’s permission. Dadi asks him to drop her to temple. She sits in the ambulance and gives the box to Sudha, asking her to keep it inside, saying Ranveer brought your box.

Suhani, Meeta and Ranveer sit in the ambulance with Dadi. Ranveer gets down at the temple and asks Dadi to come down. Dadi holds his hand and gets down. Ranveer asks shall I book cab for your return. She says I will go myself with my friends and asks him to go. Ranveer says I can go if you will leave my hand. Dadi leaves his hand and waves him bye. Suhani and Meeta smiles. Dadi says he is like Suhani’s Dada ji. Ranveer asks the driver to drive the ambulance carefully. He asks Suhani to keep the leg elevated. She keeps her leg elevated and says you have brought ambulance for this small injury. He says it is not a small thing and says if mobility issue happens, then you have to be operated and your doctor’s dream will take a back seat. She says so much can happen and asks if he is still upset with her. Ranveer says I am still upset, and asks if they have done revision. Suhani nods no. He asks when you will do, after the final term. Just then someone stops the ambulance. Ranveer gets down the ambulance.

The guy asks his wife to calm down, as she gets labour pains. He asks Ranveer to drop them to hospital as his car stopped working. Rhea comes to John and Raghav and asks where is Ranveer. They tell that he took ambulance for Suhani. Ranveer asks Meeta to stop and tells that she has a water break and they have to do the delivery in the ambulance itself. The lady refuses to go to the ambulance and says I feel suffocated. Ranveer and the driver puts the emergency tent on side of the road. The lady’s husband asks him to take her to the hospital. Ranveer says water break has happened and tells that the baby and the mother can be in danger. Suhani gets down with Meeta’s help. Ranveer asks why did you come down? Suhani says she is fine. Ranveer asks the lady’s husband to bring the lady to the stretcher. He then pulls the stretcher inside the emergency tent. He gives chair to Suhani. Suhani sits at the lady’s side. Ranveer asks Meeta to give IV to the lady. The lady’s husband asks who will do the delivery?

Ranveer says they are first year students and says I will get the delivery done. The guy says female doctor do it in our family and not male doctor. Ranveer asks him to understand the matter and see his wife’s condition. The guy says you will not touch my wife. Ranveer says both mother and baby will die. The guy asks who is she to you? He says I know such doctors like you, who take advantage of innocent woman. Ranveer slaps him and applies tape to his mouth. He then ties his hands with driver’s help. He tells the guy that if they don’t start the procedure then both your wife and the baby can lose life. He comes to the tent and asks the lady to understand the situation and says you will lose the baby if you don’t coordinate with me. Suhani asks the lady to let him do her delivery and says he is a good doctor. Meeta gives him gloves. He asks Suhani to put the oxygen meter to her index finger. Meeta asks her to stay awake. Ranveer asks the lady to push the baby. The lady screams.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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