Sirf Tum 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ranveer bringing Palak to the campus, and asks her to kiss him now, as it will be enjoyable when done infront of Public view. He says you wanted to give me a good luck kiss, and asks her to kiss him. Rhea gets tensed. His friend asks him to leave her. Ranveer says I do whatever my heart says, and that is on my heart too. He opens his jacket zip. Palak gets worried. Vivaan says you called me moon, I will show you stars and holds her hand, asking her to kiss him. Palak asks if he has gone mad and runs. He runs behind her. Rhea and his friends run behind them.

Suhani comes to the reception counter and take the form. Ranveer is running behind Palak. Suhani is about to go, when Palak collides with her and runs. Suhani loses her balance and swirls. She is about to fall down, when Ranvir holds her hand. She finds the form fallen and torn. The painting is going on in the campus and the paint falls on Ranvir’s tshirt. He looks at her, but doesn’t see her. He says you have spoiled my mood and jersey. Suhani cries seeing the torn form. Ranveer is about to run behind Palak and stops hearing Suhani crying. Rhea asks Palak how dare she, to joke with Ranveer.

Palak says I was just joking. Rhea says Ranveer is hers and she has right on him. Rhea asks her to make the official announcement. She says everyone knows about it. Palak asks her to go and handle him. Ranveer asks Suhani, why is she crying. Suhani says her form is torn and the counter is now closed. He goes there and asks the peon to open the door, thought receptionist objects. Peon opens the door. Ranveer gets two forms for Suhani and gives to her. He asks her to take extra form. Just then his friends come there and tell that chief guest is about to come. Ranveer turns. Suhani turns to him, but they don’t see each other. Ranveer goes away from there. Ansh tells his friends about his hatred for Ranveer.

Ranveer comes to the sports function and stands. Chief guest and his wife come there. The host introduces Vikrant Oberoi and Mamta Oberoi, and tells that Vikrant Oberoi is a builder and college trustee too. He asks Ansh and Ranveer to come on stage and felicitate the chief guest. Ansh goes to him holding the bouquet and touches his feet. He says I want to become like you one day, your success is my inspiration. Vikrant wishes him best. The host asks Ranveer to come on the stage.

Ranveer is still standing. His friends ask how will you go to stage in painted jersey. He removes his jersey and goes to felicitate the guests in vest. Vikrant forwards his hand to shake with him, but Ranveer goes past him, and hugs Mamta. He then gives her bouquet. Vikrant feels insulted. Ranveer says Chief guest Vikrant brought you as a shield here, Maa. Mamta says he is your father and asks him to welcome him. Ranveer says he deserves thorns and not flowers and asks her to say all the best, as he has match. His friend goes to bring another jersey for him. Ranveer asks Vikrant if they shall start the match. Vikrant looks at his wife Mamta. Suhani comes out of the college. Her father is going from there. \

Ansh tells his friends that they shall stop Ranveer to make him lose, and then the game will be ours. Suhani thinks Rhea said that she is going to see the football match. She asks someone and goes towards there. Rakesh comes there and asks someone about football ground. He also walks towards there. Ranveer is winning. Mamta claps. Vikrant says we shall leave now. She says we shall see Ranveer’s match and then leave. Vikrant says we shall leave, before he insults me more. They are walking out from there.

Rakesh comes to him. Vikrant asks him to send someone else on his behalf and says work doesn’t get done without you. He gives him file. Mamta tells that today is Ranveer’s match. Rakesh says I heard that he is topper and doing internship here. Vikrant checks the file and tells that they will meet in the office tomorrow. He asks Mamta to come. Mamta sits in the car. He asks her to handle her saree. Ranveer is still on the winning spree. Ansh asks his team mates to divert Ranveer and make him angry, and says then he will forget the game and his goal. His team mate asks how to make him angry.

Ansh comes to Ranveer. Suhani is searching Rhea. Ansh’s team mates try to make Ranveer’s angry. Ranveer asks him to join his fan club to know his fitness. The guy says I want to know your sister’s fitness, and says will you make me meet her. Ranveer hits him with his head, and then sits on him and beats him. The Principal sends someone to stop the fight. Ranveer beats the guys whoever is stopping him and runs behind the guy to beat him more. Rhea asks a friend to stop Ranveer.

Friend says what I can do and asks Ranveer to beat him more. Suhani comes there. Someone pushes Suhani and she falls on the guy. Ranveer is about to hit her and looks at her face. Suhani gets scared and keeps hand on her face. He stops and looks at her. Suhani gets up and runs from there. Sirf Tum song plays……Ranveer gets up and looks at her, as she walks away from there. She turns and looks at him. Rhea sees her and says Suhani. Ranveer keeps on looking at her.


Update Credit to: H Hasan

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