Sirf Tum 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Aditya going to see Nisha. Mamta sees Suhani and holds her hand. Suhani looks emotional. Mamta says you have distanced with me also, Suhani. Suhani asks what happened to you. Mamta says since you left from our lives, our lives are shattered, I met with an accident and couldn’t stand. She says you have promised to make Ranveer anger go, but you have yourself bent down in front of his anger. Suhani says whatever I did, is for my self respect and to make my future better. She says she has to leave from here, as they all would have made me weak.

Mamta says she trusts her Mata Rani and is folding hand with that trust. She asks her to return home and says it is your home too. Suhani says whatever Ranveer did with my family, I can’t return. She says if Mata Rani can unite you to work together, then she can make you unite both, if there is a strength in your love then God will unite you. Ranveer comes there and asks Mamta to come. He asks Suhani, what are you doing here, this is not your shift time.

Suhani says you can question me during the shift, but not after or before the shift. Ranveer asks Mamta to come for tests. Mamta says she will be fine as she met Suhani, she don’t need test. Ranveer takes Mamta from there. Aditya comes to Suhani and says Nisha went to the general ward. They go there.

Samaira gets happy knowing Suhani is back. Dada ji says Suhani will be back. Samaira says they will unite them. Later Suhani asks Ward boy, about Aditya. Ward boy says Dr. Ranveer called him to terrace. Dr. Deepak recalls whatever Ranveer has done with him, and asks Suhani not to go. Suhani asks him not to worry. Ranveer asks Aditya to come near him and note down the details.

Aditya says he is scared of heights. Ranveer says we are going to do critical surgery and you will note down the details for it. He asks him not to waste his time. Aditya is scared and climbs the stairs. Suhani comes there and stops Aditya. She says she will do the work. She asks Ranveer to say. Ranveer says I have given this work to Dr. Aditya. Suhani says she will manage and climbs up the stairs. She slips, he holds her hand and says if something had happened to you, then I would have to leave the critical patient and take care of you. He goes.

Mamta asks Ranveer to bring Suhani back home. Ranveer refuses. Mamta says she will be fine if Suhani returns. Ranveer says your son is with you to take care of you. Mamta says its ok, if your ego is bigger than your mother. She says I will do what I want to do, I will not have medicines and will not get treatment. Ranveer says what is this? we were talking.

Suhani takes tiffin from Sudha. Aditya calls her and says he will meet her in the hospital. Sudha asks if you will go alone. Suhani asks her not to worry and thinks about meeting Mamta in the hospital. Dadi and Sudha ask why did she come there? Suhani says she had come to hospital and said about my return. Sudha says I told her clearly that my daughter will not go there, Ranveer troubled her a lot. Suhani goes in cab. Dadi tells Sudha that whatever Suhani does is for our happiness.

Ranveer and Suhani are in the hospital car. Ranveer asks driver to get down from the car. Driver gets down the car. Ranveer sits in the driver’s seat. Driver runs behind the car. Ranveer asks Suhani why did she brainwash his mother? Suhani says Mamta asked her to return, but she refuse. She says she hates him. Ranveer asks what do you think that I will beg in front of you to return.

He hits the parked bike and puts the sudden brake. The bike is of the goons who ask him to get down. Suhani asks him not to get down. Ranveer asks her to sit inside. He gets down and says I stopped my car seeing the bike. He asks them to move their bikes. The goon attacks him. Ranveer hits him and breaks his nose. He asks him to come to his hospital in Shahpur, where he is a doctor. Suhani shouts asking him to look back, when the goon attacks on his head and he faints.

Precap: The goons kidnap and keep Ranveer and Suhani in an isolated place. Ranveer hits the goon with his head. The pillar falls on Ranveer’s leg. He writhes in pain. Suhani looks shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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