Sirf Tum 17th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Suhani asking the lady to have courage and not to get weak. Ranveer asks to whom you are asking to be courageous, and says husband wants another doctor and wife is not showing her strength. He says baby, don’t come out. Suhani asks what are you saying? Ranveer tells that God sends Mother as he can’t be everywhere, but she has no strength to deliver the baby. He says let your baby die. The lady gives birth to the baby hearing his bitter words. Mamta thinks of Asha’s words that Ansh is like a storm which can’t be stopped. She thinks of Ranveer and Vikrant’s bad relation, while chopping the vegetable. Her sister in law comes there and asks what are you thinking, you might have get your finger injured. Mamta says she is worried for Ranveer. Chachi says Ranveer is reacting so much and asks her to get him married, to get him calm down. Mamta asks if he will agree? Chachi says he agrees to your sayings only.

Rakesh returns home and Sudha about Suhani. Sudha says she went to college. Rakesh says why did you let her go? Sudha says she has gone to complete her project and says Ranveer came here with the ambulance. Rakesh says enough, it is enough of your story. He calls Suhani, but she is not picking the call. Rakesh asks her to call Suhani and Ranveer from her phone, as they are not picking the call. Ranveer removes his gloves and comes out to free the lady’s husband. He says congratulations, you got the daughter and asks him to make her a doctor. He congratulates him again. The guy thanks him. Suhani says the baby is not crying. The guy says if anything happens to my daughter due to you, then I will get you rotten in jail all life. Ranveer runs and takes the baby in his arms. Rakesh says I will go and see. Dadi asks where is he going? Rakesh says I will take later. Sudha says he is going to Suhani’s college. Dadi says I have sent Suhani with Ranveer in the ambulance, and Meeta was also with her. She says can’t I take a decision? Rakesh says I am worried for her and goes. Sudha calls Rhea and asks if Suhani reached college. Rhea says no. Ranveer asks the baby not to take his words seriously and tells that her father wants to make him daughter and will give her all the happiness of the world, and asks her to cry once. He shouts aloud. The baby starts crying. Ranveer, Suhani and the girl’s parents get happy. The lady thanks Ranveer. Suhani says congratulations Mamma and Papa. The guy apologizes to Ranveer for saying so much. Ranveer says doctor is having one duty, to save the patient, and says he don’t see the caste, religion etc, and just one thought is in his mind that to save the patient. The guy says if anyone talks to me like me, then I will slap him. Ranveer says congratulations once again and says I will drop you to hospital and then I have to take Ms. Zimmedari to the college.

Suhani walks towards the ambulance holding Ranveer’s hand and looking at him. Sirf tum plays….Ranveer asks Suhani why is she staring him since long. Suhani says I was thinking, even baby was scared hearing you shouting and says your way is different, but you are a good doctor. He says he does all the work passionately. She says sorry, I misunderstood you. He says it is not new to me. Ansh and Rhea come there and see Suhani with Ranveer. Ansh tells Rhea that as a batchmate, I feel bad for you and tells that Ranveer has feelings for Suhani. He says the two opposites attracting each other. Rhea says it is not like that, I talked to Suhani already. Ansh says which thief accepts, and says the feelings which you have, the same feelings he has for Ms. Zimmedari. Ranveer gives his hand. Suhani holds his hand and gets inside the ambulance. Ansh thinks the fire is lighted, lets see who gets burnt. He asks Rhea to come and says I will drop you, atleast you are my Zimmedari. Rhea says shut up, I can take care of myself. Ansh says I have brought you here. Rhea starts walking and gets Mamta’s call. Mamta asks where is Ranveer and says he is not picking the call. Rhea says he might be fine and cries. Mamta asks why are you crying and asks her to come home.

Rakesh comes to the college and sees Suhani attending the class. Rhea cries. Samaira asks did you have fight with Ranveer. Dada ji asks her to share. Rhea tells that my mummy never had time for me, Mamta aunty is like my mom and you all are my family. Chachi asks what is the matter? Rhea says matter is complicated and serious, I want to tell you all. She says I love Ranveer a lot. Everyone gets happy and says this is good news. Chachi says you shall be happy. Samaira says she is excited. Dada ji says kids are hiding this thing from me. Rhea says I am crying as he doesn’t love me. Rakesh is leaving from the college. Ranveer comes infront of him. Rakesh says he was worried and that’s why come here. Rakesh says I tried to tell you, but you was busy. Rakesh asks him to inform him next time. Sudha calls Ranveer and asks him to make sure Suhani eats food and have medicine. Ranveer asks her not to take tension.


Update Credit to: H Hasan

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