Sirf Tum 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Suhani running out of the football ground scared. Ranveer looks at her. Sirf tum song plays….Rhea calls Suhani and asks where are you running away. Ranveer picks the call and says Rhea. Rhea thinks how did Suhani’s phone come to him. He recalls giving his phone to her mistakenly and thinks where is Rhea now? Suhani comes out running and falls on her mother. Sudha asks what happened? Suhani says I will tell you later, first we shall go away from here. They sit in the auto and leave. Rakesh sees them leaving in the auto.

The Principal scolds Ranveer and asks him to control his anger, or get himself treated. Ranveer says he has commented on my sister. He is still alive. Principal says you would have complained against him, rather than started boxing in football ground. He says disciplinary committee will review this incident and if you prove guilty. Ranveer asks him to do as he thinks right and goes. Principal asks Ansh to get his friend treated.

Sudha asks Suhani if she didn’t get the call. Suhani shows the forms. Sudha says there are two forms. Suhani says she collides with someone who was very angry, paint had fallen on him and then he beaten. Sudha asks whom he has beaten? Suhani says not me, he had beaten some guy. Ranveer asks Rhea, who was that girl on whose phone, she had called. He says she made paint fell down on my tshirt. Rhea thinks he will not leave Suhani if she tells about her. She makes an excuse and leave. Ranveer asks John to call on his number. John calls on his number and says nobody is picking the call. Sudha says such guys will beat the patients if fees is not paid. Suhani says he will make people as patients. Ansh’s friend says someone call the doctor and says he will get stitches. Ranveer comes there and checks him, says it will be healed with normal dressing. Ansh’s friend asks him to stay away and says you have messed with wrong guy. Ranveer applies ointment on his injury and says you bark much. He then bandages it and gets the injection ready. The guy asks if he is scared of him. Ranveer says I am not afraid of my father and asks him to use his mouth less. He gives him injection and asks him to take antibiotics for a day. He walks out. Ansh looks at Ranveer and gets inside.

The guy tells Ansh that he was beaten badly by Ranveer, due to him. Ansh says he has personal issues with him and says now we will settle the scores with him.

Sudha and Suhani come home. Dadi says you came late. Sudha says there was much traffic. Rakesh comes home. He asks did you both go somewhere? Sudha says she had gone to bring khowa for lal peda. He asks since when khowa is sold in medical college. Dadi switches off the TV and asks college. She says you have fooled me. Rakesh asks Sudha to answer. He says you are ideal of your mother, and asks if she is teaching her this, to lie and to betray others. Ranveer calls on his number. Suhani says sorry wrong number. Ranveer says it is my phone, and asks her to either come there or else he will come there. Rakesh takes the call and ends it. He asks who is this mannerless guy. Suhani says actually….Sudha says may be it was exchange in college. He asks why did you go there? Sudha says I was about to tell you in morning. He asks what? Suhani says Papa, I want to become doctor. Sudha says it was Suhani’s childhood dream, we had gone to take form. Rakesh says I didn’t let Suhani go out to the neighborhood. He says make her understand, I will not send her to co-ed college and says if she wants to study something, then get her admitted in online stitching and tailoring work. Suhani is sad and runs to her room. Sudha picks Suhani’s bag and goes behind her.

Dadi asks Rakesh to let her study and says MBBS is not easy, if you don’t let her study then she will think you as her enemy. She gives him example of a neighbor and his daughter, who had became collector with her husband’s support. Rakesh refuses to send her to college, even if Suhani thinks him as her enemy.

Driver comes and greets Ranveer. John says your Mom sent hamper. Ranveer says who told Mom? John and other friend tell that they didn’t tell. Mamta calls on John’s number. Ranveer talks to her, and she tells him that she has sent haldi milk, medicines and also kada. She asks him to drink and says your Papa told me. Ranveer says why your husband is having obsession with me, don’t leave me alone. He says I am going to be doctor and is a college topper. Mamta says everyone went to Chandigarh and asks him to come home. Ranveer says I will come tomorrow and says your husband might be at home. I will come tomorrow. Mamta asks him to eat some healthy food, and says you can’t take care of yourself, how you will handle patients. Ranveer ends the call.

Later Sudha massages Rakesh’s head with hair oil and asks can I say? Rakesh says if Suhani wants to do medicine, then she can get admitted in girls’ college. He says I can’t leave my daughter alone, the city is bad. Suhani hears them. Rakesh says if she goes on the wrong way then? Sudha says I trust my upbringing, and says she has stayed with her eyes low always infront of you. She says when she top the exam, then you will distribute sweets to all the neighbors.

Ishaan gives sweets to Dadi and asks for the favour. He asks her to convince Papa for Suhani’s admission in the college. Suhani asks Dadi to talk to Papa. Dadi says I tried, but he refused. Rakesh calls Suhani and asks her to sit. He says you want to study in that college. Suhani nods her head. Rakesh tells your Dadi tells that sons are like pedha and daughters are like roti on tawa. He says I want to save you from this world and that’s why get strict with you. He says for the first time, you have asked something and that’s why I will not refuse, it is yes from my side.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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