Sirf Tum 20th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ranveer asking Suhani about the project. Suhani says it was good. Ranveer asks did you eat something? She says no. Ranveer says that’s why aunty gave me your responsibility to make you have food. Suhani thinks Papa was enough, and now Maa. She tells that for the first time, she saw the delivery happening, when she took the baby in her arms, and was emotional. Ranveer puts the food in her mouth and says if you don’t have food, then will get weak and dehydraded, then how you will become the doctor. Dada ji asks Rhea if Ranveer told you. Rhea says he doesn’t know. Chachi and Samaira ask her not to feel bad, and says you can’t lose. Rhea says she fears of losing him and that’s why never expressed her love to him. Mamta says everyone knows your bonding with your uncle, and you are like my daughter. She says we can never refuse you, but as Ranveer is involved, even his decision matters. She says I will talk to him and know what is in his heart? Ranveer tells that if you want to talk care of others, then first take care of yourself. He feeds her food fast. She gets vomiting. He gives her tissue paper. She says sorry, your shirt is stained. He asks if you are fine. She says yes, and says you shouldn’t have let me vomit on your shirt and says she will clean the shirt. He says when some person looks right for the heart, then even his/her wrong thing looks right. He says you are my Ms. Zimmedari, I can bear any pain for you, but can’t see you in pain. Music plays….

Later they are returning in the ambulance. She recalls his words. He wakes up and shouts at driver, asking him to drive properly. He says your bandage is opened, I will fix it properly. He says swelling is less, I will apply other bandage. He says if mother’s love is added to the medicine then the injury gets healed fast. He tells the home remedy, and gives her prescription of medicine and food diet. He asks her not to take tension of coming to college, as he will bring ambulance even tomorrow. He says your house has come, Ms. Zimmedari. She waves him bye and gets down with his help. Sirf Tum plays…..Rakesh and Sudha come out of their house and see ambulance standing. Suhani tries to go and finds her dupatta stuck in his watch. She tries to free her dupatta. Sirf tum plays… He frees her dupatta and gives to her. Rakesh and Sudha come there and see them standing. Rakesh asks Sudha to take Suhani inside. Ranveer greets him. Rakesh thanks him and asks him to do anything by asking him. Ranveer says ok. Rakesh, Suhani and Sudha go inside the house. Suhani looks back as she gets inside. Sirf Tum plays….Ranveer goes in the ambulance. Sudha asks her to sit and says I will bring kheer for you. Suhani goes to her room.

Ranveer comes home and calls Mamta. Mamta says you have come. Ranveer says you have given me the promise, so I came. Dada ji, Chachi and Samaira sign Mamta. Mamta says yes. Ranveer asks whom you are saying yes. He turns, but couldn’t see them. Mamta says I made badaam kheer for you and asks him to freshen up. He goes. Samaira tells Mamta that he will show attitude, but will say. Chachi says he is coming home normally, and not like entering jail. Samaira says Tai ji’s promise and kheer will work.

Suhani thinks about Ranveer and sees her diet plan and medicine chart. Sudha asks what is this? Suhani says Ranveer is different. Sudha says what happened? She asks her to have kheer, and tell her. She makes her taste kheer.

Ranveer says I am same. Mamta asks about the glow on his face. Ranveer says as you are here. Mamta says I made you speak and asks him to come. Suhani tells Sudha that Papa gave him responsibility and says she used to get angry on him at the start, but today she saw a different side. She says today you gave him responsibility to make me have food. She says he made me have food with his hand and says she then vomited on his shirt, but he didn’t get angry, but was concerned for her still. Sudha says Ranveer like people is example for people to learn and see. Suhani says people don’t do this for humanity. Dadi comes and says yes, don’t do. She says person do this in true love and asks who has done this for you. Sudha and Suhani get up.

Mamta makes Ranveer have kheer. Ranveer says first class. Mamta asks about the girl? Ranveer says you are dreaming. Mamta asks who is the girl who is not making smile dim on your face. He asks her to have patience. Mamta gives him promise.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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