Sirf Tum 1st December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ranveer leaving from his house. Mamta sits on sofa upset and says don’t know when the father and son will unite, who will unite them. Dada ji says everything will be fine. John and Raghav come to their room and think it is good that Ranveer went to his house. They switch on the light and find Ranveer sitting there. Ranveer is about to lift the chair. Raghav says not chair. Ranveer kicks on their back and says she is my responsibility, and says whoever hurts her, I will hurt that person. Raghav apologizes to him.

Ansh is in the restaurant and serves drinks to Rishi, Rocky and others. Rishi says you are a student of a reputed college and asks why is he doing this job. Ansh says I have my own reasons. Rishi asks him to have a drink with him. Ansh says I am on duty now. Rishi asks why you are doing this job? Ansh says I don’t have Papa like Ranveer’s father who keeps his son’s words on his head. Just then he sees Vikrant coming there with a lady. He says this is the reason for my job here. Vikrant and the lady sit on the chair. The waiter brings water for them and slips. The water from the glasses fall on the lady. The lady and Vikrant shout at him. Vikrant calls for manager. Ansh says sorry Sir. Vikrant asks do I know you? Ansh says you have come to college and I had told you that I want to become like you. Vikrant says I am busy with Madam. He asks do we have any relation that I shall remember you. He calls Manager. Manager comes there and tells the waiter Rohit that he is fired. Rohit says don’t throw me from here, I have just my mother. Manager says I showed pity on you, knowing you are not having a father and says don’t know whose bad blood you are. He asks him to leave. Vikrant taunts Rohit and says such fatherless sons are called illegitimate or orphaned. He says do you know, what those illegitimate sons’ mothers called? Ansh says Please and gets angry. He shouts at Rohit for pleading taking his mother’s name and takes him out. Vikrant tells Manager that he can get this restaurant closed in 2 mins. Ansh gives money to Rohit and asks him to go. Rohit leaves. Rishi, Rocky and others look at him. Ansh looks at the pic which fell down from his wallet. It is Vikrant and his mother’s pic. Vikrant and the lady come there to leave. Vikrant steps on the pic while leaving. Ansh gets angry. He picks the pic and looks at Vikrant and his mother in it.

Rishi and Rocky come to Ansh and asks what happened? Ansh says he is the reason for his fight with Ranveer. Rocky asks what is your problem with Ranveer’s father. Ansh says you will not understand and goes from there.

Suhani thinks of Ranveer welcoming her in the college grandly and announcing that nobody shall hurt her else he will be hurt. Just then Ranveer comes there and calls her Suhani. Suhani turns and looks at him in shock. She walks towards him and asks him to leave before someone comes there. She says please go. Sudha calls Suhani and comes there. Suhani gets worried and turns to Ranveer. He vanishes, it is her imagination. Sudha asks why are you getting sweating in November. Suhani says I was walking while fan was off. Sudha asks her to drink haldi milk.

Ansh comes home and sits on the sofa. He recalls Vikrant’s blunt words. His mother comes there and says you have come home. She says you came at the right time, dinner is ready. She asks if he is fine? Ansh says illegitimate, orphan, dirty blood. He asks who can be peaceful hearing these words. He says you have kept me away from that man, but whenever he comes infront of me, I lose my cool. She asks did you tell something to him. He says I want to tell him that I hate him. His mother says you are suffering due to my mistakes, and says that’s why I didn’t want to tell you. He says I am happy that you told me about him that night. A fb is shown, Ansh threatens to kill himself if she don’t tell him about his father. He keeps knife on his hand and says I shall kill myself. He says I am going to be a doctor and asks what I shall write on father’s name place. He cuts his wrist and says I don’t want to be called as illegitimate. His mother says you will make your own place in society. He says so you choose him and goes out. She asks him to stop and comes out behind him. It is raining heavily. She says I will tell you the truth, come with me. She takes him inside the house, and shows the photoframe in which she is standing with Vikrant. She says this is your Papa, Mr. Vikrant Oberoi. He takes the photo frame in his hand angrily. Fb ends.

His mother asks did you talk to him? Ansh says yes. She says I want to be away from him. He says why did you keep relation with him, and then kept quiet. He says my side of rights, went to Ranveer. His mother asks him to be quiet. He asks how, and says that guy left you for his wife or as you gave to me.

He says you always lied when Papa’s name come. I felt like an orphaned always, and says this is truth that you have done so much so that I become a doctor, but this is also truth that I am fatherless son due to you. He says I feel pity for myself and anger for you. He says my anger is justified and says that Ranveer is the owner for all those things. He says I am elder than him, his business, property and everything will be mine. He says even his happiness will be mine. He says Ranveer is taking interest in that girl and swears to himself that Suhani will never be of Ranveer.

Ranveer is drinking coke with his friends. John asks him to call Suhani. Ranveer calls her, but she doesn’t pick the call. John asks him to go there. Ranveer thinks about her respect if he goes late at night. He says I have to give this tiffin box to her. Raghav asks will you send it through a pigeon. Ranveer looks on. Sirf tum plays…..

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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