Sirf Tum 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update

Suhani hears knocking sound. She goes to open the window and gets shocked seeing Ranveer outside. She asks him what is he doing here. He should have taken rest in this state. His sprain didn’t get better yet. Ranveer says when she lost her grip and left his hand he got very afraid. He couldn’t sleep thinking about that moment. He asks Suhani whether she took medicines, turmeric milk etc or not.

Suhani says she is fine and fell asleep. She talks to him and tells him to leave but Dadi arrives. Suhani panics seeing her and Ranveer says he is leaving. Dadi gives Suhani her medication and asks her why the window is open. Suhani says she felt suffocation so she opened the window. Dadi tells her to go to sleep and Suhani looks at Ranveer riding the bike. They smile at each other.

Shashi finds Riya is crying and looking at the newspaper. She shows her father the article where Ranveer is standing with Suhani and he is getting praised for saving students. Riya says her happiness is only with Ranveer but people are now discussing about Ranveer and Suhani. Shashi promises to give her all the happiness but Riya says he should not give her fake assurance. She leaves crying.

Shashi tears the newspaper in anger and Vikrant calls him to finalise the deal. Shashi cancels the deal saying he agreed thinking about Riya’s happiness but now his daughter is unhappy so he won’t sign any papers. Vikrant convinces Shashi to meet him once. He says Shashi should not take any desperate decision. Shashi meets him and Vikrant says Ranveer’s act is childish and Riya will be his wife only. Shashi should trust him.

Shashi still refuses to sign the deal papers saying when Riya and Ranveer’s marriage will get fixed he will talk about the thousand crore deal orherwise not. Vikrant gets angry and later Vikram asks him to not take the matter lightly. Vikrant adamantly says he will get Riya and Ranveer married to each other at any cost to get the deal. Mamta and Roshni overhear that. Mamta says she knows Ranveer and Vikrant’s anger so she is afraid what will happen now. She worries for Ranveer as the latter is missing from last night.

Suhani reaches college and looks for Ranveer. She sees the felicitation decorations for him. Mita meets her and Suhani says she is worried for Ranveer. John and Raghu inform Suhani that Ranveer is not receiving their calls and he didn’t even go home from last night. He didn’t come to attend his felicitation ceremony. Suhani finds it weird and thinks means Ranveer didn’t go to his house after meeting her last night. She says they should search for Ranveer in the college campus.

Dean waits for Ranveer and gets pissed seeing his absence and says the latter won’t change at all. Vikrant indirectly threatens Rakesh and says he needs young energetic employees in his office and if Rakesh wants he can join other company and he will get job as he is experienced. Rakesh leaves in nervous state. Vikrant informs Shashi that the arrangements are done for Ranveer and Riya’s marriage.

John tells Suhani that Ranveer might have gone to that place where he visits whenever he is upset. He requests Suhani to go there. Suhani agrees and Mita says its already late and she should go home now. Suhani replies Ranveer did a lot for her and it’s her duty to take him back atleast. She goes to the location and calls Ranveer. She goes near the edge of the cliff and sees her name is written by city lights. She says she knows Ranveer is here only. Ranveer comes out and takes her name. He goes towards her and Suhani also looks at him.


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