Sirf Tum 18th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rakesh giving permission to Suhani to study medicine in that college. Suhani thanks him. Rakesh says now make me drink good tea. Suhani says ok. Dadi says you refused to me and asks why did you act to be tiger, if you want to be wife’s slave and agree to her sayings. He asks didn’t you tell me that Kids’ anger will take a long form. Dadi smiles. Suhani goes. Sudha smiles. Ranveer thinks of Suhani and smiles. John and other friend come there, and asks what is he thinking? Ranveer says I tried to open the phone for 15-20 times, but the phone is not opening, don’t know what might the password. Suhani thinks to return his phone, after reaching college.

In the morning, Suhani gets up and does the aarti and puja. Ranveer is still sleeping on his bed. John throws water on Ranveer’s face and makes him get up. Ranveer gets angry. John says principal is calling him and asks him to change his clothes and come fast.

Rakesh brings Suhani to the college on his bike. He looks at girls and guys talking to each other. He then looks at Suhani. He asks her to reach reception and says I am coming there. Suhani walks inside. Rakesh talks to someone and says he came to college for his daughter’s admission. Rhea asks Ranveer to apologize. Principal tells Vikrant that Ranveer is a topper, but has no control on his anger and asks him to look at the student whom Ranveer had beaten a lot. John asks Ranveer to apologize to the guy/student. Principal says he has to say sorry today. Ranveer comes inside Principal’s cabin. Vikrant asks him to say sorry. Ranveer says I can’t say sorry for what I am not wrong. Vikrant says it is matter of my reputation, say sorry. Ranveer says I can’t lower myself in my sight for you and calls him Mr. Vikrant. Vikrant takes him to side and asks you are making fun of myself. Ranveer asks didn’t you see yourself in the mirror, you have fake mask on your face and asks did you remember your real face? Vikrant says I am here for…He says for your responsibility, and says whatever is in my heart, is on my mouth. He tells that he will not say sorry. Vikrant leaves from there angrily.

Principal says you got warning many times, it is better for you to apologize. Ranveer says I have decided this college don’t deserve me. Suhani asks Rhea who is this guy, who is losing a good chance. Rhea says he is not that bad, and asks her to fill the form. She sees Rakesh coming there and goes from there. rakesh tells Suhani that she shall stay away from Rhea and girls like her. He asks did you keep all the certificates with the form. Suhani says yes. They go towards the office. Ranveer sees her and is going behind her, when John and other friend stop him. They ask if he said sorry. Ranveer says no and asks them to search that Ms. Admission form. He also goes to search Ranveer.

Rakesh sees him and greets Ranveer, introducing himself as Vikrant’s manager. He says my daughter is coming to study here, and asks him to help her being the senior. He says if you take her responsibility then I will be relieved. He calls Suhani there. Ranveer looks at Suhani. Suhani comes there. Sirf tum plays….Rakesh says she is my daughter Suhani. Both of them look at each other. Ranveer says your problem is solved, from today she is my responsibility. Rakesh thanks him and says I will be back in 2 mins. Suhani returns his phone. Ranveer returns her phone. He brings her to the Admission counter and submits her phone at the counter. Suhani leaves with Rakesh. She looks at him while going. He thinks of her while walking inside the college. Rhea asks him to say sorry and end the matter. Ranveer smiles and goes to the Principal office. Principal is about to sign on some papers. Ranveer comes there, and makes Rocky gets up. He then hugs him surprising Principal and Rocky. He then says sorry Bro. Principal asks what? Ranveer says I don’t want to leave college and that’s why left my stubbornness to say sorry. He thanks him and walks out of the Principal’s cabin. Rocky comes out of Principal’s cabin and smiles. John says saying sorry is not a small thing. They get happy.

Ansh asks Rocky if Ranveer’s packing is done and is he leaving? Rocky says no, he said sorry to me, as I threatened to get him rusticated. Ranveer comes to the football ground and hits the ball. It hits on Rocky’ face and he falls down on the ground. Ranveer comes to him and asks him to get up, as he wants to say him sorry again. He keeps the chair and says sorry to Rocky. Rhea and Palak smiles. Rhea tells her that she told him to say sorry and he agreed. Palak says your wish is his command. Rhea smiles.

Suhani says Papa gave my responsibility to him, he is such a big gunda, he will keep eye on me. Sudha asks her to tell her Papa if she has any problem. Suhani recalls hearing Rhea, that he is getting rusticated and tells Sudha. Sudha asks her to concentrate on entrance test and pass it. Suhani says I will work hard so that Papa gets confidence on me. Later she sits to study. Ranveer makes sketch of her eyes and then looks at it. Sirf tum plays…..

Precap: Suhani and Sudha get stuck in the traffic. Suhani says they will get late to go to college. Ranveer comes there as they are walking on the road. He calls Ms. Zimmedari and asks her to come, as she is getting late for exam. He makes her sit on the horse and starts riding on it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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